Immigration dynamics: Lone protester wants southern border sealed, while Congress moves to punish ‘sanctuary cities’

Private, public spending create niche of arts, leisure on Congress St.

A “foot sanctuary” and teahouse has found its own refuge on Congress ...

LePage’s bully pulpit

By now, nearly five years into his reign as governor of Maine, ...

The Phoenix Potpourri: Saco arrest results in murder charge stemming from studio shooting

Second suspect arrested in Treyjon Arsenault homicide Thirty-year-old Gang Deng Majok is ...

Bill to prohibit using food stamps for junk food didn’t make sense in Maine

  Editor, I always enjoy reading Al Diamon’s columns and generally agree ...

Anger Inc.: Lewis Black talks about Pixar, Robin Williams and cynicism in stand-up comedy

Editor’s note: Fans of the YouTube series Dude Perfect may have noticed the ...

8Days: Peck in the park; an old axe murder to keep us intrigued

THURSDAY, 7/30 STORYBOOK WATERS | The works of MECA instructor and professional ...

Grace Potter flies solo: Singer plays Portland without the Nocturnals

I talked to America’s hottest rock star, Grace Potter, recently when she ...

Father figure: Father John Misty redefines frontman at State show

Showmanship is often taken for granted these days, and the presence of ...

Minimalist gothic: Henry James classic offers subtle shudders

“What children want is a mystery,” says a London man (Jacob Sherburne) ...

Longfellow Books: Takin’ it to the streets with independent lit

Portland is proud of its Art Walk history and its newer foodie ...

El Rayo Taqueria: Local ingredients anchor this Mexican standby

Make no mistake: El Rayo Taqueria is no Taco Bell. You’ll find ...

The Clink: Checking in with Rising Tide

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” The nautical turn of phrase from ...

Beers on top of beers: Drinking at the Maine Brewer’s Guild’s Summer Session

Asa Marsh-Sachs, head brewer at Orono Brewing Company, was very excited to ...

The Tourister goes wining and dining: Elite magazine recognizes top restaurants for their wine selections

Maine has been honored in Wine Spectator’s 2015 Restaurant Awards, which highlights ...

A wider work leash: Dogs in offices can boost productivity, longevity

What do Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon, ClifBar and the Portland Downtown ...

Zodiac Zone

Once in a Blue Moon happens Friday, the second Full Moon of ...

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Flights of fancy: Deertrees production bubbles with humor, offbeat characters

Lettice (Maureen Butler) is the avowed enemy of the “mere.” Anything bland or boring requires “enhancement,” including the blah stories of the historic Fustian House, where she gives tours for the British Preservation Trust: A certain staircase becomes the set-piece for any number of Elizabethan gallantries and tragedies, and the tourists eat it up. That […]

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Manhunts, murders and armed robberies: Maine’s crime trends flip with spring, summer mayhem

The date of Friday, July 17 marked one of the busier and stranger periods in Maine law enforcement history. For a matter of hours, police were engaged in two, unrelated manhunts for murder suspects – one spurred by a series of killings in the Millinocket area, the other stemming from a woman’s slaying in June […]

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On again, off again: Cannabis festival fails to receive an amended permit, but organizer says city didn’t revoke original permit

Reports of the death of a cannabis festival in Deering Oaks Park may have been (with apologies to Mark Twain) greatly exaggerated. At the very least, they were muddled. Questions persisted on Tuesday about whether the New England Cannabis Farmers Market Festival, scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 9 in Deering Oaks Park, had been denied its […]

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The Phoenix Potpourri: Minimum-wage hike tweak deferred until Sept. 9 workshop, meeting

Confusion about tipped employees prompts do-over The Portland City Council will reconsider the mechanics of a minimum wage hike on Wednesday, Sept. 9, when councilors will take a closer look at tipped employees. This order was originally approved at the July 6 City Council meeting, when the rate was upped to $10.10 an hour, effective […]

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Agency continues probe into LePage, Eves controversy; Chipman says he’s ready with impeachment order

In late June, when headlines announced that Mark Eves, Maine Speaker of the House, had been fired from his newly appointed position as president of the Good-Will Hinckley School, a chain of events began that could bring the “I” word to the lips of legislators of both parties. “Impeachment.” Maine Gov. Paul LePage, in his […]

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Marcy’s redefines takeout

Portland has a new cult hero, and her name is Darla Neugebauer. For those not making the connection, Neugebauer is the owner of Marcy’s Diner in downtown Portland. You know, the woman who’s been featured in just about every news outlet from here to Los Angeles in the past several days, garnering tens of millions […]

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Organic spinoff: Tall Ships Afterparty puts a new spin on old commerce

As the Tall Ships Portland event – with its eye-popping array of historically evocative, massively trimmed, traditionally rigged sailing ships – drifted out of Portland Harbor Monday, a single sail stirred in the breeze. The sail wasn’t on a ship but was draped in a covered bandstand area at Thompson’s Point on the Fore River. […]

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Why for some reason I’m just not interested in Pluto

Here’s this week’s episode of The Port City Chronicle, the continuing serial novel of Gretchen, a 46-year-old criminal defense lawyer, and her family and friends, seeking love and happiness in Portland the hard way:   “The board meeting starts at 8 a.m.,” my client said. “Let’s see if you can make it. I’ll check the […]

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‘Weird Al’ on writing: Yankovic, who’s performing in Portland Sunday, talks about the challenges of ‘being funny’

Initially dismissed as a novelty act, song parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic’s career has had more longevity than anyone would’ve predicted when his silly songs first started airing on Dr. Demento’s radio show in the late 1970s. Yankovic, who takes popular songs and alters the lyrics to his subversive, comedic perspective, has proved to have more […]

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‘Mountain of the people of Maine’: Don’t mess with Baxter

Scott Jurek left Baxter State Park earlier this month with more than nearly 2,000 miles of memories and a new Appalachian Trail speed hiking record. He also took away three tickets from the Baxter State Park Authority for public drinking, littering and hiking with an oversized group. At the 5,268-foot summit of Katahdin was not […]

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