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Clean Energy: Too Expensive? Or Our Only Choice?

Clean Energy: Too Expensive? Or Our Only Choice?

In order to spare future generations the devastating environmental and health effects of climate change, many scientists say we must stop using virtually all fossil fuels by 2050. If you think that’s a tall order, it is, but several cities across the U.S. — like San Diego, Burlington, and Aspen (as well as big corporations like Apple, Google, and Coca Cola) have stepped up to the plate and pledged to cut fossil fuels from their... Read more

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Why Are Women Still Looking for Witches to Burn?

A few weeks ago, I went to Augusta for “Women’s Day at the State House,” an event presented by the Maine Women’s Alliance. After scouring my closet for the suggested red article of clothing—I found one, but latex is not State House or even outside-of-my-house appropriate—I settled on a black dress and black coat and black leggings because, honestly, that’s just where I’ m living these days. I think this perpetual mood is best... Read more

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Politics and Other Mistakes

Let the games begin

The field for the 2018 U.S. Senate race in Maine is set. Independent incumbent, Angus King will take on Republican state Sen. Eric Brakey and a Democrat whose name will be no more memorable after the election than it is right now. GOP Gov. Paul LePage had said on several occasions that he might challenge King, but in early May, his top political adviser announced LePage would take a pass. His official reason was that he has too much work to finish in Augusta before his term runs out in January 2019. His unofficial reason is that even LePage recognizes his...

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Five surprising facts about video games and their impact on …

Five surprising facts about video games and their impact on the real world

The perception of a gamer as a socially awkward outcast who barely experiences any light or human interaction apart from their television and their mother has long since eroded. With 2 billion gamers worldwide, and the global gaming market surging past 100 billion dollars last year, calling yourself a “gamer” in 2017 is almost like calling yourself a cell phone user. Indeed video games and their creators have long fantasized of overtaking Hollywood as the... Read more

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8 Days A Week: Grief Chats, Hip-Hop Festivals, and Memories …

8 Days A Week: Grief Chats, Hip-Hop Festivals, and Memories of 'My So-Called Life'

THURSDAY 25   LISTENING TIME | The world is on fire, but your work is most needed in your own community. Facing systematic defunding as part of the Trump administration's proposed American Health Care Act, Planned Parenthood is on the receiving end of countless creative fundraisers these days. This one, at the quietly-awesome show space Oxbow Blending and Bottling, collects the power of storytelling, where Portland folks tell personal narratives of care and treatment they've received from... Read more

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Food & Drink

Tiki Take Two — Rhum Revamps Its Menu

Tiki Take Two — Rhum Revamps Its Menu

The Portland restaurant scene is so competitive that it often takes a creative approach to opening a new eatery.   Last year, two seasoned industry vets teamed up with two local developers to form the 5th Food Group. Jason Loring and Michael Fraser sat down with Jed Troubh and Chris Thompson to figure out how to keep track of each of their existing investments while venturing forward in two new fooderies—Rhum Tiki... Read more

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Quite Psyched: SeepeopleS Drop the 'Hate'

Quite Psyched: SeepeopleS Drop the 'Hate'

In another world not far off from our own, teenagers in Nebraska are skipping school to make out to SeepeopleS songs behind the faculty parking lots. In this one, the 20-year-running pop-confection project of Will Bradford and Brooke Binion has released another meticulous, painstakingly crafted release of psychedelic pop songs, while the Flaming Lips sell hundreds of records a day by name recognition alone. The last we heard from the Portland quartet was their massive double-album... Read more

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Outdoors & Sports

Time for a New Sport?

Time for a New Sport?

Everybody’s had a windfall at some time or another in their adult lives. Did you ever decide to take that change burning a hole in your pocket and invest in the equipment to begin playing a new sport? Did that gear end up taking up space in the back of your closet for months or even years, until you finally bit the bullet and went to unload it at Play... Read more

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Kids & Pets

The Age-Old Aphorism

The Age-Old Aphorism

Let’s talk about healthy kids. Assuming they’re generally happy internally (that is, emotionally) there still remains the issue of encouraging them to learn maintenance skills for the body. That means, as we’ve all heard millions of times, diet and exercise. Good food at a healthy level of intake, and plenty of all kinds of moving around, will build a strong young person. So, if we take nourishment and activity as... Read more

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