How can art galleries stay afloat in Portland’s changing market?


We got a pet psychic to read our cats’ minds

Something came over the cats when Sara Moore entered my apartment. Two ...
Photo by Toni Jo Coppa

Visiting the studio of Toni Jo Coppa

It is easy to imagine the horror visitors might feel if they ...
Our Man in Havana at Portland Stage Company is a satirical tale of a salesman-turned-spy in Cuba during the Batista regime.

‘Our Man in Havana’ is a light take on pre-Castro Cuba

Now that the end of our Cold War relations with Cuba is ...
Don't be 'that' customer.

Your bartender might secretly hate you

Bartenders, doctors and mechanics all have jobs we don’t need to understand to ...

City looks to force developers to build apartments for the middle class

When you’re talking about housing in Portland, there’s high-end and there’s low-income. ...

How free community college could transform higher education

Wait, wait — did Obama just fix everything that’s wrong with college ...

Watching ‘The Wire’ after Ferguson

Great art captures the complexities of the human condition — just as ...

Seriously, this is your government at work

Last week Maine lawmakers released all the bills to be considered during ...

Digging up bones

The Other Bones were a group unlike any other in modern Maine ...

Think more, tweet less

One expects a column, or at least a column that is framed ...

Lawyers v. landlords in city fight over fire code

In the aftermath of last fall’s Noyes Street apartment fire that killed ...
Kyle Gervais

Featured show: KGFREEZE w/ Old etc. and Cool Tara

  It’s nine o’clock on a Friday night. The usually acerbic Kyle ...

LePage’s fight with the feds only hurts Maine

Governor LePage waged some high stakes battles against President Obama’s Affordable Care ...

2015 winter survival guide

Maine’s punishing winters are the stuff of legend. But the meteorological side ...

Music at the museum, and The Psychologist drops a new mix

Night at the Museum Last spring the Portland Museum of Art kicked ...

About that alt-weekly war …

This week, the publishers of competing alt-weekly Dig Portland chose to shut down ...

The five stages of grief: a winter reading list

  Getting through winter in Maine can be a psychologically draining descent ...

Fighting the winter blues with tanning

  There is no time of the year when I feel 100 ...

Slow sex is better

There’s nothing to do. Nobody wants to hang out. It’s too cold ...

A fleeting look at climate change

We tend to view science and art as distinct, exclusive pursuits of ...

Video kills the internet star

It’s the dead of winter, and you’re watching your tenth episode of ...

The Band Apollo reaches for the stars

Maine has rarely been known nationwide for big-name acts. We’ve had Howie ...

Food delivery options to spice up winter

  You’ve finally trapped your body heat under a blanket on the ...

Ten Ten Píe chef dishes on Huong’s pho

  Atsuko Fujimoto Pastry chef/co-owner of Ten Ten Píe Dish: Huong’s Vietnamese ...
State Rep. Diane Russell (top left), David Boyer of national group Marijuana Policy Project (right), and Legalize Maine PAC's Paul McCarrier all want a say on the future of legal pot in Maine. (Illustration by Mark Poutenis)

Bogarting the vote: Three vie to write Maine’s legal pot law

A decade ago, legalized marijuana was an aspirational concept rarely discussed outside ...

Recipes to make you forget you’re drinking coffee brandy

In a 2006 Washington Post story, writer David Fahrenthold dubbed coffee brandy the ...
Phoenix writer Olivia Gunn makes her grand return to the stage.

Getting over stage fright at Crowbait Club

I was already two beers deep and the show was only thirty ...
'Shake Hands With Your Heart' by Dave Morrison

When musicians survive their careers

The poems in Maine poet Dave Morrison’s tenth collection, Shake Hands with ...

Zodiac Zone: Don’t be impulsive

Mercury, the planet of the week, is retrograde in Aquarius and teaming ...

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The other green bud

The missing ingredient to a truly local beer

To give you an idea of the gap between Maine’s current hop production and that of the Pacific Northwest (where Maine has traditionally gotten most of its hops): In 2014, Washington state, the country’s top producer by a significant margin, harvested around 28,858 acres worth of hops. Maine harvested a total of 10. Local beer production, and […]

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The Baxter Building

Arts tax district shrinks to one building

The city is expected to shrink the downtown tax district named after the arts, renaming it after a building that houses an advertising agency. The so-called arts TIF district will soon be known as the Baxter Library TIF district, as the city will reduce this zone’s boundaries to include only the former public library property […]

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'American Sniper'

Why did ‘American Sniper’ outsell ‘Selma’?

Thanks to Hollywood, we’ve come to expect a certain type of hero. We want them all to be courageous, bold, and working towards a greater good. We want them to fight for what they believe in. Two recent films, Selma and American Sniper, depict the mostly true stories of two men who fit that model: […]

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Ugly truths about cheating

I’ve never cheated on anyone and no one has ever cheated on me. That’s the rose-colored world in which I choose to live, where having an outrageous summer fling the summer after high school wasn’t really cheating — because “technically” I had mostly broken up with my high school BF a few days earlier. It’s […]

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Don’t undo Maine’s progress

Maine has a long history of finding the will of its voters frustrated by the Supreme Court. After all, we owe our existence as a state to the Missouri/Maine Compromise of 1820, which was later ruled unconstitutional in Dred Scott v Sanford. And it continues today. In the last couple years, Maine voters rejected a […]

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Banded Horn Brewery in Biddeford recently started bottling and releasing six packs of its IPA Veridian.

York County is suddenly home to a lot of great beer

  Portland is expensive for anybody trying to start a business here. But the more affordable York County has experienced its own hip reinvigoration over the last few years. The space along the I-95 corridor from Scarborough to Kittery has proven to be fertile ground for a proliferation of restaurants, bars and breweries. The combined […]

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Comedian Nick Thune, Wednesday At One Longfellow Square in Portland.

Shorts at Space, nude Brits, and jewelry made of hair

| Thurs 29   SALUTE THE SHORTS | A lot gets lost during the jam-packed Oscar Awards broadcast every year. Despite the fact that the pre-show starts at like, 4 p.m. and continues well into February, there is simply not enough to talk about when it comes to who made whose dress, who is on […]

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Zodiac Zone: Everything is an experiment

Mercury retrograde is in full swing. Move slowly. Get together with old friends. Finish a book you abandoned. Consider everything an experiment and an exploration. If you commit, make sure you can change your mind or alter your terms.   Aries: Cancer Moon favors a trip back home. See your parents and connect with family […]

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Obama acknowledges transgender people in State of the Union

Of the 6,718 words President Obama used during his State of the Union address last week, three had the distinction of making history. “We … condemn the persecution of women or religious minorities or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender,” said Obama, becoming the first sitting president to ever use the term transgender […]

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Lorem Ipsum takes on two Churchill plays

We’ve grown rather fond of the anti-hero: the Don Drapers and the Piper Chapmans of our fictional worlds. We love them for their shortcomings, and even when they take it one step too far, it’s often hard not to admire them for it. So when Mariah Bergeron’s Marion snakes her way to the top of […]

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