Students take charge to march against fossil fuels at capitol

‘Synthetics in organics’ approach spurs lawsuit

Organic stakeholders, including the high-profile Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, or ...

Hate crime investigated after words spray-painted on market

Portland police say a white male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt who ...

Paradise found: Riordan’s quest to honor son’s death reaches to Malawi

The story of Irish guidance counselor Mags Riordan and the clinic she ...

From the Margins: Vignettes of hardship

There is a man who walks the streets of Portland, muttering to ...

Sour, potent and tender: Stories, taste of Serbian stuffed cabbage

I never know how I’m going to find my next immigrant-cooking teacher. ...

Progressive caucus urges passage of budget

Editor: (This letter was sent to Maine’s congressional delegation.) Dear Sen. Collins, ...

Owner: Minimum-wage increase in Portland would doom Mister Bagel

Editor, I am the owner of Mister Bagel on Forest Ave. I ...

ACRONYMS & ACRIMONY: Earth Day 2015 finds GMO debate at crisis point

When Robert Frost first coined his oft-quoted wisdom that “good fences make ...

8Days: The Dead cover band and other revelations

THURSDAY 4/16 MEMPHIS | An inimitable facet of ’90s rock and pop ...

Draped up and dripped out: Turquoise Crown’s kaleidoscopic debut

Nowadays, there’s a whole sea of cryptically named electronic music producers out ...

In the Aeroplane over the Seacoast: Neutral Milk Hotel flies over the State

Neutral Milk Hotel recently announced that this spring 2015 tour will be ...

Chemistry set: Get Hard works thanks to leads, in spite of unoriginal jokes

Get Hard starts from a premise that isn’t particularly funny — a jail-bound ...

Rhyme and reason: Hoagland on exerting ‘the focusing power of poetry’

Tony Hoagland is not a poet of formal meter and highfalutin language. ...

Paper chase: Monica Wood’s two-act play Papermaker debuts at Portland Stage

Portland plays host of the world premier of Papermaker, a play in ...

Weekday IPA

As the weather warms up, my tastes turn away from sweet malt ...

It all adds up: Michel Droge’s ‘Tiny Catastrophes’ matter

In German we have a saying, “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist,” or, “Small ...

King fish: Monkfish liver at King of the Roll commands respect

Wilson Rothschild Chef at upcoming Terlingua Dish: King of the Roll’s Ankimo ...

Zodiac Zone

Saturday’s New Moon is your chance to shake it off, go with ...

SLAP for sailing: Superhero Lady Armwrestlers of Portland help SailMaine

All hands on deck. On Saturday at Geno’s Rock Club, the Superhero ...

Bats, bag fees, foam bans all part of spring in Portland

Two signs of spring in Portland: Opening Day at Hadlock Field, and ...

Hoagland comes home: Celebrated poet to launch visiting poets series in Maine

Renowned poet Tony Hoagland returns to Maine next week, to the state ...

Constructing identity: The politics of self, other and community at a new exhibit at USM

Exploring how to foster individuality within a collective identity and how to ...

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Bath salts blamed in pair of Aroostook County arrests, attack on dog

Bath salts, the synthetic and highly dangerous drugs that made a splash in Maine a few years ago, have persisted in northern Maine and made headlines again this month. According to a Sunday press release from the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office, a Perham woman, Ashley Doody, 30, was arrested for attacking a dog with a […]

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Lux in tenebris: A lucent mind, a gilded future, a coded space

The newly-christened artistic director of the Masonic Temple of Portland is restoring an illustrious past to a tarnished space, by bringing public attention to a rapidly fading cultural landmark in downtown Portland. Sarah Bouchard’s concept, to place papier-mache installations amongst the temple’s sacred spaces, is two-fold. First, it pays homage to the sense of the […]

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8Days: Sufjan Stevens, Butcher Boy, Shakey Graves gracefully interrogate your weird ears with noise from three distinctly different parts of the country

THURSDAY 4/9 Lord of dark humor and sovereign scathing cathartic critique LEWIS BLACK bequeaths his humors to willing patrons at the University of Maine in Orono (if he will make a LePage or a public university pun has yet to be seen). Doors at 6:30pm for an 8:00pm show | Collins Center for the Arts, 168 […]

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Zodiac Zone

Mercury bubbles with Aries’ originality and enthusiasm until Monday. Shift from exploring and discussing to making solid, long term commitments next week with Mercury in Taurus. The often dreaded retrograde is coming next month, so now is the time to act. Aries: Friday is a peak day for you as the Sun and Mercury meet. […]

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Garden in the air: Taking the ball and running with it, Circus Conservatory interprets ‘Earthly Delights’ artwork

The mind-blowing painting “In the Garden of Earthly Delights,” a triptych by 15th century Dutch artist Hieronymous Bosch, is a phantasmagorical vision of life on Earth. In the left panel is an Edenic landscape; in the right panel is a dark place of lust and torment; and in the middle panel, sensual naked figures cavort […]

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Looking beyond disabilities: The Boys Next Door delves into character traits and quirks

One of the most refreshing stops on a First Friday in Portland is often The Art Department, the gallery for work by developmentally disabled artists, whose art is surprising, unpretentious and brimming with giddiness. And there are many similarly surprising and giddy moments in The Boys Next Door, a play about four developmentally disabled men […]

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Empire takes a bow: Central Provisions chef loves the baos, dumplings of Chinese restaurant

Chris Gould Chef/owner at Central Provisions Dish: Empire Chinese Kitchen’s Char Siu Bao (barbecued pork-filled steamed buns) Cost: $5 for 2 buns Each week in Deep Dish we ask a Portland chef to share their favorite menu item from another local restaurant. Central Provisions is on a roll. Husband and wife team Chris and Paige […]

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IPA: A beer to build empires!

This week, we’ll launch a series of articles celebrating IPA and exploring the different permutations of this formidable style. IPA stands for “India Pale Ale,” and, in the world of complex beer names this one is as straightforward as they come. Legend has it, the British found colonizing India hot and thirsty work. They summoned […]

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‘Monarchies have been crumbling’: A United Canada without the monarchy

Editor: Canada and England would fit seamlessly into the international community without the Monarchy! It is not accidental that the great majority of nations are republics. It has been the result of humanity’s long groping in the dark, tribulations and sacrifices. Its first and greatest benefit for Canada is that it will deliver a forceful disincentive […]

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He’s been walking the streets at night: Sterling Black gets it right 

Entering Sterling Black’s world is like climbing into a shadowy gutter where trash rules, everything sounds broken in a good way, and rock n’ roll is still king. The 26-year-old musician lives in a private nightmare, and quietly issues fiery, scary rock records at an alarming pace. They’re the kind of albums people don’t make anymore, full […]

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