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Finding A Common Tongue — How Immigrant Women's Organization In Her Presence Does the Good Work

Finding A Common Tongue — How Immigrant Women's Organization In Her Presence Does the Good Work

“The hardest was to find snow suits for the babies,” Penny Carson tells me as she gestures to the navy toddler suit lying next to the heaps of English Language Learner workbooks and vocabulary flashcards on the couch. Penny Carson, a retiree in her seventies, volunteers as an English teacher to newly arriving refugees and asylum seekers at local non-profit In Her Presence. “There will always be more need this winter you know, so I’ll keep it...

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Politics and Other Mistakes

If you don’t start drinkin’, I’m gonna leave

The other day, I did something I wouldn’t normally do. I bought a bottle of booze in Maine. Please don’t think less of me. I had no choice. I usually purchase my liquor in New Hampshire, where it’s almost always cheaper. My order arrives here via an underground railroad operated by a nefarious associate, who gets paid off in cocktails. Such transactions are illegal, immoral and bad for my liver, but I don’t care. The savings are worth it. Unfortunately, my connection wasn’t due for several days, and I was out of bourbon. In desperation, I went to an agency liquor store and...

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Resisting The Alt-Right: Solidarity with Counterprotesters i…

Resisting The Alt-Right: Solidarity with Counterprotesters in Charlottesville

About 400 people gathered in Monument Square Sunday for an anti-racism rally in light of the recent clashes between anti-fascists and the so-called "alt-right." The rally was organized online by civil rights groups March Forth and the Portland's Women March, and bookended by a spirited acoustic performance by musician and Bangor Daily News photographer Troy Bennett, who sang to the crowd: "Whose side are you on?" Speakers included organizer Naomi Mayer, Portland resident Kenneth Bailey, ... Read more

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When Words Can Kill: Should the ACLU Have Defended the 'Unit…

When Words Can Kill: Should the ACLU Have Defended the 'Unite the Right' Riot?

In the aftermath of Saturday's bloody "Unite the Right" demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia — which included hundreds of white supremacists and which the American Civil Liberties Union publicly defended — some progressives are wondering whether the organization can still be considered a valuable ally in the fight for social justice. Before the riot devolved into a violent conflict, the ACLU took to Twitter to state that the white supremacists who organized it had a right to mobilize. “The First... Read more

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8 Days a Week: Disney Burlesque, Haitian Pop, and Showin' Up

8 Days a Week: Disney Burlesque, Haitian Pop, and Showin' Up

THURSDAY 17   FINGERS CROSSED FOR URSULA | In a reckless world, onight's burlesque show is something you can put some faith in. Produced by the smart, silly, multimedia-friendly Voulez-Vous Cabaret, who've become one of the foremost such troupes in the city, audiences by now know they're not getting an old-school, male-gazey show complete with hot cars, leopard prints, and pin-up girls. Tonight's act has broader designs. And, titled Bippity Boppity Boobs, it packs a little something... Read more

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Food & Drink

Flesh, Pulp, and Blood Orange Beers

Flesh, Pulp, and Blood Orange Beers

The torrid heat of August is upon us, and it's given me a royal thirst. After a month of drinking lagers, my palate, brain and liver are crying out for  variety, so I'm launching into an exploration of fruited beers. This week, we'll explore beers brewed with the Citrus × sinensis, also known as the “blood orange.” This hybrid orange has a vivid, reddish flesh, rich in antioxidant chemicals known... Read more

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Missed Connection — Leverett Release Final Album 'Wires …

Missed Connection — Leverett Release Final Album 'Wires & Tubes'

For a band on the precipice of breaking up, the amount of trust and respect the four musicians of Portland rock band Leverett demonstrate is palpable. Evolved years ago from a solo project by bandleader Jesse Gertz, the cohort’s first official full-length as a foursome, Wires & Tubes, is both a ravenously complex modern record and a lesson in how to share and delegate responsibilities. A chirpy opener shows the group in full gallop, strutting their... Read more

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Outdoors & Sports

You'd Better Run

You'd Better Run

Most Portland runners, walkers, and joggers are familiar with the soft crunch, crunch, crunch their athletic shoes make on the fine gravel of the Back Cove Trail as they take in some exercise, salty air, and the cityscape view we all love. Some of those athletes, in previous years, have competed in one of Portland’s best 10Ks, the Trail to Ale, which courses around the Back Cove, in part. A... Read more

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Kids & Pets

Can You Make it to the Olympics

Can You Make it to the Olympics

Have the words “Don’t you want to grow up big and strong?” ever left your lips? Were you caught in a moment of shock sitting at your own dinner table immediately after, not believing your own parents had the magical ability to speak through you like that? The whole spiel, diet and exercise, has been ingrained in Americans’ heads for generations. It isn’t going away. Whether the old cliche inspires... Read more

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