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Wiping the Record Clean: Will Marijuana Amnesty Make It to Maine?

Wiping the Record Clean: Will Marijuana Amnesty Make It to Maine?

Think of it as a scarlet letter: The blemish that stays on your permanent record long after your arrest for marijuana possession, cultivation, or distribution. The long-term implications of getting busted for a pot-related offense — regardless of whether the crime is classified as a civil infraction, misdemeanor, or felony — can range from annoying to life-altering. One youthful indiscretion can keep you from getting into Canada or hinder your chances of getting a job; it can limit access to...

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Might makes wrong — Retired Portland cop accused of abuse of…

Above The Law is a column featuring news and analysis on incarceration, policing, and the criminal justice system in Maine. The name evokes the extrajudicial actions and impunity of law enforcement that will be covered here, while also imploring citizens to think "above" and beyond the status quo to envision better ways of dealing with harm. Here, we will question and critique not only the conduct of law enforcement but the roles played by various... Read more

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Cramped Docks: Fishermen Petition the City Council To Halt N…

Cramped Docks: Fishermen Petition the City Council To Halt Non-Marine Development

Last week, 90 fishermen in Portland signed and submitted a petition to the city asking leaders to do something about the dwindling amount of space on the working waterfront due to tourism, traffic, and rapid nonmarine development that they say makes their job much harder. Whether it’s because of a literal lack of space both on the water and on the streets where their bait trucks drive, or the rising cost of parking, these fishermen feel... Read more

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Manhood Strikes Again — The Many Charms of Ray Harrington's …

Manhood Strikes Again — The Many Charms of Ray Harrington's 'Overwhelmed'

In 2015, Providence comic Ray Harrington turned a snapshot of his life — a thirtysomething brand-new dad who had just released his first comedy album — into a documentary film. Titled Be a Man, the stand-up artist’s movie explored the expectations of modern American masculinity as seen through the comic’s characteristically goofy, self-deprecating style. Harrington grew up in Bangor and his parents divorced when he was very young, and he was legitimately interested in cultivating... Read more

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Strawberry Beers Forever

Strawberry Beers Forever

In these waning days of summer, I'm tasting beers with added fruits, berries, and other unusual ingredients. Earlier, we tried three beers brewed with added strawberries. Two weeks ago, I reviewed a notice that two breweries I follow were releasing strawberry beers and I took it as a sign. Summer ain't over yet, and there's more strawberry to drink!   Hidden Cove Fragola ABV: 6.0% Format Sampled: 16 oz corked bottle Availability: Purchased at Bow Street... Read more

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Contemporary Band — An Interview with Colin Newman of Wire

Contemporary Band — An Interview with Colin Newman of Wire

If you don't have a ticket to see Wire, the legendary English art-rock band formed in 1976 by Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Bruce Gilbert, and Robert Gotobed, we don't know what to tell you. The show's been out since late spring. Still, we jumped at the chance to discuss the band's adventurous career in a surprisingly long and thoughtful conversation with singer and guitarist Colin Newman, who spoke to the Phoenix via Skype from his home... Read more

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Time to Get Moving

Time to Get Moving

An object at rest will tend to remain at rest, and an object in motion will tend to remain in motion. The law of inertia. It’s physics, but also an apt metaphor for physical fitness. As in, “Hey, we’ve been talking about getting exercise. Wanna go for a walk?” “Nah. Too much inertia.” And it’s easy to tell ourselves that acknowledging our lack of motivation absolves us of the obligation... Read more

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Bouncers Welcome

Everybody remembers the excitement we felt as children when entry into the most fun place on earth was imminent. It could have been located within a state or county fair, or even in a well-off friend’s back yard. What is that place? The gravity-defying, backflip-trying bouncy house, of course. Parents watching their kids literally jump for joy in those inflatable fun zones have been known to shake their heads and... Read more

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