USM changes major:  School’s next president faces program cuts, ‘trade school’ concerns amid ‘Metro U’ shift

Squash growing in Portland with planned Bayside Bowl expansion

For the uninitiated, “urban squash” isn’t a community garden feature, but rather ...

How LePage turned his back on his upbringing

Governor LePage likes to remind us that he comes from difficult beginnings. ...

Beer glasses: Pretentious or practical? Improving your boozing experience with the proper tools

Would you eat a filet mignon off a paper plate, or ice-cream ...

The thrill of having an invisible boyfriend

Is it possible that fake love might finally rival the real thing? ...

Wartime recollections: Uncovering silver linings In Maine author’s newest book

Sometimes writers spend years looking for their next book, and sometimes it ...

Correcting corrections: Report gives Maine DOC a clean bill of health

Maine prisons continue to rely on the state’s troubled Riverview Psychiatric Center ...

A winter when even the airport couldn’t fit all the snow

Remember that winter in Portland when the snow piles got so high ...

New digital order: Taillon and company unleash psychedelic soundscapes

Superorder might be the most ambitious band in Portland. When asked to ...

Business as usual: Lyric captures amoral world of 1960s big business

There’s a certain kind of nostalgia by which we look back at ...

Honey wine and orc slaying: Drinking mead with Portland metal band Stone Tools

Many anthropologists maintain that mead, also known as honey wine, is the ...

Birdman excels as a one-shot exploration of art, expectations

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), a strange and unconventional film ...

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County lines

Nominations are now open for the person who most resembles county government in Maine. First up is Alex Rodriguez. The disgraced New York Yankee is expensive, unproductive and obnoxious. If there were three of him, he’d be a county commission. Except with bigger muscles and smaller testicles. Next comes Bob of the Bob’s Discount Furniture […]

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Looking ahead to PortFringe, by the numbers

For a bunch of artsy types, organizers of the PortFringe festival sure use a lot of numbers when they talk about this year’s festival, which kicks off June 20. Like 58 acts and 116 individual performances over eight days. And like this from their PR materials: “A recent Americans for the Arts Economic Impact calculation […]

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Up and Coming // THE EXTRAORDINARY BANALITY OF DISSENT: Surveillance, Journalism, and National Identity in 1971 at SPACE

On Tuesday, cinephiles, Snowden freaks, tech-philanthropists and New Leftists get the rare chance to engage in a community discussion about national identity, surveillance and the banality of dissent, with one of the first women to experience it firsthand in America. Betty Medsger, former Washington Post journalist, and author of The Burglary, and Zach Heiden, legal director of the […]

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Dining cause:  Maine Restaurant Week Leverages Non-Profit Causes with Private Money

Diners visiting dozens of eateries for “Maine Restaurant Week” over the next two weeks may not realize the meal deals served up by Portland-local restaurants are taking initiative from of the nation’s hottest marketing trends — “cause marketing.” Broadly defined, “cause marketing” refers to a cooperative effort between for-profit and non-profit organizations for mutual benefit. Maine Restaurant Week has […]

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Six things retail workers wish they could tell you

With its generally low requirements for experience and education, you’d be hard pressed to find an adult who hasn’t had at least one retail job on their resume. Yet, despite what should be a nearly universal empathy for what generally tends to be a low-paying and high-abuse job, customers are routinely the bane of the […]

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8 Days

8 DAYS A WEEK BUFFALO CUCUMBERPATCH, SHARON NEEDLES, AND OTHER SIMULACRA Thursday 2/26   SCREEN MUSINGS RE: BODYSNATCH CUMMERBUND | The Oscars may be over and all your friends who are “making it” in LA, i.e. your ex-best friend’s brother who found work as Jared Leto’s press person’s assistant’s assistant, are at home self-medicating post awards-ceremony. […]

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BRACE YOURSELF: LePage’s budget is coming: or, a ballad to the fledgling, liberal economist sleeping inside you all

Lest we remind you about Gov. Paul LePage’s penchant for cooking up plans to lure big business to Maine, and to get rich people to stay here. Critics say the LePage budget will pass the costs of the lofty goal of business retention onto basically everybody else — low- and middle-income earners, small businesses, Maine municipalities […]

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TAKE ME TO CHURCH Club couture for worshippers of mind, body and spirit

At the intersection of art, performance, and body-consciousness lives ELEVATE: a fledgling, ongoing dance party, boldly paying homage to aesthetic pioneers of the past and of the distant, and offering a safe space for Portland’s sober community. ELEVATE comes to Portland’s Bayside neighborhood the last Sunday of every month; the 21st will be its third incarnation. […]

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Thursday 2/19 “GOD BONER” FOR AUDIOPHILES | On Thursday, Umphrey’s “HEADPHONES AND SNOWCONES” McGee comes to the State. But McGee isn’t just any quotidian jam band with some softcore metal thrown in: what’s special about them is that, for $40, you can nab a pair of Sennheiser headphones plugged into the band’s recording equipment, so your ears can […]

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Jason Spooner &
Michael Franti

GET GROWNCozying up to two of Maine’s home-grown, alt-country behemoths for a night of refined roots music

  On Friday, roots-rocker Jason Spooner and his band team up with soul-pop maiden Anna Lombard for an evening of rugged, yet nuanced, folk-infused easy listening at Stone Mountain Arts Center. Stone Mountain in Brownfield has been attracting Americana music legends (think Tom Rush and Taj Mahal, respectively) since circa 2005. Nestled amongst Maine’s western […]

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