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The Art Of Protest — Every Decision Counts in Mainer's Participatory Film 'The Maribor Uprisings'

The Art Of Protest — Every Decision Counts in Mainer's Participatory Film 'The Maribor Uprisings'

In 2017, the stakes of organized dissent seem exceptionally high. The 214 people charged as part of the anti-fascist protests on January 20 — a/k/a the DisruptJ20 action during the inauguration of Donald Trump — have been hit with felony charges and currently face up to ten years in prison. These blanket charges — levied onto some without evidence that they did anything more than show up — are the most severe repercussions for nonviolent...

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Do Maine Dems Understand the Stakes?

Do Maine Dems Understand the Stakes?

I’m writing this column from the oppressive heat of Washington, D.C., so I hope you’ll excuse me if this comes off a little cranky. I was born here, at the private, non-profit Columbia Hospital for Women in 1985. Originally founded in 1866 as a charitable hospital for the desperate, pregnant wives of missing Civil War soldiers, the hospital closed permanently in 2002. You can now buy a two-bedroom for 1.5 million bucks in the wing where... Read more

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Politics and Other Mistakes

Triumphs and tragedies

It’s important to have goals in life. Mine are: Sleep late. Drink beer. Repeat. My success in fulfilling these lofty ambitions is somewhat mitigated by the fact that I’m an irresponsible slug. Presumably, the Maine Legislature doesn’t fall in the same category. Surely, our representatives and senators are people of strong character, constantly striving to meet the high standards the public expects of its leaders. Except maybe president. And governor. Unlike some chief executives, legislators aren’t a bunch of egotistical incompetents flailing randomly at imaginary evils in an effort to avoid dealing with complex problems. Those chosen to represent us in Augusta recognize the need for realistic...

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News Briefs: the Malaga Monument, Green Slime, and a Media M…

News Briefs: the Malaga Monument, Green Slime, and a Media Merger

Descendants of Malaga Island Community Honored With New Monument A dark, once-covered up stain on Maine’s history — the systematic exile and mysterious deaths of the Malaga Island community — was made permanent and visible last week through a monument unveiling at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester.   The monument bears the names of the mixed-race Mainers who were victimized as part of the eugenics movement of the 1900s and forced to leave their homes by the... Read more

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A Show of Support — Able Baker's 'Selvedge' Sees Painting Th…

A Show of Support — Able Baker's 'Selvedge' Sees Painting Through a Totally Different Grain

In a show that feels both formally radical and historically reverent, Selvedge — on view now at Able Baker Contemporary — grapples with the practice of painting through a new lens. The nine women’s works shown in this exhibition — including Portland painter and muralist Tessa Greene O’Brien, who began curating it last November — share in their effort to sublimate the process of painting through methods and practices associated with textile-making. This allows an innovation... Read more

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Công Tử Bột Elevates Without Sacrificing Authenticity

Công Tử Bột Elevates Without Sacrificing Authenticity

For better or worse, inner Washington Ave. and the neighborhoods it connects have experienced a great deal of change in recent years. While rising rents and the inevitable displacement of lower-income families represent the darker side of change, a shining light can be seen in the drive and passion shared by those who are actively working to revitalize the Nissen building and its neighboring storefronts. In just a few short... Read more

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Getting Off the Map — The Magical Properties of Jared Fairfi…

Getting Off the Map — The Magical Properties of Jared Fairfield's 'The Protecting Cloak'

Island life is fuckin’ tight. There are no goddamn computers, feral children run naked through the woods, and everyone eats unidentifiable foodstuff from a giant clawfoot tub in an abandoned plot. ‘kay, that’s not totally true, but the difference between life on Portland and its peripheral islands is stark. And as anyone smart enough to know knows, once the shittiness and banality of city life piles up (it does), that once-innocent escape feels like a world... Read more

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Burnin' and Learnin'

Burnin' and Learnin'

Did you know that the big bronze woman with the sword in Monument Square is called Our Lady of Victories, also Soldiers and Sailors Monument? Or that the sculptor, a man born in Webster in the 19th century named Franklin Simmons, also has a statue of Ulysses S. Grant in the United States Capitol Rotunda? How would you like to learn tidbits like these about the Square and other areas... Read more

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Kids & Pets

Last Chance Railroad

Last Chance Railroad

Portlanders who live paycheck to paycheck, and have friends and relatives who have to move to Westbrook or farther because their in-town living situation has changed and nothing is open to the poor in Portland, those residents might have a sour view of the gentrification and development our city is currently undergoing. On the other hand, people who have a little extra on hand might be happy that the place... Read more

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