A FEMINIST DOMINATRIX Leather, straps, corsets, masks and balloons: all tools of the trade.

Between You and Me: A Sex Worker’s Journey

THE ROAD TO LEGAL MARIJUANA David Boyer, from the National Campaign to Regulate
Marijuana Like Alcohol, spoke during a news conference, before 103,115 supporting
signatures shipped off to Augusta.

Phoenix Potpourri: Naming a new fire chief, combating opiate overdoses and legalizing marijuana

UNE Vice President of Research and Scholarship attends Senate hearing on heroin ...

You Can’t Call 911 Because Someone Disagrees With Your Politics

  “If you could have an utterly painless death, would you rather ...
DAKHABRAKHA at Port City Music Hall in
Portland, on Feb. 6.

8 Days: Racing snowmen, Ukrainian punk and movies at the brewhouse

BULLY ON SKATES Nick Perry and his mates didn’t get as many dirty looks at the Happy
Wheels in Westbrook as they thought, but a 7-year old girl there kept trying to push them over, while taking pictures.

“The most respectable band in Portland,” releases first album Nick Perry’s Brass Tax focuses on quality, not quantity

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which famous acts Nick Perry’s Brass Tax ...

Mental illness isn’t a crime

In reading the coverage of Gov. LePage’s proposal to take the most ...
ROBOT CHAMELEON A boy prepares to aim the robot head and trigger the “tongue gun,” which mimics a chameleon’s ability to capture food.

Space age artifacts and interactive robots aim to inspire at the Portland Science Center

The Portland Science Center has new exhibits that aim to spark imaginations ...
EIGHT WEEK RUN Conor Riordan Martin as Mikey and Michael Wood as Tony in the production of
Shear Madness.

Secrets and crass shenanigans: Mortal dramas unfold at the Shear Madness salon

At the Shear Madness salon on Commercial Street in Portland, the stylists ...
A THREE MAN ROMP The Hound of Baskervilles builds on the tradition of satirizing a classic tale.

Who Killed Sir Baskerville? Victorian Murder Mystery Fraught with Slapstick Humor

The character of Sherlock Holmes has seen a remarkable number and variety ...
THE SEASON CALLS FOR STOUT The earliest use of the word “stout” was in a document dated 1677.

Winter Style: Enjoying Stout in Maine

After dedicating January to exploring porters, I’m on a roll. It’s cold ...
RUNS IN THE FAMILY Three generations of a family cook Polish
Pierogis together: Jadwiga lutostanska, Ania Johnston and Izabela Lutostanksa.

Immigrant Kitchen: Pass the Pierogis

The last time I attempted to make Polish dumplings was a disaster. ...
SMOOTH BUT CRUNCHY The Muhammara offered up at Evo consists of blended hot peppers,
crushed walnuts, olive oil, garlic and spices. garnished with radishes and greens, the dip is served with seed bread.

Smooth moves: Evo in the Old Port taps into Smoothie movement

I don’t know about Shifty and D-Money, but Governor LePage got one ...
HIGH TIMES at Sugarloaf Standing at 4,237 ft, Sugarloaf mountain is the second highest in Maine.

A stoic, secluded and shivery playground: Winter lives on at the Loaf

If winter is what you seek, set your sights on Sugarloaf. While ...

Zodiac Zone

Relationship realizations come as Venus dances with various planetary partners. Planets in ...

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Zodiac Zone

Mercury and Venus both sail to Aquarius, sign of vision and innovation. See from a different angle, and put a new spin on an existing project, relationship or situation. Be objective and take out your old copy of The Four Agreements. As Don Miguel says, “Never take things personally.” Aries: Planets emphasize your friendships, both […]

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Opiate addiction is society’s “evil trap”

When I was a kid growing up in suburban Portland in the 80’s and 90’s, they used to “educate” us about drugs in grade school with simple taglines like “say no to drugs,” but not much else. I grew up imagining the scourge of drug addiction happening in some far off land. In my perception, […]

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8 Days: Bearded comics, love stories and a mystic folk concert

THURSDAY, February 11 The art of the fondue at the Public Market House- Portlanders have been gathering at the Public Market House to shop, gossip and eat artisan foods for over a hundred years, so maintain tradition and attend the Cheese Lady’s “We Know You Can Fon-Do It” presentation. I take any free chance to […]

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Books and MagicThe Portland Public Library is looking out for youngsters

Education and a fun time, mix well together at the Portland Public Library. First, local author Lisa Jahn Clough, assistant professor at Rowan University and winner of multiple awards, will read her newest book, Petal and Poppy and the Mystery Valentine, on Saturday the 13th at 10:30am. Afterward, there will be a demonstration on how […]

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Become a Helmet head

I am late to the party and I’m okay with it. Finally, from silence a whispering campaign came from all sides and I succumbed. I heard it from my wife, friends, colleagues and complete strangers—the ones behind me in the lift lines, walking the steps in the lodges and out on the decks during apres […]

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An Ale by Any Other NameThe Arbitrary Nature of “New Beer Styles”

I drank a beer last week called Cult Rider from Ohio’s Hoof Hearted Brewing. The beer is labelled as an imperial black IPA. It’s excellent: a beer that smacks you in the mouth but also has a ton of depth and which cuts a very long and slow track across the palate. But it’s not […]

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Sweet Tooth Stout

When you look at a black, thick stout, you can almost taste the bitter hops and roasted grain through your retinas. But beer has a way of defying our preconceptions, and while most stouts tend to lean towards the bitter end of the spectrum, they don’t have to be bitter! Stout has plenty in common […]

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THIS DOG IS NOT IMPRESSED but you’ll be when find out
that at the Arlgp, you can outfit your dog with a microchip,
so he/she will never get lost.

Canine ValentineKiss your dog for a cause

On Valentine’s Day at 11:00am, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland will hold a Doggie Kissing Booth fundraiser at The Dog Wash Etc. to boost the remaining construction of the ARLGP’s new facility, while raising awareness at the same time. Those in attendance will enjoy giveaways, free samples, the chance to have professional photos […]

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Farcical Silliness:The lies are far from white in this production 

Vain young arriviste Dorante (Robbie Harrison) plans to get ahead in Paris by one key talent: his remarkable gift for lying. But when he takes on a servant who cannot tell a lie (Cliton, played by Keith Anctil), and sets his sights on a lady with decent bullshit radar (Heather Weafer), will Dorante find love and […]

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Deliciously witty:What could go wrong for this corrupt millionaire?

Self-made junk czar Harry Brock (Jaimie Schwartz) is “the monarch of all he surveys,” in the words of his bought-and-sold, self-loathing lawyer, a fallen attorney general named Ed (Christopher Hoffmann). The uneducated narcissist of an entrepreneur is in D.C. to buy a Senator (Jeff Campbell) and an Amendment. But appearances are important in D.C., and […]

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