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The give-and-take of panhandling

The give-and-take of panhandling

If you live in Portland, one thing you might know about panhandling is that last September a 2013 city ordinance prohibiting the act was overturned by a judge in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, making it legal for people to stand on medians holding signs, asking for help or money or food. One thing you might not know about panhandling, however, is that you shouldn’t call it panhandling. I didn’t know that anyway, at... Read more

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'A reason to wake up in the morning'

At first glance, Robert and Terri don't appear to be your normal couple. If you look a little deeper though, you might be reminded of what love is really all about. They've been together since 2008 when they met at a soup kitchen in Portland, and married since 2012 when they tied the knot at Portland City Hall. At age 56, Terri is 22 years older than Robert, who is 34, and she was married twice before meeting him. “In... Read more

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Toon Time

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Good and odd: Maine Playwrights Festival takes many turns fo…

Good and odd: Maine Playwrights Festival takes many turns for the outrageous

This May, Portland’s longest-running incubator for new local plays, the Maine Playwrights Festival, turns 15. Produced by Acorn Productions, under the direction of Founding Artistic Director Michael Levine and Daniel Burson, the festival’s showcase of chosen plays, selected from an open call, runs this weekend at the St. Lawrence Arts Center.   Jennifer Jensen’s Nerdlords vs. the Thing Under the Basement (directed by Karen Ball), is a feisty genre comedy of four college types – the square... Read more

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DTL (dinner, tan, laundry): Woodford Food and Beverage finds…

DTL (dinner, tan, laundry): Woodford Food and Beverage finds its place in the octagon

It wasn’t so long ago that young people had some ambition and some discipline. Before the Jersey Shore kids tanned and did laundry, they hit the gym. When they thought of an octagon, it was a place to fight. Now bodies are not for self-cultivation or violent self-assertion, but simply vehicles for consumption. The opening of the appealing bistro-diner Woodford Food and Beverage offers further incitement to abandon corporeal ambitions... Read more

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From Twisted Roots to Elsmere: Powers a double threat with m…

From Twisted Roots to Elsmere: Powers a double threat with music, culinary success

It’s always great to see local friends succeed. Seeing someone put out a great album and then watching them perform; you’re proud of them. Happy as a friend and believer.  Sometimes these folks are super duper creative and they succeed big in a second area. Think of all the local music friends who are doing great things in the culinary world; Christian Hayes of Sidecar Radio has a hugely successful catering business with his wife; Brant... Read more

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Mom and Baby Expo

Are you a mom-to-be, or a new mother with questions? Come learn about all the resources available to new families at the Portland Mom and Baby Expo, at the Portland Expo (239 Park Ave.) on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 (noon-6 p.m. and 10 a.m.-5 p.m., respectively). More than 80 vendors and exhibitors are scheduled to be offering their goods and services, all dedicated to the well-being of pregnant... Read more

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