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The 100 Best Of Portland Winners

The 100 Best Of Portland Winners

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT  Best Art Gallery: Portland Museum of Art   It was a year of fineness for Maine’s premier art institution. It began with a powerful six-month dedication to Maine artist and educator Duncan Hewitt and his enigmatic sculptures, showing there is always room for local art on the largest of Maine stages. Add in deep studies of WWI-era painter Georges Braque, “Women Modernists in New York” like Georgia O’Keeffe and Helen Torr, and a fully remodeled... Read more

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Why Taxes Make You Drink

“You fill it out for once,” Ethan said, handing Angela back their tax returns without looking up from the ball game. “Why do I have to do everything.” That seemed a little unfair since in fact Angela is the one who does everything, like cooking, shopping, cleaning, and taking care of the kids, not to mention working. But taxes are more of an everything since they take a big effort all at once, usually the night... Read more

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Politics and Other Mistakes

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Here’s a great idea for those of you interested in making things worse: Let’s allow voters to recall any elected official in Maine that they don’t like, including the governor. Democratic state Sen. Justin Chenette of Saco has introduced a bill to do exactly that. Never mind that it’s probably unconstitutional (more on that later). The big problem is it’s a recipe for political chaos. If you think the state is currently divided — Democrats versus Republicans, urban versus rural, north versus south — just imagine the atmosphere in the wake of a successful attempt to recall a sitting governor. The deposed executive’s...

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The 2017 Portland Phoenix Editors' Picks

The 2017 Portland Phoenix Editors' Picks

Though our standard Top 100 are set in stone, Phoenix editors are opinionated enough to have our own personal picks for the standouts of the city. You're welcome. Has comfort food ever looked prettier? Photo Courtesy of Figgy's.  Best Guilty Pleasure: Figgy’s Takeout & Catering There’s a sandwich at Figgy’s that seldom fails to beat down my rational self to make room for more carnal desires. Even if I’m just mildly hungry, I can’t go to Yordprom, the building's... Read more

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Keep Your Eyes Wet: USM's 'Molded by the Flow' Makes Spirite…

Keep Your Eyes Wet: USM's 'Molded by the Flow' Makes Spirited Theater

Molded by the Flow is a show about water and work. As it begins, musicians tap mallets against tall glass jars and suspended silver goblets. Workers in coveralls move among wood crates stacked high against a blue screen, which flickers to life with a pale, fluid ripple. Visions of water are the pulse of this original multi-disciplinary performance and the culmination of a year-long collaboration between students and faculty in USM’s departments of Theatre, Art, and the School... Read more

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Food & Drink

Mami Restaurant Opens, Offering Quick, Affordable and Delici…

Mami Restaurant Opens, Offering Quick, Affordable and Delicious Japanese Street Food

Austin Miller always loved to cook, but it wasn’t until he met his partner Hana that he found a cuisine he wanted to stick with. Hana’s family is Japanese, and she schooled Austin early on to some staples of that country’s diverse street food. “She was the catalyst. We were both working restaurants. We were at the Eastender, and when that sold we were both in a weird ‘what do... Read more

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Down the Path with a Flashlight: An Interview with Chad Clar…

Down the Path with a Flashlight: An Interview with Chad Clark of Beauty Pill

In 2015, the D.C. artist and musician Chad Clark released his band Beauty Pill's new album, Describes Things As They Are, a full 11 years after the group's previous release.   In that time, Clark was writing for NPR, composing musical scores for theater projects and art museum exhibitions, and recovering from surgery to fix a heart condition that nearly took his life. It was that event in particular that infuses Clark's sprawling and gorgeously complex... Read more

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Outdoors & Sports

Three Early-Season Road Races

Three Early-Season Road Races

Fire up your FitBit; the foot racing season is in full swing. Stretch out, warm up, and check out these three upcoming area races:   A new event, the Presidential Seaside Duathlon, takes place in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport on Saturday, April 29 starting at 8:30 a.m. The full race consists of an 18-mile bike ride sandwiched between two 5K runs, a USAT sanctioned duathlon with a $1,000 purse. Alternatively, you can stick... Read more

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Kids & Pets

New Mothers, This One's for You

New Mothers, This One's for You

Back in the day, when a woman found out she was pregnant and decided she was going to raise her child, her sources of information were basically limited to her own mother’s and grandmother’s collective advice, and reading Dr. Spock. Those are still two very good ideas, but in the past several decades, science has advanced, industry has done its best to keep up, and now there is a whole... Read more

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