Maine jockeys over general assistance with rally, vote

Crime Takes No Holiday

Shooting at Old Port studio becomes year’s first homicide. Portland’s first homicide ...

Brennan Defended

From his compliance in the push to ban panhandling, to his penchant ...

Questions for the Next Mayor

“Improper and borderline illegal.” Those are not the words you want to ...

The Old Port Festival celebrates the past and the future of Portland

I started a business out of my Munjoy Hill apartment back in ...

The 11th hour for 4/20

Russell says it’s now or never for the legislature to legalize marijuana. ...

Letter’s To The Editor

Portland artists should be featured more regularly in the Phoenix Editor, As ...

Roadside Dolls and Other Highlights

THURS 5/28 TRITE ROCK | Paul Nelson touts a career history in ...

Jamie’s Blood never failed us yet: Blood Warrior’s powerful new record

Most people know Greg Jamie as the frontman of crushing, rollicking, freewheeling ...

Punk’s not dead: Downtown Boys carry the fire at SPACE  

What to say about The Downtown Boys? They’re the sort of wildly ...

Baltimore as Racial Ground Zero

South Portland production of Hairspray hits some nerves. Tracy Turnblad (Alison Bogannan) wants ...

Sweet and tart battlegrounds: The Sisters Duennebier’s Tale of Candy

Imagine Henry Darger and Joseph Cornell getting together and concocting a story ...

The black sheep of the Lager family: Black Lagers!

When we began our grand “Month of Lagers,” I mentioned that the ...

Heaven at Earth: Meal, companionship illuminate an evening

There are meals we eat to fill our bellies and there are ...

Unequal sequel: Pitch Perfect 2 stumbles with springboard attempts

Pitch Perfect 2 has a case of sequelitis. It captures the best elements ...

Signature-gathering to begin; wording defined for scenic-view protection referendum

Clashes between Portland residents and the city over its pace and scale ...

Zodiac Zone

The desire to break free is strong as we warm up for ...

Pet Contest!

Is your pet adorable?  Beyond cute? Do you have a photo to ...

The Maine Brew Bus Presents Greater Portland Beer Map

  Breweries 1 Maine Beer Company 525 US Route 1, Freeport 2 ...

Latest News

Press Heralded: Press Hotel opens on Exchange Street

Among the amenities listed at the newly opened Press Hotel is a daily newspaper for guests to read. Well, one would hope so. The hotel that opened last Friday is a kind of living museum to Portland’s newspaper industry. Officials at a ribbon cutting on Friday afternoon dusted off the history of the Portland Press […]

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City’s budget vote delayed to mid-June

Faced with an expected outpouring of protest over cuts to homeless assistance, the Portland City Council on Monday postponed a vote on the municipal budget. The hope is that state funding issues will be either resolved or less murky in a month. The public hearing and vote is now slated for the Monday, June 15 […]

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Whistleblower says his boss stole diesel fuel from the city, escaped criminal charges

A whistleblower in the city’s Public Services department is going public, alleging that his boss was fired after hidden cameras captured scenes of him stealing diesel fuel from city solid waste trucks, but that police declined to pursue criminal charges, freeing him from prosecution. The man implicated, Craig Pyy, longtime solid waste coordinator for the […]

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Old Port gloss-fest

The Old Port Festival used to be for the people of Portland. For generations, the festival was a day for our community to come together and have some good old fashioned, Portland-style-fun. Now, in its 42nd year, the festival has completely sold out. After turning the day-long party into a three-day affair last year, planners […]

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There’s more to live for in an earlier time zone

Here’s this week’s episode of The Port City Chronicle, the continuing serial novel of Gretchen, a 46-year-old criminal defense lawyer, and her family and friends, seeking love and happiness in Portland the hard way: “Hey, everybody,” my ex-boyfriend Adam said, as he rolled in unexpectedly on a Monday morning. “Get up and join the economy.” […]

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Shell game: Lobster prices surge in wake of brutal winter

Once again this year, the story of Maine lobster supply and prices has become a seasonal potboiler. Why did prices soar to above $9 a pound? Why were they so cheap last summer? How come lobstermen ain’t all rich? And why does that haddock on display near the lobster tanks suddenly look so much more […]

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Can Portland sustain the opening of another restaurant?

The opening and closing of restaurants has become the norm in most big cities, but, what does it mean when it happens in a little hamlet of 66,000 folks? Per capita, compared to other similar-sized cities, Portland has more restaurants and a greater variety of cuisine — and there’s a high probability that a new […]

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5/21 PAPA | Listen, children, SNAEX is coming to BLUE on Thursday, perhaps to invoke memories of family, fatherhood and feeling all of the feels. Psst — if you have no idea what we’re talking about, it’s time to check out Snaex’ album The 10,000 Things on bandcamp. Free admission, but you gotta buy a drink or somethin’. 7:00pm | […]

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The dark end of the street: Last Mercy Emissions’ continued booking winning streak

Last Mercy Emissions, the brainchild of local extreme music aficionado and occasional booking agent Jon Morse, is a godsend in Portland’s musical landscape. Call it how you see it, but many local heads of significant stature have been confiding in me lately that our off-the-beaten-path, more-special-than-standard music scene has reached a historic low point. Morse, […]

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Worth a thousand pictures: Telling Room turns over big screen to storytellers

The Telling Room celebrated a “Big Night” recently, with the publication of When the Sea Spoke, their ninth anthology of student writing. Big Night was an opportunity for more than 300 people to see the breadth of the Telling Room’s programs in the form of a community event and stage performance, with readings from their […]

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