Pop-up park on Federal Street could change the way Portland looks at public space

The Ice Man cometh, makes himself at home

March came in like a lion and is going out like a ...

Art imitates life: Activists call in the Artists Rapid Response Team!

They have draped themselves in blood-like red-stained sheets and sprawled themselves outside ...

Color me disappointed: Quest for a manicure goes bad

Turnabout is fair play. After last month’s customer-shaming episode where I called ...

How to practice law without even trying

Here’s this week’s episode of The Port City Chronicle, the continuing story ...

Benchmarks: Election over, Friends of Congress Square Park aim to build on their momentum

They more or less won the election. Now what? During the coldest ...

Careful what you say

If it weren’t for the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech, I’d ...

Astroturf or access?

News broke last week about a new public park being planned for ...


Thursday 3/26 SOVEREIGNS | Every fourth Thursday of the month, one of ...

BRAHMIN BULLS: Minimalist aesthetic and gentle redemption from a Maine filmmaker

Coming to the Portland Museum of Art this weekend is Brahmin Bulls: ...

Where The Rubber Meets The Rail

Auburn crash topples load of crushed rock, forces road closure Train vs. ...

Laws and myths: Brunswick production tackles banality of bureaucracies

“The spring is wound up tight,” says the Chorus of Jean Anouilh’s ...

A cultural biography of beards

The eighth annual Stache Pag variety show will be held at the ...

Tale from Staten Island captures interest of Empire Falls author

An intriguing and groundbreaking event Friday evening at Think Tank was the ...

Boning up: Chef studies the bone marrow recipe of Lolita

Fred Eliot Chef at Petite Jacqueline Dish: Lolita’s Bone Marrow (with bread ...

Dinner at Artemisia is not what it appears to be

Pop-ups are becoming a permanent fixture in the culinary landscape, but did ...

Categorical dining: Sur lie backs up its menu with innovation

Innovative list-making is the central task of most industries today. Facebook and ...

Wise beyond his years, Hughes created a classic with The Breakfast Club

Thirty years ago, The Breakfast Club came out amid a sea of teen ...

Spring forward into beer

Spring in Maine is not a season of joy. Icicles drip, snow ...

How to react to Tinder rejection

Online dating is not reality. All rules and expectations that hold true ...

Zodiac Zone

Time between eclipses is marked by Mercury’s move to Aries and Mars’ ...

Latest News

There and black again: Mugwort introduces barren new soundscapes

All too often, doom where it stands as a genre is unnecessarily defined by the quality and attributes of its production. It relies heavily on hard compression and sustain to paint the portrait of the dream-like barren wasteland. It’s easy to get lost in a “who’s who” of power chords and band names no one […]

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Dirtying their hands: Mouth Washington goes gritty, less literal

Since their inception in 2011, Mouth Washington have always been one of Portland’s scrappiest bands. Brothers Max and Zach Hansen, founding members of the band, are instantly likeable and totally unpredictable dudes with a penchant for mischief, the stuff punk rock dreams are made of. The revolving door cast of characters they’ve enlisted to be […]

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Three-finger salute from a Maine metal act

“It says a lot that we would rather play in Portland than our own hometown,” says Holyfilth guitarist Justin Hamm. “People in Portland actually care about music; that’s the difference between the two cities.” The Bangor area metal act will be playing Empire on Saturday night with Portland doom outfit Eastern Spell and New Hampshire […]

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THURSDAY 3/19 THE GLITTER DIVINE | Need an excuse to get glittery for a cause? On Thursday, Portland’s venerable high-end eatery GRACE hosts THE TELLING ROOM’S annual SPARKLING LITERARY BALL to honor donors. It’s called GLITTERATI. It’s fancy, it’s fun and it puts you in the same room as five featured, nationally-known authors, and free donuts (cost included in […]

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Pass that over here. The Phoenix’s guide to keeping kinda kosher on Passover

Passover, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery, is right around the corner.  To many religiously observant Jews, this holiday is steeped in deep meaning and rituals, both spiritual and dietary. To the spectrum of cultural Jews like me, this holiday is more notable for what it is NOT steeped […]

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Battle wounds: Women at War in Iraq explores abuse, hostility in the ranks

In Helen Benedict’s play The Lonely Soldier: Women at War in Iraq, the women of the play are engaged in more than one war: They must contend not only with a hostile enemy, but with the disrespect, hostility and even aggression of their own fellow troops. The Lonely Soldier tells the true stories of seven real women whose […]

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Zodiac Zone

The universe presses fast forward with a solar eclipse in Pisces on Friday. Expect a rush of energy and rolling waves of unexpected change and news. The surprise is in the timing of announcements and opportunities presenting in the early days of spring. Aries: Friday’s solar eclipse awakens an idea or a part of you […]

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USM’s new president says ‘the past is the past’

Two days after Harvey Kesselman strode to a podium and accepted the job of leading USM, he picked up a telephone to continue the conversation, telling The Phoenix that he wants to lead University of Southern Maine by winning the buy-in of community members, faculty and staff and focusing on rooting USM in the community. The […]

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A yarn about racial politics: Alligator Road tackles big themes with light touch

What can any one of us do to serve freedom, to make up for its absence, or to feel free ourselves? Sometimes we just have to work with what we have. What Kathy (Christine Louise Marshall) has is a hardware store in Florida, which belonged to her late husband, and her plan is to give […]

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Exotic Marigold Hotel sequel keeps it light, depends on character interactions for flavor

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel wasn’t a film crying out for a sequel, but, now that one exists, it isn’t a groan-inducing prospect. The first film had characters worth checking in on a second time. As with its predecessor, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel focuses on the inhabitants of an Indian hotel for elderly […]

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