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Minimum wage discord: Question 4 divides Portland's restaurant industry

Minimum wage discord: Question 4 divides Portland's restaurant industry

This November, Mainers will vote on ballot question number 4, an effort to raise the minimum wage for all workers in Maine to $12 an hour by 2020. Line cooks, tipped wait staff and owners in the restaurant industry remain divided on this issue.   Some believe that this wage increase — which if it passes would put Maine’s minimum wage among the highest in the country — is needed to compensate workers adequately for their... Read more

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The Phoenix Potpourri

The Phoenix Potpourri

Urban street art focus of visual artists' exhibit Street art receives a nod in a new exhibit, "colliding in space > < (ur) ban street art," which will be on exhibition from Nov. 4-30 in Portland. The opening reception is First Friday, Nov. 4, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Union of Maine Visual Artists Gallery at CTN at 516 Congress St. in Portland.The Union of Maine Visual Artists announced the show, which features more than 30 photographic... Read more

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Election dynamics: Could gun-control referendum skew elector…

Election dynamics: Could gun-control referendum skew electoral vote?

Could Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump win an electoral vote in Maine? The question is not purely academic, according to Herb Adams, who teaches in the political science department at Southern Maine Community College. "The dark stars might realign this time given several of the questions on the statewide ballot," said Adams, noting the possible surge of conservative voters in northern Maine due to a controversial referendum ballot.Only Maine and Nebraska split their electoral vote along... Read more

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Corruption and collusion: Cast Aside revives once-suppressed…

Corruption and collusion: Cast Aside revives once-suppressed production

The debut performance of Marc Blitzstein’s 1937 Cradle Will Rock, a scathing condemnation of corporate corruption in America, was a drama all its own: the musical, written as part of the Works Progress Administration, was at the last minute shut down and its performers locked out of their theater. The WPA cited budget cuts, but many suspected censorship. The production found another theater, where Blitzstein played the score on a lone piano and the actors... Read more

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Head West, Oktoberfest!

Head West, Oktoberfest!

It's October, and in my mind, that means only Oktoberfest. This seminal beer-holiday began as a local celebration of the marriage of a German king in 1810. The royal family invited the citizens of Munich to join in the fun, and the event gradually evolved into a public exhibition. The event certainly didn't begin as an exclusive celebration of beer. Perhaps it merely reflected German enthusiasm for beer, or perhaps... Read more

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Home on the Grange: Nirvana bassist gets political vibes fro…

Home on the Grange: Nirvana bassist gets political vibes from community group, endorses ranked-choice voting

It’s the 25th anniversary of “Nevermind,” the seminal Nirvana album that pushed grunge music into the mainstream. The band’s bassist Krist Novoselic, of Washington state, is touring the northeast, singing and speaking on behalf of ranked-choice voting, to help raise money and awareness for the initiative (Maine’s Question 5), and to trade on Nirvana’s enduring popularity to reach out to millennials. He arrived in Portland over the weekend to speak with the press and practice with some... Read more

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Could Your Child Be Healthier?

If you had to come up with a top ten list of issues facing American children and their families today, it would be a good bet that nutrition and literacy would be among them. Children need good food in their bellies to give them the energy for school and play, and they need encouragement to make sure that a significant part of that play time is spent away from an... Read more

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