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Gift Local: A Guide to Portland's Best Art, Music and Books

Gift Local: A Guide to Portland's Best Art, Music and Books

Intro By: Francis Flisiuk Now that the holiday seasons in full swing, it's time (if you haven't already) to fulfill that societal expectation to keep the consumer cogs greased and spend some money. If you're going to feed the machine, buy your gifts locally. Support the creatives around you. At least then, your earnings will stay in community coffers and out of the greedy hands of soulless- millionaire - corporate types. That's the idea right? It... Read more

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Trooper's Tale: From underground dog fighting to rehabilitat…

A few years back, a friend of mine named Jon made the decision to adopt a rescue dog named Trooper. As a dog owner myself, I was excited to meet Jon's new best friend, but when I heard about Trooper's past I became hesitant to meet him.See, Trooper's story is both horrific and harrowing, even for a rescue dog. A beautiful golden brown, purebred American Staffordshire Terrier, Trooper was born into an underground dog fighting... Read more

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As accounts of sexism rise, women seek empowerment through s…

As accounts of sexism rise, women seek empowerment through self-defense courses

The past two weeks have presented us with some of the most important and shocking news we've seen all year. The topics present in our news cycle post-election are disturbing to many: our uncertain future as a multicultural country, sexism, racial tension, gender violence, morbid statistics, voter suppression, you name it. One topic that’s unarguably on the forefront of discussion is the future of women’s rights in America. Should we expect a change? Is there... Read more

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Anything Helps God Bless, explores Portland's failed ban on …

Anything Helps God Bless, explores Portland's failed ban on "signing" and the lives of those around it

“Twenty-four inches,” says one narrator. “That’s the width of the median strip on Preble Street at the corner of Marginal Way in Portland, Maine.” And then: “Thirty-two inches. That’s the width of an average man who stands on a median strip holding a cardboard sign, measured elbow to elbow.” Most of us have seen these men and women who stand in the street medians, holding signs and asking for money. A controversial 2013 Portland ban... Read more

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Eastern Double IPA. Twice the Hops But Half As Bitter?

Eastern Double IPA. Twice the Hops But Half As Bitter?

This month, we're bingeing on Double IPA, a style of beer that began as an intensified version of the brash, hoppy India Pale Ale. Craft IPAs are often associated with the West Coast brewing scene. Western brewers' proximity to fresh fields of Cascade, Chinook and Willamette hops led them to use huge quantities of these bitter, piney flowers. This challenging, bitter version of IPA dominated the American palate for years. Despite the... Read more

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WBLM’s Tommy C - He’s Got What It Takes

WBLM’s Tommy C - He’s Got What It Takes

I think about what my life would have been like without radio growing up. Kids today! Sure they have their cool shit going on. They can blink and make songs appear in their palm. That's too easy though. And no damn fun! Kids are missing important things in life, like patience leading to the payoff. Special moments with music. I think way back, sitting in my room, not doing homework, thinking about the girl I was... Read more

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Who's Afraid of the Cold?

Who's Afraid of the Cold?

Now, you know that when we say, “Mark your calendars,” we mean consult your device and tell it to remind you, right? Well, that’s what you need to do right now. As an athlete, you lived up to your promises to yourself and took the pile of coats off the treadmill last week. You put in a few miles. But you missed the fresh air, the crazy Portland sights, you... Read more

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Help Your Teen Discover the Power of Words

Teenagers get bored. Imagine: Homework is done or able to be procrastinated safely, and there's nothing else to do. Social media has made them go bug-eyed, they don't feel like reading or watching TV, they've listened to their entire music library a million times, and their school friends may not have cars either, so guess what: "Mom, Dad I'm bored." And you worry. You say to yourself, "They have the whole... Read more

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