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8 Days a Week: The gamut, from Slayer to Oh Honey

6/18HURT SEEKERS | It's slay day at THE STATE THEATRE on Thursday. That's when SLAYER is in town, for you to really shake any lingering spring sadness that Mercury Retrograde left intact last week. Other young creatives might have the time and energy to think of all the ways to describe the show in band lyrics and fan terminology, but we'll settle to make it known that this is not for those at risk of…

A band from the other Portland and other miscellany

6/11REMEDY | NAHKO AND MEDICINE FOR THE PEOPLE walk a thin and brave line. It's a line that attempts to weave together nuances of Erykah Badu and Bright Eyes, Lauryn Hill and John Coltrane, plus some shout-outs to venerable reggae, rap and hip hop voices. The six-person band, led by Nahko Bear, is based in Portland, Oregon, but invokes influences from Hawaiian music, too. Check 'em out at THE STATE THEATER Thursday. $22 advance//$25 at…

Old Soul unveiled and other delights

THURS 6/4PROVINCE TALK | Bluegrass heroes, THE BLACK LILLIES, are sorry for their selfish ways. Well, that's according to “Same Mistakes,” off their 2012 album, 100 Miles of Wreckage. Wreckage defines the alt-country, roots-blues champions for who they really are, which is not, contrary to first impression, a Swedish thrash metal band. Lillies plans to air out their apologies on Thursday at ONE LONGFELLOW SQUARE. $15 advance//$18 at the door | doors at 7:00pm for…

Roadside Dolls and Other Highlights

THURS 5/28TRITE ROCK | Paul Nelson touts a career history in Boston's folk scene, and he brings that experience to fronting THE ROADSIDE DOLLS. That's where Nelson's happy-go-lucky vocals pair up with drawling, shoe-gazey guitar and alt-country refrains, making for what sounds like the playlist to your moody stroll down a bastard stretch of Route 66. The Roadside Dolls play with local psychedelic-slacker rock outfits DEAD ELECT and STRANGE NIGHTS, NH-based THECOLORORANGE, the trip-hoppy solo…


5/21PAPA | Listen, children, SNAEX is coming to BLUE on Thursday, perhaps to invoke memories of family, fatherhood and feeling all of the feels. Psst — if you have no idea what we're talking about, it’s time to check out Snaex' album The 10,000 Things on bandcamp. Free admission, but you gotta buy a drink or somethin'. 7:00pm | 650A Congress St., Portland | 207.774.4111


5/14GENTLE SOUL | MADAILA works within the vein of Arcade Fire, but taking cues from Frank Ocean — the latter seems to be the new criterion for describing hybrid pop-hop outfits. Madaila, a key facet of Future Fields — the recording and production company out of Burlington, Vt. — features Mark Daly, former Chamberlin frontman (remember “Pumped Up Kicks”?). The five-member ensemble comes to THE PRESS ROOM in Portsmouth Thursday. $3-$5 | Doors at 9:00pm…

8Days: Working Out the Knots with BASK, LADY LAMB, and BLOOD WARRIOR

Thurs 5/7PUCKER | With a name like THE MEATMEN, it has to be good — or, at least, predictably punk. The hallowed punk denigrates come to GENO'S ROCK CLUB on Thursday. They're tag-teaming it with two outfits: the local and the venerable COVERED IN BEES, and, hailing from the most rancid corners of northwest Michigan, AGAINST THE GRAIN. 9:00pm | 625 Congress St. | 207.221.2382

8Days: Images of conflict, tragedy; Lauper channeling

Thurs 4/30SUCCOR | The significant MAD HORSE THEATRE COMPANY ushers in a new show on Thursday. Directed by former Phoenix editorial mage NICK SCHROEDER, John Robin Baitz' OTHER DESERT CITIES invokes fallen family politics and personal tragedy in the context of ritzy Palm Springs. Your chance to imbibe the show runs out on May 17. $15/$20 | 24 Mosher St., South Portland | 207.747.4148 | check www.madhorse.com for times

8Days: Metal rawk, bike swap edition

THURSDAY 4/23THERE GOES... | SPUYTEN DUYVIL (no, not the neighborhood) is coming to ONE LONGFELLOW SQUARE on Thursday with a new album in tow. You can expect traditional American roots music blended with snarly, Southern shanty-rock. Oh, and they're from Yonkers, if you were wondering. LANEY JONES opens. Doors at 7:00pm for an 8:00pm show | $12 advance/$15 at the door | 181 State St., #201 | 207.761.1757

8Days: The Dead cover band and other revelations

THURSDAY 4/16MEMPHIS | An inimitable facet of ’90s rock and pop comes to STONE MOUNTAIN ARTS CENTER on Thursday. MARC COHN, who won a Grammy in 1991 in part for the Walking in Memphis song (which seems to have retained its authenticity after the umpteenth time that John Tesh pumps it through speakers from his post at 94.9 WHOM). What's great about Stone Mountain is its penchant for hosting local acts, but also for attracting…
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