Art (31)

Visiting the studio of Toni Jo Coppa

It is easy to imagine the horror visitors might feel if they were to stumble into this space at night. In one corner a life-sized human form spined head to toe with two-inch nails faces the wall like something from Hellraiser. Beside that looms a centaur frozen mid-trot fixed atop a bureau, covered in plaster, wax, and fluff. It bares one quail wing from its bust and a human face tied on with silver tape.…

A fleeting look at climate change

We tend to view science and art as distinct, exclusive pursuits of the left and right-brained, respectively. But they are both largely born out of the same innate sense of curiosity. The drive to spend hours stippling dots onto a canvas or making observations through a microscope aren’t really that different at their root — they are both ways or trying to get to some larger understanding of the world around us.
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