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Ink, press, repeat: Intriguing monoprints at PhoPa Gallery

At PhoPa Gallery, its “Pa” side is currently being explored with monoprints by Karen Adrienne, Kris Sader and Barbra Whitten. Their works on paper share layering and repetition of process, as well as a degree of liquidity, which explains the show’s title, Ripple Effect.There’s a calm, almost soothing palette to the entire gallery, and all artists evidence a great sense of color. In its exclusive focus on monoprints (unique works on paper that are made…

From invention to the ordinary: Five decades of photography by Rose Marasco

Being given a retrospective, one year after retirement from a long teaching career, could be perceived as slightly morbid or as auspicious. Does it mark an end or a new beginning? I am convinced that “Rose Marasco: index” at the Portland Museum of Art does the latter.The exhibition’s title indicates one aspect of photography Marasco has grappled with for decades. The indexical nature of photography started to be questioned just when Marasco’s artistic values were…

It all adds up: Michel Droge’s ‘Tiny Catastrophes’ matter

In German we have a saying, “Kleinvieh macht auch Mist,” or, “Small animals also produce manure." What it basically means is that lots of little things do add up to something bigger. Admittedly, it’s not a very propitious comparison, but one could say the same about Michel Droge’s “Tiny Catastrophes” at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery.

Hofmann cartoons

About this week's cartoon spreadWe commissioned a three-page cartoon this week from Portland-based comedian and visual artist, Tim Hofmann, someone we discovered in our March cover art contest.
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Past and present perspectives: Contemporary photographers click with historical processes

What does it say about contemporary culture that a significant number of photographers look backward, using historical processes to create their work? These processes risk failure, require manual labor, and, not least, time and patience. Nostalgia alone cannot account for this resurgence; the urge to experiment is behind too many practitioners’ interest.

Nothing is what it seems: Karen Kraven’s inquiries into deception

If anybody needed a reminder how much our uber-determined and agenda-driven world revolves around inauthenticity, falseness and spin, visiting Karen Kraven’s “Razzle Dazzle Sis Boom Bah” at MECA’s ICA would be a good start. The installation is spare in objects but is packed with intellectual power, wit and mind-teasing possibilities.

About the Portland Phoenix cover art contest

We asked Portland artists to submit images for the cover of this issue to hit the streets pre-Art Walk. And they complied — more than 25 artists submitted work, which gave us quite the challenge in terms of choosing our five pages' worth. Thanks to all the artists who submitted, but who won't see their pieces here — we luv u all. Take a look at some of Portland's best, y'all.

Art of Africa: Role of women examined in exhibit, immersion dinner

It’s a woman’s world at the Museum of African Culture, which opens a new exhibit for the March First Friday Art Walk.“The Role of Women in African Society” opens Friday, March 6, with a “participatory edible culinary immersion dinner” on Sunday, March 15, at 3 p.m.The museum, located on Brown Street in Portland, plans to celebrate the contributions of African women through art, meals, artifacts and lectures, says Oscar Mokeme, founder and executive director.

Past futures: Sci-fi meets the politics of otherness at new Bowdoin art show

A new exhibit at Bowdoin College Museum of Art offers a multifaceted look into the intersection of science fiction and post-Cold War cultural consciousness amongst Latin American artists.Curated by Sarah J. Montross, Andrew W. Mellon post-doctoral curatorial fellow, Past Futures: Science Fiction, Space Travel, and Postwar of the Americas, opens March 5. Perhaps the most appealing theme to sci-fi fans or to armchair art historians will be the invocation of “icons of the Space Race”:…
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