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Lorem Ipsum takes on two Churchill plays

We’ve grown rather fond of the anti-hero: the Don Drapers and the Piper Chapmans of our fictional worlds. We love them for their shortcomings, and even when they take it one step too far, it’s often hard not to admire them for it. So when Mariah Bergeron’s Marion snakes her way to the top of the London real estate scene in Caryl Churchill’s Owners, breaking and stealing any heart that gets in her way, it’s…

A 10-year-old weighs in on 'A Christmas Story: The Musical'

Every creative idea has a worst-case audience. Like, you are about to get rich off your Grumpy Cat knockoff video, but your first showing coincides with an ASPCA feline awareness campaign against exploiting animals for Internet profit. Or your new cutting-edge mixology documentary gets reviewed by a New Yorker freelance hack fresh out of rehab — stuff like that.
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