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Pets (89)

What a circus! Acro-cats is coming to town

This Saturday the circus is coming to town — the cat circus, that is. Acro-cats is a Chicago-based troupe of 14 cats and three foster kittens, which travels the country in a bus whose hood is painted to resemble a large kitten, proving to sold-out crowds that, yes, cats can be trained. Sort of.

A wider work leash: Dogs in offices can boost productivity, longevity

What do Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon, ClifBar and the Portland Downtown District have in common? They all let employees bring dogs to work.(Full disclosure, the Phoenix is a dog-friendly office. How would we get a newspaper out without Ina's enthusiastic wagging while staring, encouraging us at every moment to produce a fantastic lead, multi-issue contract and/or biscuit?)

How to buy better pet food for the same price

In a buy-local farm-to-table foodie town like Portland, it’s only natural to question what is in those kibbles and cans we are feeding our pets.For the shop local crowd, stores like Fish & Bone and The Dog Wash sell a variety of high quality pet food. But what, really, is the difference?
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