SexyTime not so sexy: examining Straubel’s whole

This is going to sound weird, but hear me out: I find all the holes, every last one, very sexy. Wait. Let me reframe this. New to Portland, I’ve been spending a lot of time drinking beer at Ruski’s, alone, and recently read The Portland Phoenix and Emily Straubel’s relationship column, SexyTime, because, well, I’m alone and drinking. So I was reading “The Dating Mantra For People Who Deserve Better.” If you missed it, Straubel…

Kids: French tales and witchy travails

Songs & Stories en FrançaisThe Sam L. Cohen Children’s Library (inside the Portland Public Library) is offering a weekly story time in French, led by Marie-Gaëlle Casset-Ford, the director and teacher at La Petite Ecole, Portland’s only French preschool. Children will be led in stories, songs and activities, a fun half hour of hands-on experience.

Celestial myths and fantasy fun

Celestial mythology for teensIf your middle- or high-schooler is a star-gazer, consider enrolling them in Celestial Mythology for Middle and High Schoolers, a four-week course covering 50 constellations in all four seasons.

Tales and clay

Play Me A Story Portland Stage Company, 25a Forest Ave., Portland | Nov. 14, 10:30am-noon |

Yoga, improv and helping out

Spiral Tree introduces yoga to youngsters, parents at PPLTeachers from Spiral Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio will be introducing yoga to children and parents through simple movement, breathing, songs, stories and music on the third Saturday of each month at the Portland Public Library.The recommended age for kids is 2-6 years old. Let Spiral Tree’s programs promote the connection between the body, mind and heart, within your family and with the world around us.
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