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Urban Conditional: Planning that drives run-off

Just when I thought that I couldn’t hate sprawl any more ...Urban sprawl —strip development, subdivisions and highways — has long been seen as an anti-urban mode of planning which slowly subsumes a larger and larger radius in more and more concrete and asphalt. The more we drive, the more asphalt, the more emissions are sent into the air affecting climate change.

A legacy of weirdness: How ‘Weird Al’ helped shape me as a person

When I was 16 years old, I saw “Weird Al” Yankovic live during his “Running With Scissors” tour. Now 16 years later, I’ve seen him again, but I also got to do something my teenage self only dreamed of: I had a 15-minute phone interview with him (which appeared in the July 23 Portland Phoenix, “‘Weird Al’ on the write”) and met him after the concert. I exploited my powers as a journalist, but for…

Service and support animals in Maine

People who have mental issues, the law has found, are disabled to an extent comparable with those who have physical disabilities, and animals can assist those in either group in many ways. But what is the difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal?
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