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Tandem Coffee Buys Sugarbird Food Truck Tandem Coffee Buys Sugarbird Food Truck

 Another week of fall has passed us by as we get closer and closer to winter's chills. But in the world of food, things are heating up: El Corazon goes viral, The Honey Paw receives accolades for their play on the classic poke, Maine’s best hot dog is served in a park in Portland and new restaurants are opening in Portland and nearby Westbrook. Get ready for another tasty update on Portland's culinary scene.


El Corazon’s Bad Hombre Burrito Goes Viral

Anyone who watched the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump knows that it was basically an intense, sometimes cringy, circus of words and insults. But from the awkward tension of the debate, a new meme was born, and El Corazon has gone viral by taking advantage of it. During the debate, Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as “bad hombres” which promptly started the beginning of a meme about women with bad hombres. El Corazon put up a special on their Facebook page on Friday, October 20th called the Bad Hombre burrito, which TMZ picked up and put on their website. The Bad Hombre features carnitas, asada, grilled onions, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream, beans, cheese, rice and extra hot salsa. It's truly a burrito that’s not for thin-skinned, heat-intolerant, Trumpians.

honey paw kimchi pork belly noodles.jpg

Kimchi noodles at The Honey Paw


Food Network Loves Poke At The Honey Paw

Love for Portland’s esteemed restaurant, The Honey Paw, never seems to stop. Last week, The Food Network gathered a list of the best places in the country to try the Hawaiian classic, poke. Poke is usually a fish salad, that is served with fresh and bright ingredients that are intended to bring out the flavor of the fish being served. The Honey Paw’s poke is a rotating fish selection, depending on what is available, but could be scallop or hamachi that's paired with a melon salad featuring seaweed, cucumbers, and scallions that’s tossed in a local dressing and topped with crunchy nori rice crackers. For a good, authentic Hawaiian poke, tourists and locals alike don’t have to venture far.


Maine’s Best Hot Dog Served At Mark’s Hot Dogs In Portland

The lowly hot dog has been elevated by First We Feast in a list that compiled the best hot dogs in each state. In Maine, the winner is Mark’s Hot Dogs, a hot dog cart that has been in business for over 30 years and can be found at Fox Park, near the Nickelodeon Theatre, day in and day out. No matter what the weather, Mark’s Hot Dogs will be there, serving the Maine's classic Red Snapper hot dog. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, or on the go snack, the hot dog is often a classicaly good choice.


Tandem Coffee Buys Sugarbird Food Truck

Local favorite Tandem Coffee has purchased the Sugarbird coffee truck, according to the Portland Food Map. Plans for the truck include rebuilding it and using it for catering and other local events. In addition to their highly-lauded coffee, Tandem's baker Briana Holt may develop new pastries and baked goods that will only be available to purchase from the truck. Founder of Sugarbird Coffee, Justin DeWalt, has taken a new position as the director of wine sales at Rockland’s Chartrand Imports.


2 New Restaurants Coming To Portland & Westbrook

Get ready for Mini Mogadishu and Big Fin Poke joining southern Maine's food scene. The Portland Food Map writes that Mini Mogadishu will be a Somalian restaurant, opening on Woodfords Corner next to Merrill’s Seafood in Portland. The restaurant is still under construction, but will be featured at Fork Food Lab on November 2nd during their Taste The World event, giving curious foodies an opportunity to take their menu out for a spin. Big Fin Poke will be opening in nearby Westbrook, taking over the space that was previously the home of The Dancing Elephant on Main Street. This new opening adds another much-needed restaurant option to downtown Westbrook.

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