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Fall is almost over! Let’s face it, by now the heaters and heavy blankets have come out. This liminal space between the seasons also beckons the beginnings of new restaurants popping up all over southern Maine. Changes are abounding. This week, tipping is being eliminated at Bao Bao Dumpling House and Tao Yuan in Brunswick, Livingly says the best brunch in Maine is at Local 188, and The Holy Donut has decided to expand to Scarborough to keep up with their overwhelming demand. It’s time to catch up on Maine’s most pressing food news.


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Chicken Liver Mousse at Local 188


Best Brunch In Maine: According To Livingly, Local 188

There are probably close to a thousand different places to get brunch in Portland, let alone in the whole state of Maine. When it comes to brunch, favorites like Central Provisions and Hot Suppa usually dominate the list. But according to the website Livingly, Local 188 has the best brunch in Maine. They recommend their huevos rancheros or the breakfast paella, along with the ambient atmosphere and comfy, oversized chairs. On a Sunday when the line is out the door at Hot Suppa just down the street, Local 188 is always another great option for satisfying a brunch-time appetite.


America’s Best Bagel May Be In Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston doesn’t usually come to mind when thinking of fine dining. Of course, there’s Fuel, which is a diamond in the rough, but beyond that, most people assume that’s where it ends. However, there’s a hidden gem hiding some of the best bagels in America, according to Saveur. At Forage Market, chewy and dense handmade bagels can be found, rivaling some of the most well-known bagels in New York. What makes these different? A “goosebumped crust” that are shattered into layers, deep backed and full of flavor. The difference is how the bagels are baked in the wood-fired brick oven, and the fermenting dough is left to sit for two days before baking, ensuring a deeper flavor. Just 400 bagels are made per day, making this a must stop in Lewiston.


The Chai Donut at The Holy Donut


The Holy Donut Expanding To Scarborough

Portland’s most delectable potato donuts are expanding to Scarborough. Kathleen Pierce of the Bangor Daily News reports that The Holy Donut has plans to open a new facility in the old Tim Hortons location in Scarborough. With extreme popularity has also come heightened demands for these one of a kind donuts. The new Scarborough location, which will open in March, will finally give owner Leigh Kellis a proper location for “dough and glaze production.” The new Scarborough location also features a drive-thru, which will serve espresso drinks and lattes from Coffee by Design.


South Portland Bar & Grill Closes Its Doors

A surprise move resulted in South Portland Bar & Grill closing its doors for good at the beginning of October, writes WGME. Employees were not informed ahead of time, and instead found out about the restaurant’s closing at the same time as the customers. A new restaurant has been slated to replace the South Portland Bar & Grill, but it has not been revealed which restaurant it will be.


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Bao Bao Dumpling House & Tao Yuan Eliminating Tipping

Following in the steps of Portland’s Baristas and Bites, owner Cara Stadler of Bao Bao Dumpling House and Tao Yuan in Brunswick has announced plans for eliminating tipping at both establishments starting December 1st. By eliminating tipping, Stadler will be able to pay servers a starting wage of $15-16 an hour, which is significantly higher than the average wage most servers are currently making. Some people in the community are in favor of the new arrangement, but others, including some former servers, are against the controversial move. All bills at Bao Bao and Tao Yuan will eliminate the line for tipping on the bill, instead adding an 18% charge to the bill to cover the increased wages.


Taco Trio Announces Indefinite Closures

On Friday, October 28th the Portland Press Herald published an article announcing that popular local taco purveyor Taco Trio will be closing both their South Portland and new Portland locations indefinitely. There are rumors that they hope to be reopened by January, due to a family illness. The closures will begin on November 2nd.

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