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Cocktails at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club Cocktails at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

Well, folks, November is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing: winter is really almost here. Ignore some of the out of season 60 degree days we enjoyed at the beginning of the month, and remember what really counts. Not only is Thanksgiving almost upon us, but restaurants are in the midst of opening all around us. This week, owners of the immensely popular Portland Hunt & Alpine Club have bought a space for a new restaurant in the West End, construction is now under way in Scarborough for Nonesuch River Brewery, and Rossobianco has unexpectedly closed, joining the ranks of Taco Trio for other unexpected closings this month. Shall we begin?


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Cocktails at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club


Owners Of Portland Hunt & Alpine Club Buy Space For New Restaurant & Store

With all the food news going around, this has to be the one that stopped people in their tracks this week. With no warning, owners Briana and Andrew Volk have announced that they bought the space for 211 Danforth Street to open a bar, restaurant and store. West Enders won’t have to wait long for the still unnamed space, since they plan to have their new space open by the beginning of 2017. The new spot joins the ranks of a pretty popular but low key area, including eatery Outliers, dive bar Ruski’s and breakfast sandwich destination central, Oh No Cafe.



Construction Now Under Way For Nonesuch River Brewery In Scarborough

Nearby Scarborough has jumped on the craft beer train whizzing around Maine as construction began for Nonesuch River Brewery earlier this month. Owners reportedly hope to have the new brewery open by summer of 2017, according to Portland Food Map.


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Tagliatelle a la Bolognese at Rossobianco


Rossobianco Is Temporarily Closed

November continues to be the month that breaks hearts. Earlier this month, it was reported that Taco Trio is closing both of their locations temporarily, with hopes to be reopened by the beginning of next year. And now, word has come via the Portland Food Map that Rossobianco has also temporarily closed, with plans to reopen soon. Cryptically worded, the author writes that “key staff have moved on”, suggesting that Rossobianco may be suffering from growing pains, despite being a hot new restaurant according to Eater (as of October) and food lovers in the Portland area. There is no word yet on when Rossobianco plans to reopen.



Tin Pan Bakery Under Construction On Brighton Ave

As new restaurants continue to open and (temporarily) close, a new bakery is coming to town in Portland. Tin Pan Bakery, located on Brighton Ave, recently began construction. Owner Elise Rich is the founder of Cream and Sugar, and the author of the cookbook, Always in Season about farmer’s market recipes. An opening date has yet to be confirmed.


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Lobster Rolls at Bite Into Maine


Bite Into Maine Mentioned in The Budget Minded Traveler

Even in the off season, Bite Into Maine gets mentioned. This time, they’ve been named a must stop on a full tour of Maine written by The Budget Minded Traveler. Beautiful views, along with the killer lobster rolls to choose from, make it a no brainer to try out while in Maine. Sadly, Bite Into Maine has closed for the season, and will be back at Fort Williams Park in May of 2017. Until then, the photo accompanying this will just have to do for those random, winter lobster roll cravings.

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