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Lobster Diavolo at Street & Co. Lobster Diavolo at Street & Co.

Welcome readers, to another exciting edition of Bite Sized Food News! This week, we creep closer and closer to Thanksgiving, one of the biggest celebrations of food. Several restaurants are gearing up to open before the New Year, including Big Poke in Westbrook, Izakaya Minato in Portland, and Otherside Delicatessen with a second location in the West End. Another foodie city, Austin, Texas has reviewed Portland’s food scene, and meanwhile, the Little Jamaican food cart is finally upgrading to a food truck. Let’s jump right in!


Maine Shrimp Still Closed For Fisherman In 2017

Sad news for Maine shrimp lovers: interstate fishery managers have voted to continue the shrimp moratorium into 2017, meaning Maine shrimp will not be available on the market. The Portland Press Herald reported that Maine shrimp have had a higher amount of shrimp approved for research purposes. This means that more shrimp will be available to the public but only in very limited batches throughout the season. Shrimp is extremely popular throughout Maine and other Northeastern states, which increases the demand. Maine shrimp may be opened back up for fishing in the next two years, when the 2013 fish have matured enough and are spawning.


American Journal Provides Update About Big Poke

A love for seafood and all things sushi leads to anticipation over the  December opening of Big Fin Poke on Main Street in Westbrook, as reported in an update by American Journal. Big Fin Poke will be the only poke restaurant in the entire state, making it a one of a kind Maine destination. Poke has quickly become a favorite in food communities all across the country, including in California. Big Fin Poke will serve fresh, sushi grade ingredients, similar to the format of Chipotle’s popular burrito bowl format. Big Fin Poke is sure to be a welcome addition to the burgeoning Westbrook food scene once it opens next month.



Second Location For Otherside Delicatessen Coming To West End

There’s another reason to visit the West End: a second location for the Otherside Delicatessen is being planned for the former Vaughan Street Variety spot, writes Portland Food Map. Vaughan Street closed earlier in the year, where it was known for being a spot for sandwiches and soup near Maine Medical hospital. The owner of Otherside Delicatessen, Pete Sueltenfuss, plans to open this second location for Otherside by January 2017. The Vaughan Street shop will reportedly be a combination butcher shop and deli selling sandwiches, similar to the original Otherside Delicatessen, which is located on Veranda Street in outer Portland.



Izakaya Minato Reportedly Opening This December

Long awaited Izaka Minato will reportedly be opening this December, reports Portland Food Map. The owners have applied for a liquor license, and are working on construction for the space. According to the countdown on Izakaya’s website, they plan to be open on December 13th. Izakaya Minato will be joining an incredibly robust food area, with favorites like Roustabout, Drifters Wife, Silly’s and Maine Mead Works right around the corner.



Little Jamaica Food Cart Upgrading To Food Truck This Spring

In the industry, it’s hard to be a functioning and successful food cart in Portland. One of Portland’s most well-known food carts, Little Jamaica- Portland’s Island Flava, has announced via their Facebook page that they have bought a food truck and will be open to the public by this spring. Little Jamaica can often be found at community events all over Portland, First Fridays, and at Congress Square Park when the weather is warmer. No word on a date of rollout yet, but the owners of the new food truck are looking for help in deciding on a name for their new beauty.


fore street dessert.jpg

Dessert at Fore Street’s bar


Austin American Statesman Reviews Portland’s Food Scene

In the Austin American Statesman, Portland’s food scene gets the critical treatment. Pretty much every restaurant in Portland that’s revered or well known gets a mention, from oysters at Eventide, artisanal hyper-local fare at Vinland, elegant small plates at Central Provisions, seafood at Fore Street and Scales, craft beer at Allagash, and beautiful dishes that pair perfectly with natural wines at Drifter’s Wife. The outer Portland area gets attention as well, particularly the lobster rolls at Bite Into Maine at Fort Williams Park. All in all, Portland is described as not “the other Portland” but a city to visit all for itself, despite its small size.


bread and butter central provisions.jpg

Bread and Butter at Central Provisions brunch


lobster diavolo street & co.jpg

Lobster Diavolo at Street & Co

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