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Miyake’s Bento Box Miyake’s Bento Box

Loving food is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. In Portland, the holidays are coming, but more importantly, new restaurants are opening. The recently opened Bamboo Bistro in Westbrook, Pho & Co. in Portland’s Public Market and Barista’s & Bites in Westbrook are all new players in the food game. In addition to these newly opened spots, Portland’s fantastic restaurant scene gets recognition from Spoon University, Eater and Edible Manhattan. Want to find out more? Just keep reading!

Spoon University Gathers Up Portland’s 13 Best Restaurants

The number 13 may be considered unlucky to some, but not Spoon University which has compiled a list of Portland’s 13 best restaurants. Restaurants named include The Holy Donut, Becky’s Diner for comfort food, Street & Co. for seafood guaranteed to charm any and all tourists, and Silly’s for wacky cuisine, among many others.

eventide brown butter lobster roll.jpg

Eventide’s Brown Butter Lobster Roll

Eventide Achieves Hall of Fame Status on Eater Best Restaurant List

Tired of hearing about Eventide Oyster Co? Turn the page, because they’ve achieved hall of fame status on Eater’s best restaurant list, compiled each year to showcase their top restaurant picks in the country. Restaurants are inducted into the hall of fame when they’ve made it on Eater’s Best Restaurant list 3 years in a row. Eventide makes the list for their consistently delicious oysters, along with other surprises like dashi chowder and green curry lobster stew. No matter what season, locals and tourists agree: Eventide is one of many culinary gems of Portland.

bamboo bistro beef pho.JPG

Beef Pho at newly opened Bamboo Bistro

Bamboo Bistro Opens In Westbrook

Those in Westbrook have one more culinary option to choose from: Bamboo Bistro on Cumberland Street. Bamboo Bistro recently opened, with a focus on Thai and classic Southeastern Asian cuisine. I recommend those working downtown to pop in for lunch and try their beef pho with crab rangoons. 

Maine Craft Distilling Moving To Larger Space On Washington Ave

Beer lovers rejoice because Maine Craft Distilling is moving into a larger space on Washington Ave, according to the Portland Food Map. Their new space will include a tasting room and distillery, with more room for socializing and drinking. With the new space comes a liquor license, allowing them to serve full cocktails, not just their own spirits. Maine Craft Distilling hopes to be open by early summer, just in time for tourist season.

Pho Co. Open At The Public Market

December is cold, and it’s only going to get colder as winter progresses. Luckily, the new Pho Co. is now open for business at Portland’s Public Market. When noodle soup is on your mind and Kamasouptra gets a little dull, the new Pho Co. could be a great option to try. With pho, pork buns, and ca phe (Viet coffee) there are plenty of options to get warm, inside and out. Check them out on the second floor of the Public Market!

Baristas & Bites Is Now Open

The holidays are a great time to indulge, especially for those with a sweet tooth. The already controversial (they’ve eliminated tipping to pay their servers a living wage instead) Barista & Bites is now open on Fore Street. They are serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as baked goods around the clock. For those with food sensitivities, many of their options are gluten free and vegan-friendly, making Baristas & Bites accessible to just about anyone who stops by in Portland.

Jager Is Now Under Construction & Has Applied For Liquor License

As previously reported by the Portland Food Map, Jager is now under construction on Wharf Street and has applied for a liquor license. No word yet on when Jager is opening, but they’ll be in good company: the extremely popular craft beer bar Mash Tun will be expanding and are expected to be open by early 2017.

miyake bento box.jpg

Miyake’s Bento Box

Edible Manhattan Noshes In Downtown Portland

Even New Yorkers can’t stop talking about Portland, as evidenced by a recent article in Edible Manhattan about where to eat in downtown Portland. Though the article is about where to eat in Portland, it’s clear that Edible Manhattan is taken by Portland’s culinary charm, referenced as a “marriage of old school and new." Some of their must-trys include Eventide for oysters and traditional New England comfort food, The Honey Paw for fusion fare that delights the palate, Miyake for sashimi and duck breast, Paciarino for classic Italian, and The Holy Donut for their delectable classic, the Maine potato donut.

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