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Peers, partnership and progress: This Friday’s New England Craft Brew Summit

This Friday a large contingent of some of the biggest names in New England brewing will converge on the Abromoson Center at University of Southern Maine’s Portland Campus for the New England Craft Brew Summit. The proliferation of consumer-facing beer festivals has been by turns a boon and a frustration for the industry over the last few years, but this is not a beer festival. Think of it more as a B2B industry conference. It’s…

Fernet frontrunner: Liquid Riot taps into metro drinking-Renaissance trend

The folks at Liquid Riot Bottling Co. are making history: they’ve produced the first fernet in the state. If you’re not familiar with fernet, it’s an Italian type of amaro liquor, commonly used as a digestive and described as bitter and herbal. Liquid Riot’s Fernet Michaud, however, goes down smoothly. You can easily taste notes of many of the 22 herbs and botanicals used to create it, most notably in the minty finish. It’s also…

Food-movement offshoot: Natural wine bar puts Portland on cutting edge

With one-year-old Washington Avenue retail shop Maine & Loire a certified success and a bar called Drifter’s Wife under development in the front of the same space, business and life partners Orenda and Peter Hale are thrusting Maine to the forefront of the natural wine movement. “There’s definitely something afoot,” says Peter. Though it gets a lot of attention from high-end publications, natural wine is mostly only popular in “tiny pockets within larger markets” like…

An Ale by Any Other NameThe Arbitrary Nature of “New Beer Styles”

I drank a beer last week called Cult Rider from Ohio’s Hoof Hearted Brewing. The beer is labelled as an imperial black IPA. It’s excellent: a beer that smacks you in the mouth but also has a ton of depth and which cuts a very long and slow track across the palate. But it’s not an imperial black IPA, it’s a super hoppy imperial stout, or maybe it isn’t.

Holiday beers that don't suck

The holidays are here again, and with them, the trials of interacting with family members, the massive lines at the post office and the spunky drone of holiday-themed muzak everywhere you turn. Give thanks that holiday beers are here to help! In the age of religious and cultural pluralism, the notion of a “holiday beer” is a cloudy one. Is it a beer laced with frankincense? With schmaltz? With ghee? Last year, I picked a…
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