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Greetings food lovers, and welcome to the month of love, AKA February. This week, Otherside Delicatessen’s new West End location has finally opened, as well as Izakaya Minato on Washington Ave. Standard Baking Co. has been named one of the best purveyors of croissants in the country by Food & Wine, Korean food is coming back to Portland, and ice cream is now available for delivery via text message. Learn all about it in this edition of Bite-Sized Food News.


Otherside Delicatessen West End Location Now Open

West Enders in Portland now have another option for their deli and butcher needs. Otherside Delicatessen’s West End location is now open in the former space occupied by Vaughan Street. Though it’s hard to recreate amazing soups and sandwiches like those at Vaughan Street, Otherside Delicatessen is well-loved by its patrons at its original East Deering location. Expect deli sandwiches, quality cuts of meat, and a great neighborhood gathering spot.

164 Veranda St. | Mon-Fri 8 am-7 pm; Sat-Sun 8 am-6 pm


ramen suzukiya.JPG

Ramen from Nearby Ramen Suzukiya in East Bayside.


New Japanese Restaurant Izakaya Minato Opens On Washington Ave.

Portland's up-and-coming Washington Ave. neighborhood recently opened a new restaurant. Izakaya Minato, a Japanese restaurant, seats 36 and is serving traditional Japanese fare such as udon noodles, Japanese fried chicken, and fried rice balls. Izakaya Minato joins other favorites of the East Bayside neighborhood including Maine Mead Works, Silly’s, Terlingua, Ramen Suzukiya and Tu Casa.

54 Washington Ave. | Mon-Thu 5 pm-10 pm; Fri-Sat 5 pm-11 pm


terlingua pulled pork benedict close up.jpg

Pulled Pork Benedict from Terlingua, located next door to Izakaya Minato.


Standard Baking Co. Named One Of The Best Croissants By Food & Wine

Love Standard Baking for their delectable and flaky croissants? It's not just you, because Food & Wine has named them one of the best croissants in the country. What makes these croissants so special? A recipe including 83 percent European-style butterfat and croissants that are rolled by hand, each and every day, and unique flavors like the prosciutto and asiago (a ham and cheese) and the classic pain au chocolat.

75 Commercial St. | Mon-Fri 7 am-6 pm; Sat-Sun 7 am-5 pm


Korean Restaurant YOBO Scheduled To Open This Spring

When one restaurant closes, it's usually just a matter of time before a new one opens. In this case, Portland’s Bibo’s Madd Apple Cafe closed on January first after one last New Year's Eve celebration. Lovers of Korean cuisine will rejoice, as Portland Food Map reports that it will be the new home of YOBO, a Korean restaurant. YOBO will serve comfort food cuisine, as well as local wines. The new space is expected to open this spring.

23 Forest Ave. | Hours TBD


Ice Cream Is Now Available By Text Message

If ice cream being delivered by boat on hot days seemed outlandish, ice cream that's available via text message just seems out of this world. Rosana’s Ice Cream — named after that Toto song — does just that. If you live in the downtown Portland region, Cape Elizabeth, or Falmouth, text 207-450-3259 and one of Rosana’s Ice Cream 30 flavors can be delivered to your door. Delivery takes about 15 minutes to an hour, depending on where you're located. Each batch is part of three to six pints, which are prepared at the new Fork Food Labs in Portland. Have a flavor that needs to be created? Owner Salli Wason is incredibly passionate about her ice cream and takes suggestions on flavors and new creations on social media.

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