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Martian landscape: Five of the Eyes channels Mars Volta in self-produced debut

Five of the Eyes are one of the newest “rawk” bands in Portland to hit the scene: They’re direct, straightforward and unabashed in the way they just love to “rawk.” This isn’t to say their music is boneheaded, no, nor is it too simple. It’s just that their big, loud music is clearly and happily indebted to the classics, unpretentious and altogether unconcerned with being hip. It’s a refreshing vibe in a city that can…

Gonzo, but not forgotten

Our best friends make our best ghosts. But being haunted by Hunter S. Thompson can offer a few challenges, especially with this Friday marking the 10-year milestone of his death by suicide.

Crewe’s $3 million gift brings music-art studies front and center at MECA

Robert Crewe wanted to leave a legacy. The songwriter, dancer, singer and record producer has done just that, with a $3 million gift to the Maine College of Art that will allow the school to offer courses exploring the intersection between music and art.Crewe died last September, but he already had a memorandum of understanding in place with Don Tuski, MECA president.

Eulogy for a blue-collar tavern

Let's get something clear, Sangillo's Tavern did not shut down because of poor management or unruly patrons.Sangillo's shut down because the Portland Police Department wanted it so, and the Portland City Council did not have enough members with the backbone to stand up to them.In the April 7, 2014 hearing at City Hall, the council held the power to renew or deny the blue-collar establishment's liquor license, and they voted 5-4 in favor of denial.

Mystical visions Ziggurat one-act plays plumb the depths of mystery, physicality

An intersection of science and mysticism, and the complexity of the human condition each tries to explain, are at the heart of the Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble’s newest offering, a pairing of one-acts: the crypto-medical case-study Patient Q; and The Puzzle Box, a “melodrama” about a young woman, told entirely by gesture, inflection and an imaginary language. Both pieces are staged on the beautiful wood floor of Mayo Street Arts — rather than on the stage…

The Sun Parade rides into Portland fresh off ‘Heart’s Out’ debut

The Sun Parade plays Portland Wednesday, Feb 18, at a residentialvenue that looks a lot like a well-kept frat house. The Northampton-based band is hot off the video premiere of “Heart’s Out,” the title track from the new album of “love collisions, the casual sandwich obsession, and psychedelic, basement guitar licks,” according to Christopher Marlon Jennings, lead singer. Last Friday night, at the Parlor Room in Northampton, the band held a viewing party of the…

Roller derby ‘elite’ alternative emerges

When Amy Martin walks into Roller World these days, it’s a bittersweet experience. The Topsham rink was the birthplace of Maine’s modern roller derby scene back in 2006 when 20 women laced up their skates, strapped on some pads and got down to forming what would become Maine Roller Derby.Since those first practice sessions at Roller World back in 2006, Maine Roller Derby has grown into a league encompassing four teams, joined the Women’s Flat…

Analysis: The Tenant Coalition lacks organization

As a lawyer specializing in landlord/tenant issues, Regan Sweeney thought he could be of use to the recently formed Portland Tenant Coalition.But when he arrived at the the group’s second meeting last week in the basement of City Hall, he was met with a cold reception from organizers.At issue was the fact that Sweeney himself is a landlord as of two months ago, when he moved to Portland from the Washington, D.C. area and purchased…
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