Letters to the Editor (66)

Letters, Feb. 18

Tilted Kilt critics bring to mind Puritan or Sharia rules for women | Editor,(Re: “Is the Tilted Kilt ‘A Step Backwards’?” Feb. 4 Phoenix:)The Tilted Kilt is not “a step backwards.” Rather, it is the critics of the Tilted Kilt who want us to take a step backwards, to the Puritans of our Colonial era, whose rules for their women were something like a Protestant version of Islam's Sharia Law. Russell FrankGorham Gattine deserves praise…

Reader: Coverage by Phoenix clarified MacMillan’s role in mayoral election

Editor,(Re: “Poll positions: Who do you like for mayor, city council?” Oct. 22 Phoenix:)Thanks for clarifying the Mayor's race for me. I thought that MacMillan was a candidate, but your front page wised me up.Anyway, here's hoping that Ques. 1 (did that get airbrushed out of the ballot, too?) passes big time. Then you can become the SoPo Phoenix.

Protesters outside clinic could hurt patients, lead to horrible consequences

Editor,The recent article “Abortion Protests Resume as Battle Brews in D.C.” (Oct. 15 Phoenix) got me thinking, and I wanted to write a bit on the subject. I have strong feelings about abortion, and truly do believe it is legal for good reasons and needs to remain so, but regardless of the abortion debate, I find myself concerned daily for the folks who are likely suffering the most for these weekly protests.

Circumcision didn’t hamper my life; disfiguration of women, however, is an issue

Editor,(Regarding “Not so circumspect about circumcision,” Oct. 1 Phoenix:)As a 74-year-old Jew, I cannot remember my circumcision, but I can say it has not hampered my life. My genitals are intact, and if I may say, have served me very well from birth to current date.To say circumcision is related to autism is preposterous. If that is the case, I and many other Jewish males would be autistic. I say, "Bull crap." Why is it…

Finding meaning from grief: My plea to Portlanders this season

Editor,In response to overwhelming tragedy often comes widespread push for reform, as those in mourning search for resolution from grief. Just shy of the one year anniversary of the Portland fire that claimed the lives of six young people, loved ones of those who perished can — hopefully, breathe deeply knowing that a lesson has been learned here.

Based on data, how effective is the Portland Needle Exchange Program?

Editor,Re: Francis Flisiuk’s story “Addiction, Relapse and Overdose” in the Portland Phoenix Sept. 29.To many people the Preble Street Resource Center and the Portland Needle Exchange Program are off-limits to any criticism. Ask too many pointed questions about the way they run programs and they label you a “hater.” Because of that there are few people willing to take a hard look at both these organizations. Both operate with a low (no) barrier approach to…

Jaywalkers often can’t find crosswalks, and they hardly represent a ‘scourge’

Editor,I am responding to the article written by Chris Shorr titled, "Walking Back a Panhandling Ban" (columns, Sept. 17 Phoenix). I find it a huge and gross overstatement to call jaywalkers "the true scourge of our fair city." There are plenty of more detrimental and obvious offenses that happen in Portland everyday like physical assaults and robberies which I do think that the individuals committing those crimes are truly more in the "scourge" category then…


Brennan critique failed to show shortcomingsEditor:I have little patience with journalists who offer damning judgments of one candidate without a scintilla of evidence in support, and endorsement of another solely on the basis of others’ unexamined endorsements.Chris Shorr (“Changing the coaching roster at City Hall,” Aug. 26) acknowledges how difficult Mayor Brennan’s job is, presiding over a “roster of talentless, preening prima donnas,” yet faults “all his missteps and failings” without burdening his readers with…

Unity Lodge No. 3 moves to South Portland, updates facilities

Editor,Unity Lodge No. 3 opens its doors and steps into the future with a new lodge.Friendship, Love and Truth is what guides them. Helping others is what they do best.Unity Lodge No. 3 was established Feb. 9, 1877 has been helping others for over 138 years and hopes to be around for another 138 years with this new moved to S. Portland taking on a new look and feel. After moving to S. Portland they…
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