Letters to the Editor (68)

Al Diamon column brilliant, always worth a look, reader says

Editor,Al Diamon's columns are usually funny, almost always good, sometimes great, like his 2 July column on some Maine people's (mainly the ones in, and who dabble in, politics) addiction to bad ideas. He kept hitting the nail on the head, leaving no tern unstoned, as it were, pretty brilliant. When I pick up your paper, Al's column is the first thing I go to.

Natural gas doesn’t force removal of trees and boasts many benefits

Editor,(Regarding “Is renewable still doable? Natural gas is a fair weather friend for Maine’s renewable energy industries; yet one expert sees this fossil fuel as a critical ally for sustaining solar and wind power,” June 18 Phoenix): A false comparison for the most part.Natural gas is a fuel, is available 24/7, is largely weather proof; doesn't require permanent clear-cuts for expensive transmission lines that remove CO2 loving biomass – in effect making the problem worse,…

Bicyclist fed up with Portland’s direction in urban street planning

Editor,I have to say that the Portland initiative to get away from cars is an absolute joke. Coming from someone who rides his bike on the city streets, I am absolutely against any of the bike lanes and walkways that are dominating our streets and ruining how we get around.I grew up learning to obey traffic signs and always make sure that I am out of the way of traffic. That is absolutely not the…

Maine legislators should end puppy mills and kitten mills

Editor,It is time for Maine to stop supporting the puppy mills and kitten mills by buying pet shop pups and kittens. We all must use our voices to end this inhumane industry.LD No. 335, “An Act To Restrict The Sales Of Dogs And Cats In Pet Shops”: This bill will restrict a pet shop from selling dogs and cats obtained from the large scale breeding industry (aka puppy/kitten mills) with significant violations from the USDA.…

Letter's To The Editor

Portland artists should be featured more regularly in the PhoenixEditor,As a proud Portland resident, I am constantly overcome with Portland's local art, food, fundraising, etc. Portland is a place artists come to thrive and be recognized, and this is something that can be felt passionately in the community. I just learned that several of the comic artists featured in the Phoenix are not from Portland. Word on this is spreading in the community, and this…

Forest City for the trees: West End now part of tree-planting challenge

Editor:Over the years, neighbors have asked me what the city does for tree planting and tree replacement.The short answer is that, despite being called “The Forest City,” for many years Portland has had a very limited tree budget, with the only significant funding provided by federal funds targeted to low-income areas. And even those funds have been reduced in recent years.

Bizarro World: Cuba and Joanne Twomey revisited

Editor:Back when Kurt Vonnegut was alive and able to give us the benefit of his wisdom, he made an observation which I paraphrase: "The world is being run by my high school class." The shenanigans that we are witnessing these days on a world as well as a local scale makes his observation pretty tame. If it's okay with readers, I'll stick to only two of countless issues that exemplify my premise.

Owner: Minimum-wage increase in Portland would doom Mister Bagel

Editor,I am the owner of Mister Bagel on Forest Ave. I am getting increasingly upset over the talk and continued publication of the need for a minimum-wage increase in the city of Portland.Have any of the 100 people in your more recent article ever owned a business?Has anyone done an overall evaluation to show the impact on the bottom line of any business? Has anyone put together a profit and loss statement and then show…

Progressive caucus urges passage of budget

Editor:(This letter was sent to Maine’s congressional delegation.)Dear Sen. Collins, Sen. King, Rep. Pingree & Rep. Poliquin,We, your constituents, are writing to urge you to vote for the People’s Budget: A Raise For America, the FY 2016 alternative budget proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
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