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Martian landscape: Five of the Eyes channels Mars Volta in self-produced debut

Five of the Eyes are one of the newest “rawk” bands in Portland to hit the scene: They’re direct, straightforward and unabashed in the way they just love to “rawk.” This isn’t to say their music is boneheaded, no, nor is it too simple. It’s just that their big, loud music is clearly and happily indebted to the classics, unpretentious and altogether unconcerned with being hip. It’s a refreshing vibe in a city that can…

When will winter end? Ask a meteorologist

Portland will warm up for the weekend — everything being relative, warming up means this spurt of balmy weather will finally bring us up to freezing.For the last dozen or so days of February, every max has been below freezing, said James Brown, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray. (On Feb. 4 and 5, temperatures crept to 35 degrees and 34 degrees, respectively, preventing the month from being a subzero month across the…

Gonzo, but not forgotten

Our best friends make our best ghosts. But being haunted by Hunter S. Thompson can offer a few challenges, especially with this Friday marking the 10-year milestone of his death by suicide.

Maine Red Claws staying at the Portland Expo … for now

When the Maine Red Claws firmed up a proposed deal last week to stay at the Portland Expo in a lease that reaches all the way out to 2029, a few people must have been left scratching their heads.After all, wasn’t this the NBA Development League team that was planning to move into a new arena and practice facility at the high-profile Thompson's Point development?

Back to square one

Congress Square Park, revitalized with activities, may be waiting a while for a redesign
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Crewe’s $3 million gift brings music-art studies front and center at MECA

Robert Crewe wanted to leave a legacy. The songwriter, dancer, singer and record producer has done just that, with a $3 million gift to the Maine College of Art that will allow the school to offer courses exploring the intersection between music and art.Crewe died last September, but he already had a memorandum of understanding in place with Don Tuski, MECA president.

Eulogy for a blue-collar tavern

Let's get something clear, Sangillo's Tavern did not shut down because of poor management or unruly patrons.Sangillo's shut down because the Portland Police Department wanted it so, and the Portland City Council did not have enough members with the backbone to stand up to them.In the April 7, 2014 hearing at City Hall, the council held the power to renew or deny the blue-collar establishment's liquor license, and they voted 5-4 in favor of denial.
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