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Portland ‘friends’ the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage

It turns out that the city of Portland has friended the U.S. Supreme Court, offering a BFF argument in what could be the most significant political/judicial hurdle for same-sex marriage.The city filed an amicus curiae — or "friend of the court,” meaning someone who offers information on a case but is not a party to a case — argument that notes, among other issues, that same-sex married couples do not have the rights of a…
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Letters to the editor: About that Portland Art Gallery brouhaha

Editor: Attention Bob Keyes, Maine Today Media reporter, and David Carkhuff, Portland Phoenix reporter: Bob and David — you're not giving your readers the whole scene when you are writing about Portland's changing, shrinking art gallery scene (“How can art galleries stay afloat in Portland’s changing market?” Jan. 28 Phoenix; “New gallery draws competitors’ ire by charging artists for exposure,” Portland Press Herald, Dec. 7, 2014). I was disappointed not to be included in the…

BRACE YOURSELF: LePage's budget is coming: or, a ballad to the fledgling, liberal economist sleeping inside you all

Lest we remind you about Gov. Paul LePage's penchant for cooking up plans to lure big business to Maine, and to get rich people to stay here.Critics say the LePage budget will pass the costs of the lofty goal of business retention onto basically everybody else — low- and middle-income earners, small businesses, Maine municipalities and nonprofits: all under the guise of “tax cuts for all.”

Looking ahead to PortFringe, by the numbers

For a bunch of artsy types, organizers of the PortFringe festival sure use a lot of numbers when they talk about this year’s festival, which kicks off June 20.Like 58 acts and 116 individual performances over eight days.And like this from their PR materials: “A recent Americans for the Arts Economic Impact calculation estimated that our five-day 2013 festival generated about $150,000 of revenue for our city and business community. PortFringe demonstrates that there is…

Correcting corrections: Report gives Maine DOC a clean bill of health

Maine prisons continue to rely on the state's troubled Riverview Psychiatric Center to treat mentally ill prisoners and jail inmates, despite a report released last month indicating nothing problematic about how healthcare services are administered by the Maine Department of Corrections.The probe into prison healthcare was prompted last year, by a request filed last year on behalf of advocacy organizations including the ACLU of Maine and the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition. The non-profits urged the…

Martian landscape: Five of the Eyes channels Mars Volta in self-produced debut

Five of the Eyes are one of the newest “rawk” bands in Portland to hit the scene: They’re direct, straightforward and unabashed in the way they just love to “rawk.” This isn’t to say their music is boneheaded, no, nor is it too simple. It’s just that their big, loud music is clearly and happily indebted to the classics, unpretentious and altogether unconcerned with being hip. It’s a refreshing vibe in a city that can…
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