Work without workers

On Dec. 3 I drove up to Bowdoin College to take advantage of one of those perks that colleges and universities offer their communities: the screening of the film Sleep Dealer, followed by a discussion with its director Alex Rivera (in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that Alex and I went to Hampshire College together). The science fiction film is set in the not-too distant future in the border towns of Mexico.…

Portland's mayor wants the state to kick in more for USM

With no end to budget cuts in sight over at USM, Portland’s mayor has taken it upon himself to triage the ailing local institution.Mayor Michael Brennan is showing his support for the financially beleaguered University of Southern Maine with a proposal that would appropriate $2 million to help curbs falling enrollment and retain current students.

Some USM students are looking for a way out

As Portland’s “metropolitan” university continues to address its budget crisis with another round of cuts, some students are looking to distance themselves from the beleaguered institution.Allie Athearn enrolled at Husson University as a freshman but transferred to USM in her second year for what she thought would be a better, more widely-respected school.
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Stephen King’s supernatural 'Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County'

T Bone Burnett, John Mellencamp, and Stephen KingFew performances begin with a standing ovation, or have one of the artists responsible for that which is about to be witnessed, escorted to their seat moments before the story on stage unfolds. Stephen King’s Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County engaged an enthusiastic Merrill Auditorium audience last Thursday, which included the musical’s composer. John Mellencamp underscored the simple, yet extremely compelling story line offered by Maine icon Stephen…
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