City delays decision on minimum wage hike

Those on both sides of the debate to raise Portland’s minimum wage agree that it would make Portland an outlier. They just don’t agree as to whether that’s a good or bad thing.Last week the city’s council finance committee collected public comment on the proposal to raise the minimum wage within Portland to $9.50 an hour, with incremental increases in coming years. After two hours of testimony, the committee postponed a vote until an economic…
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New DIY space has first show, Lady Lamb releases new music video

Lady Lamb, we love youThere will always be a little corner of The Phoenix reserved for Aly Spaltro. The locally adored lyrical apiarist a/k/a Lady Lamb the Beekeeper last week posted a new lyric music video and announced a March 3 release date for her upcoming LP. Spaltro’s second full-length album After is put out by New York record label Mom+Pop (Andrew Bird, Sleigh Bells), who snatched up the Brunswick-bred singer-songwriter after her 2013 debut…

City streamlines outdoor concert approval

The long-awaited, oft-predicted new era of major outdoor music for the Portland area has taken another step forward: City staff, not elected officials, will be agreeing to Maine Pier events organized by the Waterfront Concerts promotion company next summer, a move the city hopes will allow the group to “more actively market the Maine State Pier as a viable option for artists looking for summer outdoor concerts in Maine.”

Work without workers

On Dec. 3 I drove up to Bowdoin College to take advantage of one of those perks that colleges and universities offer their communities: the screening of the film Sleep Dealer, followed by a discussion with its director Alex Rivera (in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that Alex and I went to Hampshire College together). The science fiction film is set in the not-too distant future in the border towns of Mexico.…

Portland's mayor wants the state to kick in more for USM

With no end to budget cuts in sight over at USM, Portland’s mayor has taken it upon himself to triage the ailing local institution.Mayor Michael Brennan is showing his support for the financially beleaguered University of Southern Maine with a proposal that would appropriate $2 million to help curbs falling enrollment and retain current students.

Some USM students are looking for a way out

As Portland’s “metropolitan” university continues to address its budget crisis with another round of cuts, some students are looking to distance themselves from the beleaguered institution.Allie Athearn enrolled at Husson University as a freshman but transferred to USM in her second year for what she thought would be a better, more widely-respected school.
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