Francis Flisiuk

Francis Flisiuk

8Days: Self defense, cosplay and punk aggression

8Days_Griz_102215THURSDAY, Oct. 22

PUMPKINS AND PINTS | So it begins, the week of Halloween-related events. If you’re like me you’ll probably be pairing your autumn activities with some seasonal beers like the Baxter Brewing companies’ Hayride Autumn Ale. It’s got a full-bodied bready flavor, but with subtle spiciness and a touch of sweetness. The spice is coming from a bit of ginger, black pepper and orange peel that complement the soft, sweetness of the base rye flavor. The Baxter Brewers responsible for this canned craft creation want you to come try their new fall flavor while you carve a pumpkin for a good cause. Your (potentially sloppy) hollowed-out monster face will be donated to the Parade of Jack O’ Lanterns at Wallingfords, a charity event benefiting the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. While we’re on the topic, Google image what the traditional Irish Jack O’ Lanterns looked like in the 1800s. There’s one in a museum in Dublin that’s carved out of a turnip and still haunts my nightmares. | FREE | 5-8:00pm | Baxter Brewing Co, 130 Mill St., Lewiston |

Whimsy worth gold: Gustafer Yellowgold stirs childlike wonder

local music_feat show_gustafer_102215Have you met Gustafer Yellowgold? He’s a small, bright yellow little creature that used to live on the Sun, but has since landed in the Minnesota woods and been getting himself in all sorts of absurd situations with his pet eel, well, at least in our imaginations. This cone-headed character is the bizarre, but whimsical creation of Morgan Taylor, a self-made, award-winning cartoonist and songwriter that pairs his psychedelic animated adventures with warm, heartfelt pop songs.

Ballet of horrors: Portland Ballet’s Three Tales By Poe defies expectations

theater_ballet poeFF1_101515Last week I went to a full costume dress rehearsal at the Portland Ballet company, for their season opener, Three Tales By Poe. It was the first time I ever visited the cozy, yet well equipped studio and stage space on Forest Avenue, but more importantly, it would also be the first time I saw any kind of ballet dance performance.

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8Days: An unusual spelling bee, and Modest Mouse at the Arena

8Days_dementia five_101515THURSDAY, Oct. 15

LETHAL FUNK | Schooled and influenced by the masters of improvised dance music, Kung Fu is a quintet from Connecticut that melds together old and new groovy sounds. They play the tenor sax, keyboards and bass guitars in ways that are reminiscent of The Headhunters, Weather Report and Frank Zappa. But they add some electro-jazz funk for a modern sharpness, that, paired with electronic elements make this “nu-sion” great to dance to. That’s Kung Fu’s goal. They play high energy, get on your feet, start clapping music. They’ve been hard touring since August, making millennials across the country discover a newfound appreciation for ’70s funk. Reviews for their live show describe the band’s set as “explosive,” “jaw dropping” and “musically mesmerizing.” There’s something hypnotic about Rob Somerville’s saxophone skills. Opening for this new-funk movement band, is Mister F, a high energy four-piece that also takes a no-holds-barred approach to mixing musical genres. This is surely a night of some unexpected and eclectic music. | $15 | 8:00pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland |

Memphis in the Port City: Hard-touring Lucero comes to Portland

One band that really embodies the old saying of “practice makes perfect,” is the country-punk rock group Lucero. They’ve been bringing their distinctly Memphis sound all over North America since 1998, all while keeping their original lineup, which is pretty impressive for bands in their genre.

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