Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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a sculpture from material harvested from the sea by Celeste Roberge

Art Seen: Celeste Roberge’s sophisticated art of the beach

Back in 1990 when I published “Maine Art Now,” I selected a Celeste Roberge sculpture for the cover in order to make the point...
a person on stage wears a white shirt over their head with their hand in the air

Maine’s fringe theater festival rolls on, opens June 1

The trees have leafed out, people have started jumping in the ocean, and PortFringe, Portland’s irrepressible and joyous summer performing arts festival, is about...



Al Diamon

Politics & Other Mistakes: Putting a label on No Labels

Guess who was among the earliest supporters of forming a Maine chapter of No Labels, a political party allegedly based on reforming government and...
Edgar Allen Beem

The Universal Notebook: All in the crime family

While I sincerely believe that Donald J. Trump is a criminal who should spend the rest of his life in prison, I am also...
Bre Kidman

Unpacking the Sausage: Flavortown vs. Big Tobacco

In theory, I quit smoking the day I found out I’d passed the bar exam. Having steadily increased my nicotine consumption over a period of...
Al Diamon

Politics & Other Mistakes: O Lieutenant! My Lieutenant!

O Lieutenant! My Lieutenant! Here are some things Maine doesn’t have: Alligators. Poisonous snakes. Paul LePage. Also, this state doesn’t have a lieutenant governor. Florida has all that stuff,...