Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Nick Lund

Into the Wild: Maine’s next official state wildlife

Our representatives in Augusta finally got around to doing something worthwhile this session: establishing an official state butterfly. The idea came from a classroom...
Mellie the dog wearing cone of shame

Leftovers: Mellie’s grand adventure

The elderly and infirm willingly speak of things they regret. Many say they regret not spending more time with loved ones, not exchanging grudges...



Al Diamon

Politics & Other Mistakes: The new Golden normal

Democratic 1st District U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree is not a normal person. If you analyzed her DNA, it would show distinct signs she’s a...

Editorial: The Phoenix says goodbye

It was easy to have a sense of optimism in the spring of 2019. It was a different time, when former Forecaster publisher Karen...
Edgar Allen Beem

The Universal Notebook: Maine slips south

Driving into Portland last week I was struck by how the traffic was clogging I-95 for no other reason than too many cars. When...
Bre Kidman

Unpacking the Sausage: Netflix sans chill

In a masochistic attempt to stay informed about current events, I was hate-listening to NPR on the way to work when I heard a...