Monday, September 27, 2021


Arts & Living

"Grounded" at The Theater of Monmouth

On Stage: ‘Grounded’ is superb, unsettling

The Pilot lives to fly and drop bombs on the desert. She has an emotional bond with her F-16, named Tiger. She feels transcendentally...
Truth Tellers by Robert Shetterly

Art Seen: Robert Shetterly tells the ‘Truth’

When I first met Robert Shetterly in the 1980s, he was drawing illustrations for the alternative weekly Maine Times. His illustrations, like his paintings...



Edgar Allen Beem

The Universal Notebook: Recycling myths and mistakes

Earlier this summer I gave a few relatives a tour of our fair town. They were amazed that we were still in Brunswick when...
Al Diamon

Politics & Other Mistakes: Gutter watch

Over the summer, some nasty stuff has accumulated in the political gutters. Let’s clean it out. Hypocrisy watch: In December 2019, Adrienne Bennett, then a...
Muntaha Mohamed

The Art of Healing: Abolition now

Long Creek Youth Development Center, Maine’s only youth prison, was almost closed earlier this year. But the bill was vetoed by Gov. Janet Mills...