Sly Chi swan song; Grateful Dead homages

THE SNAILS Sunday, 8:30pm at Space. THE SNAILS Sunday, 8:30pm at Space.


Infectious grooves from a Gang of Thieves | Expect high-energy performances out of the funky rock n’ roll outfit, Gang of Thieves and Lewiston’s reggae rock group A Mighty Lion. The lead singer and electric violinist for Gang of Thieves, Michael Reit told me that after welcoming a new drummer and spending three weeks on a Southern road tour, their sound has tightened up since the days of their release of the EP Mantra. Their blend of rock, blues and funk (with hints of pop) evokes memories of musical legends and will get stuck in your head. Creating a positive message and atmosphere is very important to us,” said Reit. “What people can expect from our show is lots of great energy, and universally fun music that makes audiences of all ages want to shake everything they got.” | $10 | 8:00pm | Portland House of Music and Events, 25 Temple St., Portland |


FRIDAY, March 4

A rare, five-hour art and sound experience | Because of the efforts of a collection of local artists, an immersive, soul-stirring, interactive sound experience arrives at SPACE Gallery. The show, titled Rare Birds of Pleasure, will feature Viva (Viva & The Reinforcements), Jackie Jones, Anomali (Psychic Pictionary), Nicole Chioma Mokeme (Freedom of The Art of Divine Living), Amandaconda and James Paul Cooper (Hi Tiger). “Come witness and take part in a forest bustling with human whims and habitual practices, find tender moments, and remember that we're all sensitive critters in this rapidly changing world,” writes SPACE Gallery on their webpage. This cryptic show sounds enticing. | FREE | 5:00pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland |


Shakespeare’s first folio visits Maine | For the entire month of March, the Portland Public Library is going Shakespeare crazy. On this day, the First Folio exhibition arrives, and kicks off a celebration honoring one of history’s most influential poets and playwrights. This is a rare opportunity to gaze onto an immensely important original text: the First Folio. Without the First Folio (published in 1623), 18 of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays (including Macbeth and The Tempest) would be lost. Now it’s visiting in Maine, in all of its poetic glory! Join this bardic party and enjoy scenes from Hamlet performed by PortFringe actors, and a fencing demonstration by the Society for Creative Anachronism. | FREE | 5:00pm | Portland Public Library, 5 Monument Sq, Portland |


MAMM’s annual “Girl’s Rock” concert | Every year, Maine’s Academy of Modern Music hosts its annual Girls Rock concert, giving musicians and listeners a chance to appreciate the involvement of women in outstanding live musical performances. This concert will feature not only appearances of the Maine Youth Rock Orchestra and solos by over 50 MAMM students, but Amy & the Engine will rock out alongside Yard Sail there, too. Amy Allen, from Amy & the Engine, originally hails from Portland, but now lives in Boston and has spent much of last year garnering praise for her “groovy girl-group melodies, catchy hooks, peppy pop, classic rock muscle and meaningful lyrics." Her latest album, TandeMania, is the epitome of “happy music,” with sounds so warm, lush and vibrant, you’ll feel optimistic for the future, no matter how bleak it is. | $15 | 5:30pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland |


The Maine Dead Project returns to PHOME | Even though the music of the legendary group, The Grateful Dead, has been around for over half a century, for many, it never fails to captivate. The Maine Dead Project is a group of seasoned musicians that pay tribute to America’s favorite group of hippie rockers. They’ve got some tricks up their sleeve for this upcoming show, but I won’t spoil the fun. The psychedelic music of The Grateful Dead will always have a place in music lover’s hearts, and The Maine Dead Project knows that. “I would say from a musical perspective, they were always changing and evolving,” said band member Tim Sullivan. “Like them, we never play the same show twice because we have such a huge catalog of wonderful songs that are always growing. Quite simply there is no substitute for a great song.” | $12 | 8:00pm | Portland House of Music and Events, 25 Temple St., Portland |


Love-filled techno waves at Flask | This month’s guests, Alonzo and Carl Fisher are planning to drop some heavy techno beats, and deep house grooves, all in the name of LOVE. Resident DJ, Jamie O’Sullivan said to expect some straight 4 X 4 beats. “The name of the party is love,” said O’Sullivan. “I chose the name in hopes that the vibe on the dancefloor would reflect that.” | FREE | 9:00pm | Flask Lounge, 117 Spring St., Portland | |



Cats Under the Stars in Portland | If you missed the Maine Dead Project, this show will fill the void. But this band isn’t channeling just The Grateful Dead, but also its frontman’s side project: The Jerry Garcia Band. They’re called Cats Under the Stars and they’re nurturing an obsession that includes devoting most of their life to mastering the playing style of Jerry Garcia. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the vibe of a late ’80s psychedelic concert, Cats Under the Stars is going to provide that authentic atmosphere. “We all started at this place of true appreciation for what Jerry, the Dead, and what the JGB were all about,” said Zach Nugent, the lead vocalist. “That's one of the things that brought us all together in the first place. We do play Dead tunes locally in our hometown of Burlington, Vt., but there are so many Dead cover bands out there already and really not many people keeping the JGB vibe going.” | $15 | 8:00pm | One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland |

Sly Chi’s last show after 16 years of performing | Sly Chi has been defying musical genre standards in Maine for 16 years and have developed a huge following as a result. Scores of Mainers have summoned the nerve to dance to their funk, soul and Latin-rock fusion. They’ve even won our Best of Music Poll once upon a time. But now, as band members face aging, and different responsibilities like wives, daughters and mortgages, it’s time for them to throw one last big show before a necessary breakup. But don’t fret, they’ll still be playing music individually in some capacity. “It was a hard choice to decide to actually call it quits,” said band member Tyler Stanley. “But we kind of had to do it now because a couple of us were looking to have some more family time this summer, and gig offers for summer were starting to roll in. It’s been nostalgic prepping for it. We practiced the other night with our old guitar player and it brought back a lot of memories for me.”

| $10 | 8:00pm | Portland House of Music, 25 Temple St., Portland |

Boston’s best invade the Bayside Bowl | March madness at Portland’s favorite bowling alley, restaurant, venue, club hybrid includes the cryptic sounds and pop punk confections of The Hopelessly Obscure, the harmonica-laced soul and R&B from Boston’s The Black Souls and the sassy pop harmonies of Tiger Bomb. Cam Ackland, the frontman for well-known Boston garage bands The Prime Movers and the Voodoo Dolls, said this about his newest project, The Black Souls: "The music we play is meant to connect with people immediately: three chords and a lot of attitude. Adding Kim Ackland on vocals lets me step back and play more harp which I've really been wanting to do. Comparisons have ranged from Ike and Tina to X. Our band probably represents a couple of centuries of rock and roll experience, from the Rat's heyday to now. I've played Portland since the early ’80s with the Prime Movers, and I've always found real people who like real rock and roll. Looking forward to playing with our good friends The Hopelessly Obscure and Chris Horne in Tiger Bomb." | FREE | 8:30pm | Bayside Bowl, 58 Alder St., Portland |

An Overnight Low CD release show | Celebrity DJ and host at WCYY, Mark Curdo said that An Overnight Low “delivers vintage, old-school college rock, from back when college radio was at its finest.” After listening to their latest CD, Piccadilly, I can’t help but agree. It’s the energetic, yet thoughtful and well-paced road-trip folk soundtrack that you’ve been looking for. And when you learn that the band was inspired by a formative trip to Europe by frontman Chad Wall, it starts to make sense. An Overnight Low was formed based on a journey filled with “loneliness tinged with excitement,” that’s being told in a trilogy of albums. The second iteration of this travel tale, Piccadilly, was produced by Portland's legendary producer, John Wyman. For this album release show, An Overnight Low are joined by local indie rock favorites the Builder of the House, who have just been nominated for "Best Maine Artist" by the New England Music Awards, & Ryan Halliburton. | $6 | 10:00pm | Empire, 575 Congress St., Portland |


SUNDAY, March 6

Watch Mustang, a powerful portrait of female empowerment | This Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language film will leave you stunned and educated. It’s a excellent examination of an oppressive patriarchal culture. Set in the early summer in a village in Northern Turkey, Mustang follows five free-spirited teenagers during their beach adventures. But when their purely innocent games with their male classmates gets blown out of proportion, the repercussions they face from their family are fierce. Thanks to the impressive acting of its stellar ensemble cast, and smart, observant narrative, Mustang is able to criticize a society that sexualizes everything women do, while simultaneously celebrating female sexuality. | FREE | 4:00pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq, Portland |

Deranged rockers and The Snails arrive at SPACE | Originally The Snails just wanted to wear weird, bug-eyed costumes and perform covers of an Art Lord & the Self Portraits. Now they’re making their own music, to the delight of many party punks in Baltimore. These enthusiastic noise-makers are coming with sounds off their debut EP, Worth the Wait and their first full-length album Songs from the Shoebox (look out for that one later this month). They’ll be joined by the far-out sounds of deranged rockers, The Texas Governor & The Experiments, led by Goolkasian of The Elevator Drops. | $12 | 8:30pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland |


MONDAY, March 7

A sketch comedy show about our cozy town: Peninsulandia | This sketch comedy show is a slight departure from the regular comedy-fare of Worst Day of the Week, but you won’t be complaining about the change. Some of the best comics in the local scene have planned a guided walking tour, of the real, original Portland. “This won't just be about old buildings like most walking tours in town. Instead, it will focus on regular people, just doing their thing. Portland landmarks like coffee shops, musical open mics (with actual original music), Planned Parenthood protests, the relentless petition guys with clipboards, and an overabundance of yoga studios will all be the subject of scrutiny on this walk through our fair city.” Self deprecating hilarity will surely ensue. | $5 | 7:00pm | Blue, 650 Congress St., Portland |

A free massage for a cause | Are you like some of the people I know, and complain about needing a massage, but never end up dishing out the 30-50 dollars to get one? Well, now you don’t have an excuse, because thanks to the Massage Therapy Students at the Spa Tech Institute, you can indulge in one for free and stop annoying the people at Brookstone. If you attend their fundraiser for Camp Sunshine at Sebago Lake, you’ll be able to get a chair massage, a foot soak, refreshments, door prizes and learn about yoga and self-care techniques; your aching muscles will thank you! | FREE | 2:00pm | SpaTech, 100 Larrabee Rd, Portland |


TUESDAY, March 8

Brazilian dance music from Choro Louco | Brazilian Choro has been around for over a hundred years, but in this country itʼs virtually unknown. David Grisman, Mike Marshall and a handful of talented others have helped introduce the music and the musicians to a larger audience, but itʼs still largely under the radar of most music listeners. Its beautiful melodies, complex harmonies and syncopated rhythms combine elements of European folk and classical, ragtime, jazz, Latin and African music while creating a style that is uniquely Brazilian. Experience a new genre, soaked in history, during Choro Louco’s monthly showcase at Blue. | FREE | 8:30pm | Blue, 650 Congress St., Portland |

Bitters make everything better | If your cocktails don’t have bitters in them, you’re not ordering the right drinks at the right places. Bitters, or more literally speaking, a liquid extraction of seeds, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and leaves, have been used to flavor cocktails for decades. Where have you been? Indulge in the aromas and strong flavors of these Earth-bound concentrations. Taste, concoct, discuss and have fun revisiting new and old cocktail bitters, while your dollar supports Pride Portland. This is mixology 101, and you’re invited. | $15 | 6:30pm | Vena’s Fizz House, 345 Fore St., Portland |



The Great Bear Sea Film Premiere | It’s Wednesday night! You must be thinking of attending an exclusive film screening of a documentary about building a sustainably marine ecosystem off the coast of British Columbia, right? Although, the Great Bear Sea is thousands of miles away off the coast of a different country, it’s an ecosystem threatened by the same variables, as our own waters. These rich coastal ecosystems are a place where not just animals and marine life thrive, but also where we do. The documentary will go over emerging struggles over ocean resources, and future, internationally led solutions. After the film, join an interactive panel discussion with Rick Getchell, from All Nations Global Solutions, Richard Nelson, a commercial fisherman, Aimee Bushman, an ocean planning outreach manager and William Needelman, the waterfront coordinator for the city of Portland, as they explore ways we can sustain our marine environment. | FREE | 5:45pm | One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland |


THURSDAY, March 10

Drive by Truckers at the Port City Music Hall | The alternative country-Southern rock band, Drive By Truckers believe they’ve crafted their best album yet. And with 12 albums under their belt since 1998, and a dedicated following across the country, it’s easy to believe. The latest is called English Oceans, and it’s been described as “elegantly balanced and deeply engaged new effort that finds the group refreshed and firing on all cylinders.” This is partially due to the strong songwriting on the album. "I had time to write," guitarist and vocalist Mike Cooley said. "After we came off the road last time, we decided we were going to let it rest for a while. So I had time to really focus. I kind of had to re-learn how to write, because I didn't write as many songs as I'd wanted on the last couple of records. I was happy with these songs, and thrilled to go in and record so many that I felt real strongly about." The Thayer Sarrano band will open, offering up a “thick twang of country with the airy, echoing spacious feeling of an empty church.” | $30 | 8:00pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland |

The end of the road for SPACE’s “Trail Off” series | SPACE Gallery’s eight-week long showcase of spirited, passion-fueled, nature-inclined and highly unique musicians comes to an end this week. But not before one last show, featuring the “cultural gadfly” that is Tim Fite. Get ready for a culturally relevant, supremely original and hyper-aware multimedia performance. After Fite blows your mind to pieces, the outsider artist BJ Snowden, sound poet id m theft able and the digitally minded vocalist Andrea Pensado will help pick up the pieces. | $8 | 8:00pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland |

Pump up the jams at Portland’s video game bar | While you’re spending your spare change at the arcade and pinball games at Arcadia, Crunk Witch will stop by for silly yet sincere, bass heavy show. Yeah, that’s right, live music at Portland’s video game bar is a reality. Hailing from Presque Isle, Maine, this husband and wife power pop duo, will unleash infectious, 8-bit infused synth sounds, while you energetically button mash to Galaga or Street Fighter. If they play tracks from their booty-kickin’ album Heartbeats in Hyperspace, you might loosen up the grip on your joystick/controller and start shufflin’ your feet. | FREE | 10:00pm | Arcadia National Bar, 24 Preble St., Portland |

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