8 Days A Week: Ghost Fences, Hamilton Sing-Alongs, and Emotional Value Auctions

Risk, a documentary about Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange, screens this week at the PMA. Risk, a documentary about Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange, screens this week at the PMA.



SPIFFED | The 2016 documentary Suited tells of the rise of Brooklyn-based suitmaking company Bindle & Keep, whose specialty over the last five years has been making custom-designed suits for trans-identifying folks and others outside the gender binary. Directed by Jason Benjamin and produced by Lena Dunham, Suited frames the tailoring company through their purposeful, one-on-one work with a handful of clients, whose sartorial needs are as diverse as their personal experiences. Screening one night only at the Portland Museum of Art.

| Free; tickets required | 6:30 pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq., Portland | www.portlandmuseum.org



ENDURE MYTHS | A psychopomp is a mythological creature said to squire a recently deceased soul to the afterlife. Thus, it is one of the last organically good band names left. A bunch of them, nationally, have glommed on to the idea, but the band playing tonight in Bayside is a grandiose quartet of musicians who fuse 1970s-style MGM music, flamenco, punk, and classical into a steamy froth. Join Psychopomp for this bizarre, circus-y night at Mayo Street Arts.

| $12-18 | 8 pm | Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo St., Portland | www.mayostreetarts.org




THREAD COUNT | A project of Laura Ker of the second-hand clothing store Find, the altered-vintage line Takeko offers a sample sale of its unique and summery outfits for all genders at a discounted rate tonight. Hit the Takeko Sample Sale before venturing into the First Friday forum.

| FREE | 5 pm | Find, 16 Free, Portland | www.instagram.com/takekoline


PORTLAND GHOSTED | One of the most invigorating Portland artists to follow over the last little stretch of existence has been John Sundling. Working in set design, floristry, sculpture, and custom fabrication, Sundling was the architect behind the set build for SPACE Gallery's recent theatrical flourish Constellations, designing the ambitious, hive-like structure the actors played in. He has also been one of the principals behind the always-evolving Institute for American Art, which has offered a framework for some of the better and more interdisciplinary art initiatives in Portland the last few years. Today, through the organization TEMPOart Portland, Sundling appears again, opening "Ghost Fence," an art installation inside Lincoln Park at the intersection of Portland's Congress Street and Franklin Arterial. "Ghost Fence" re-imagines the public space at the city intersection uninterrupted by its effort by the city in the 1960s to make the space more "modern" and "functional," which had the effect of redistricting communities within Portland for years to come.

| FREE | 5 pm | Lincoln Park, Congress St., Portland | https://tempoartmaine.org/


CITY SQUARED | Tons of different ideas out there for how to do "the work." One is embedded in Portland Cultural Exchange, a new initiative aiming to "bridge the social gap between 'Mainer' and 'New Mainer,' which we think is a mission eloquently put. This evening, join them as they host (alongside Mark Otim, aka the Portland-via-South Sudan rapper AFRiCAN DUNDADA) a showcase of song, dance, storytelling, and other performance in Monument Square. Performers at this "PCE Summer Street Jam" include Tutuma Louis, Ness Smith-Savedoff, Jawad al-Fatlawi, and more.

| FREE | 6 pm | Monument Square, Portland | http://castasideproductions.com/


ROLL TAPE | Still new analog recording studio Prism Analog opens a new recording series this week. Modeled after NPR's Tiny Desk concerts, Prism records a performance of former Green on Red songwriter Dan Stuart straight-to-tape tonight. A collaborator with Chuck Prophet and Steve Wynn, Stuart is widely recognized for helping launch the "paisley underground" movement as well as alt-country scenes that paved the way for bands like Wilco to emerge into American consciousness. Today, he lives in Oaxaca, where as a fiftysomething, he fronts the mysterious but still effing rad rock group Twin Tones, writing raw garage-rock songs about love and loss through the lens of a nom de plume Marlowe Billings. Stuart plays with Thomas Heyman and local Erik Neilson from the haunted Americana group Ghosts of Johnson City.

| $5 | 8 pm | Prism Analog, Zero Station, 222 Anderson St., Portland | www.prismanalog.com


PENCE PARK | Last year over 400 people reportedly joined in Congress Square Park to sing the songs of Hamilton, the Broadway musical smash of Lin-Manuel Miranda's. We'd expect that figure's hard to top, especially given the election-fatigue that became tangled up in the play over the winter. Despite the inclusive politics of its plot, Hamilton became a bellwether of so-called "elite" liberal identification during the Hillary campaign. By the time Trump called the play's actors out for "mistreating" Vice President-elect Mike Pence when he attended in November—allegedly a distraction from the Trump University fraud case—it was clear that the play represented prime territory for political trolls. Produced here by the hardworking and sincere Cast Aside Productions, we imagine this Hamilton Sing-Along will be cathartic.

| FREE | 6 pm | Congress Square Park, Portland | http://castasideproductions.com/


RELENT IS DUE | Earlier this month, Portland songwriter Spencer Albee celebrated the release of his new album, Relentlessly Yours, with a "world tour," using a Maine Brew Bus to take him and his band to the town lines of 10 Maine locations named after foreign countries (you can name them), shooting short vids of them playing songs from the new album at each town sign. Like many of those anchored by endurance and absurdity, the idea was charming and inspired (though its performance somewhat drabbed by the rainy season). If nothing else, it shows Albee pumped about playing with these folks — McCrae Hathaway, Blythe Armitage, Scott Mohler, Renee Coolbrith, and Andrew Hodgkins—and it's true that their presence helps Albee shine in yet another of his musical rebirths. He plays a more plugged-in and souped-up set tonight at Port City Music Hall, with the alt-rock gypsy blues band Starcrossed Losers and DJ mosart212.

| $12-15 | 8 pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland | www.portcitymusichall.com





HEARTWORK | Some of us are unable to conceive of value without the compass of supply and demand, and their lives are admirably uncluttered. For the rest of us, decisions are governed by all measure of valences and associations, the emotional thrust of which we often never make public. For the supply and demand sort of person, we recommend that weird stock market bar in the Old Port. For the others, try today's "emotional value auction" at the Yarmouth Historical Society. Hosted by Adriane Herman, MECA professor and artist-in-residence at the community-based KISMET Foundation, this "alternative to handing things down through family structures" is one of the smarter fundraising ideas we've seen.

| FREE | 10 am-2 pm | Yarmouth Historical Society, 118 E Elm St., Yarmouth | http://www.yarmouthmehistory.org/


RE-MODEL | Showcasing local artists making work from recycled materials, this joint-effort block party between art studio collective Running With Scissors and Bayside's Urban Farm Fermentory will offer tons of thoughtful, unconventional items you didn't even realize could work in your home. With works by Jon Strom, Allison McKeen, Howard Soloman, and more, there'll be plenty to pore through, plus cider, beer, and kombucha to sip at the "Seconds and Supplies" show.

| FREE | 4 pm | Urban Farm Fermentory, 200 Anderson St., Portland | www.fermentory.com 


CRAFTWORK | Back in the halcyon days of the mid-2000s, Sierra Nevada was one of the stranger "craft beers" in the beer market. That's a quaint notion today, as the Bay Area brewery (the seventh largest in the country) looks positively mainstream next to the countless upstart breweries to have emerged since. But they've stayed true to their mission, winning sustainability awards and maintaining production of a fine tasting beverage. Sierra Nevada host a touring national "Sierra Nevada Beer Camp," where every craft brew in the nation is invited to a sudsy, edenic garden. | $55-75 ($40 designated driver) | 6 pm | Thompson Point, 4 Thompson's Point Rd, Portland | http://www.beercamp.sierranevada.com/festivals/portland/

WAYS TO MOVE | Portland's Bright Star World Dance has facilitated some of the deepest and broadest studies of international dance forms in the state. Tonight, they celebrate their 10th annual "Springtime Spectacular," which collects dancers, performers, and players representing many touchstones of international sound and movement. Hosted by Bright Star proprietor Rosa Noreen, see belly dancer Shahrzad of Cairo, blues musician Samuel James, Nadira Jamal of Boston's Vintage Belly Dance, singer-songwriter Hannah Daman, and many more. | $20-25 | 8 pm | Portland Ballet Theater, 517 Forest Ave, Portland | http://rosanoreen.com/events/springtimespectacular/#tickets



GOSPEL IS CAST | Took a bit for the rest of the country to catch up with singer Francine Reed. After playing shows in Phoenix with the likes of Miles Davis, Smokey Robinson, and Etta James in the '80s, her career took off when she started touring with Lyle Lovett in his band through the late '80s. Today, she's one of the most esteemed living blues, jazz, and gospel singers, and her set at the always-intimate One Longfellow Square is a powerful way to wind down the weekend.

| $15-20 | 7 pm | One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland | www.onelongfellowsquare.com 

LISTENING TIME | In 2014, journalist Laura Poitras released the Academy Award-winning documentary Citizenfour about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. So it's impressive that her new film, titled Risk, deals with arguably even more complexity. Released last month, Risk is the culmination of a six-year investigation of Julian Assange, principal of the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks. Over six years, Poitras tracks the Australian bad boy Assange, once a hero of the anti-state left, from his two-year house arrest beginning in late 2010 through last year, where he was complicit in the release of numerous private documents from the Hillary Clinton campaign, which changed the tenor (some would say outcome) of the presidential election. The trailer for Risk begins with Poitras stating that this is not the film she thought she'd be making, so expect a few curveballs along the way of this important, complicated documentary about one of the world's most polarizing and important figures. Screening Friday through today, Sunday, when it happens at 2 pm.

| $8 | 2 pm | Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Sq., Portland | http://www.portlandmuseum.org/




YOUNG AND WISE | If the weather is right (always questionable this time of year), join the Portland Gear Hub for their weekly "Huphie Hauler Happy Hour Bike Ride," an every-Monday-evening ride between friends and soon-to-be friends throughout Portland. If you're unfamiliar with the Gear Hub, check out their empowering pro-bicycle programming on Washington Avenue.

| FREE | 5:30-8:30 pm | Portland Gear Hub, 155 Washington Ave., Portland | http://portlandgearhub.org/


YOUNG AND WISE | It's incredible the mileage jam band Rusted Root got out of "Send Me On My Way," fun and admittedly weirdly uplifting yet still fairly forgettable single the Pittsburgh world-fusion band unleashed on the world 23 years ago. Kudos to their staying power, though — while they haven't released a proper album since 2012, they're touring through tonight, playing a set at Port City Music Hall.

| $18-20 | 8 pm | Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland | www.portcitymusichall.com




YOUNG AND WISE | Empire's Tuesday night music series — "Three for $3" — has brought a ton of good local acts to their fine stage on the cheap. And thankfully, they haven't pulled any punches with booking out-there artists (we can handle it). Tonight, Burr guitarist Tom Hamill joins Genevieve Beaudoin and Brooklyn's experimental pop act Ackerman. A low-risk, high-reward option for an otherwise slow night.

| $3 | 9 pm | Empire, 575 Congress St., Portland | www.portlandempire.com




LET’S REVISIT | The last of the Maine Humanities Council's Think & Drink series at SPACE Gallery, which has examined the role of police in American life, explores the question of whether communities face sustained harm from the enactment of police work. Do citizens suffer from fear of being policed? Are officers themselves at risk of long-term damage of some sort? Join them for a program titled "What's the Harm?" alongside a panel that includes Kate Braestrup, a chaplain and member of the Maine Warden Service; Jerome Bennett of The Opportunity Alliance; and Bruce King, a criminal justice reform worker (and former incarcerated person).

| FREE | 6:30 pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland | www.space538.org


LET’S REVISIT | Down south a bit, the fine brew-dogs at Banded Horn return their comedy special one last time for a season finale. They bring Portland funnylady Micaela Tepler (who you might have seen at Lincolns), Susanna Rajala, and Colby Bradshaw for a set of jokes. Hosted by Aharon Willows and Portland's Best Comedian Connor McGrath, this comes recommended if you're in the mood for Biddeford.

| FREE | 8 pm | Banded Horn Brewing Company, 32 Main St., Biddeford | http://www.bandedhorn.com/



LOOKING AHEAD | Among the things to look forward to, Urban Farm Fermentory hosts a body-positive fashion show called "Babes, Hunx, and Hairy Punx: An In-Body Catwalk Experience" (put on by members of the sex-positive activist group M.E.S.H.), while the inspiring theater artist Bess Welden opens her original show Legbala Is A River, an exploration of "marriage, motherhood, and the tension between public service and private sacrifice" at Mayo Street Arts for a two-week run. Also, you should have jumped in the water by now.

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