8 Days a Week: Rainbows, Moonlight, Ghost Stories, and Dark Stars

The What Cheer Brigade The What Cheer Brigade


PICTORIAL BUCKET LIST | Maine folks could soon be running out of chances to see Moonlight, Barry Jenkins's gripping 2016 coming-of-age tale about a young black man growing up in Miami. The Best Picture Oscar-winner ran through Portland months ago, but Frontier twinkles a week of screenings at us from up north, with scattered times through August 6. See it tonight at 7 pm. | $8 ($7 seniors/students) | Thu-Fri 7 pm; Sat-Sun 3 & 7pm | Frontier, 14 Maine St., Brunswick | www.explorefrontier.com


MARKETPLACE | The wine bar Blue staggers their donation-only shows to start every hour or two, allowing West Enders to pop into their warm and noirish confines for one or two drinks pre- or post- their evening's real plans. Tonight at 9, watch on as three ace Portland songwriters trade tools. Max Garcia Conover's solo folk compositions are intricate, vulnerable and lovely, while Griffin Sherry and Max Davis (of the holler-folk band Ghost of Paul Revere) may tend to be a bit rowdier, while no less revealing. Grab a table near the back. | By Donation | 9 pm | Blue, 650A Congress St., Portland | www.portcityblue.com


ANOTHER TIME, PERHAPS | If you're tuned into the old folkie circuit — or one of them yourself — and have managed your life in such a way to have some spare twenties kickin' around for pleasure, congrats to you! You might throw a few of them at Arlo Guthrie, the now 70-year-old kin of legendary songwriter Woody Guthrie, who swoops through Southern Maine for two nights in Ogunquit, the latter of which happens tonight. Tickets are steep, but remember: days, like all things, are numbered. | $82.50 | 8 pm | Jonathan's, 92 Bourne Lane, Ogunquit | www.jonathansogunquit.com


EARN YOUR STRIPES | If you haven't stoked your karaoke flame yet this summer, allow me to acquaint you with old pal DJ Cougar, one of the longest-running, most committed karaoke DJs in the polis. He holds court tonight and every Thursday at Flask Lounge, a room dark with denizens tipsy enough not to be able to see how your face stretches as you reach for the high notes. | FREE | 9 pm | Flask Lounge, 117 Spring St., Portland | www.flasklounge.com



THE NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE | The 80s, we'll never get 'em back. But is there an art in trying? Whipped into tonight's art walk schedule is a party at the downtown house of weirdness, gadgetry, and curios known as Pinecone + Chickadee. Folks there found last year's warp into the world of eighties VHS tapes successful enough that they're reprising it with a spirited celebration of vinyl. In an art party titled "Hi-Fi: A Tribute to '80s Music," Portland DJ Ms. H maestros some array of analog wizardry for the amused masses. Look for beer from Bissell Brothers and doughnuts from HiFi Donuts. | FREE | 5-9 pm | Pinecone + Chickadee, 6 Pine St., Portland | www.pineconeandchickadee.com   


CIRCUS OF CONSENT | According to certain animal rights organizations, virtually 96 percent of a circus animal's life takes place in chains. And y'all think you're stressed! This evening, allow humankind to take a step toward developing better ways to throw a circus, as the animal-free Circus Olé and the Feast of Fools lay the proverbial rings down on Congress Square Park. Thrills here include stilt-walking, aerial silk, hoop dancing, giant puppets, and contact juggling. Also, crucially, all performers are cool to perform. It's First Friday; you'll run into it anyway. | FREE | 5 pm | Congress Square Park


MELTING ICE CAPS | Bayside being where everyone wants to hang this summer, Zero Station hosts a lil' pop show, with the eclectic pop mind of Jesse Gertz (who fronts the band Leverett, here playing as Glass Fingers) with futurist prog act Superorder and 300 Calories, the complex post-punk act formerly known as $300. Sometimes it feels like parties on the edge of town like these hit a note that gets fainter every year. | $5-10 suggested donation | 8:30 pm | Zero Station, 222 Anderson St., Portland


SOAR, THROAT | Originally hailing from Kennebunk, the bandleader behind indie-folk band Death Vessel is in possession of one of the most beautiful, distinct voices you've ever heard. Joel Thibodeau and company play a haunting, gorgeous style of orchestral folk that only faintly alludes to the bleakness of their moniker (though the bleakness shines through once you pay attention to the lyrics). They hit what should be a fond welcoming party in Portland, with the Providence-based supergroup The Huntress and Holder of Hands, a new songwriting unit of MorganEve Swain of the acclaimed duo Brown Bird, whose story is worth familiarizing with. The addition of the serene and beautiful folk of Mainer Micah Blue Smaldone, who'd likely open, makes this worth many hours of your night. | $10-12 | 9 pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland | www.space538.org


MODERN DANCE | There may be no more inspiring musical experience than witnessing What Cheer? Brigade, the cacophonous Providence-based punk brass spectacle containing 20-some-odd players. Their annual summer trip to Maine (generally to play at Machias's Black Fly Ball) corresponds with an incredible set at SPACE Gallery, as well as other terrain if all breaks right. With Boston's atypical noise-pop act Birthing Hips. | $12 adv, $15 day of | 9 pm | SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland | www.space538.org  


GLOOM AXES | Metal dogs, let loose the tennis balls from your jaws tonight, as Geno's bleakens for a screamer. Hatefully assembled by the indefatigable production team at Last Mercy Emissions, which has been more or less singularly responsible for keeping Maine on the map for heavy shows the last few years, tonight's show has the Bangor-based, punk-infused heavy metal group Holy Filth, some dark ambient doom in the form of Providence's Tovarish, Baltimore's foul duo Earthworm von Doom, and Maine's Megog. 21+. | $7 | 9 pm | Geno's Rock Club, 625 Congress St., Portland


randy rainbow 4

Randy Rainbow. 

EASY TARGETS | The comedian and YouTube sensation Randy Rainbow has developed an incredible following for his over-the-top political parodies. This past week, he dropped a mock interview with recently deposed White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, wherein Rainbow donned pink rhinestone glasses and broke into a spirited meringue song about his undying love for the former Goldman Sachs financier. (As an aside, here, I don't know if we'll ever be able to process the walking meme that is Anthony Scaramucci. Someone tweeted a few days ago that they're dead certain that the collapse of societies throughout history have been marked by a sudden visitation by Scaramucci-like figures — perhaps even the Mooch himself. There is no more perfect harbinger of doom. But, ahem, we digress.) Rainbow's trick is hardly the most original, but he performs it bravely, boldly, and well, and his typical targets of bloated, dumbly masculine personalities in American life are worth taking down a few notches. His show at the restored Leavitt Theatre in Ogunquit should be packed. | $40 | Fri 8 pm; Sat 7 & 9:30 pm | Leavitt Theatre, 259 Main St., Ogunquit | www.leavitttheatre.com



THE DEAD ARE AMONG US | There are no fewer than six Grateful Dead tribute acts playing in town this week. (Reminder: it's 2017.) I'm not one to hassle someone on their personal tastes, but that does seem a bit much. But among the weekly residencies, diehards will note that among them are some of the best at the task — the immortal Dark Star Orchestra — who appear to play one of the most chill stages in town, the wharf-set Maine State Pier. | $25 | 5 pm | Maine State Pier, Commercial Street/Franklin Arterial, Portland | www.waterfrontconcerts.com



GATHER ROUND | The youth theater organization Maine Inside Out, who works with incarcerated young people in and outside Long Creek Development Center, hosts another of their monthly open mics tonight. These shows can are powerful enough to shave a layer or two of cynicism off the thick shells that local adults are encased in, and the theater and performance styles these young folks have spent incredible amounts of time working on can be some of the most explosive, generous, and brilliantly raw as you'll find. | FREE | 7 pm | Local Sprouts Cooperative, 653 Congress St., Portland | www.maineinsideout.org  



SHEETS TO THE WIND | In David Lowery's film A Ghost Story, a young couple's love is halted by the tragic death of C (played by Casey Affleck), who posthumously rises up and, donning a thin white sheet, observes his grieving widow M. Critics have raved about the beauty and psychological complexity of Lowery's deceptively simple story, and it sounds like well worth the Tuesday night fee of a fiver at the Nick. | $5 | 3:45 pm; 9:40 pm | Nickelodeon, 1 Temple St, Portland | www.patriotcinemas.com


get out allison williams daniel kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams, the two main stars of Jordan Peele's "Get Out." 

NEVER DRINK MILK AGAIN | You're gonna have to line up real early to snag a piece of roof you can sit on for tonight's screening of Get Out, Jordan Peele's masterpiece horror flick that expertly critiques the nuances and valences of racism in the U.S. Peele sets up his film innocently enough: interracial couple Rose and Chris are set to spend the weekend at Rose's quaint New England home, where Chris is subjected to abuse across a broad spectrum of subtlety. Remember that Get Out is sneakily a kind of bleak, sometimes cathartic comedy — for the first half, anyway — though the politics of who's laughing here shouldn't be divorced from a larger context. It should be as powerful a night as a free public summer film series can achieve. | FREE | 8 pm | Bayside Bowl, 58 Alder St. Portland | www.baysidebowl.com


FOREST FOR TREES | With a modern aesthetic, an interest in folklore, and a deep acceptance of the unknown, Portland folk troupe The Ghosts of Johnson City are one of the finer guitar-based acts you can stumble upon in town. They take inspiration from Civil War songs, coal-mining ditties, and murder ballads — all of which you should be thinking about as you violently crush a delicious Sicilian slabber. | FREE | 6 pm | Slab, 25 Preble St, Portland | www.slabportland.com



BUST ANOTHER MOVE | Next Thursday brings us contemporary dance, one of the rarest and most treasured of audience experiences. The Philadelphia-based art and dance company Subcircle present a piece titled "Hold still while I figure this out," which incorporates sound and elaborate costuming into their work, which is said to hammer out possible answers to the question of What if we could start all over from scratch? | Thu-Fri $15-20 | 8 pm | Maine Charitable Mechanics Association, 519 Congress St. Portland | www.subcircle.org

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