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Watching 'The Wire' after Ferguson

Great art captures the complexities of the human condition — just as all art is almost ludicrously rendered irrelevant by the awfulness of the real life it tries to give meaning. It’s a disheartening collision of hope and reality brought into too-stark relief by a recent TV marathon, of all things.
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Video kills the internet star

VideoportIt’s the dead of winter, and you’re watching your tenth episode of Friends. Maybe you’re on your second pass through Mad Men, or you’re re-watching American Beauty because it’s the only thing you recognize on Netflix.Yeah, streaming video sites are convenient and full of options — but most of these sites are just straight-up filled with bad movies.

A war movie without the war

'Canopy'Lost in a foreign land, far from home or a familiar face, a young soldier tries to maintain mental clarity in a jungle that could consume him. But is he safer under the canopy of trees or beyond it — immersed in the war that brought him here?

A teenage bank robber explores his troubled past in new film

Darius Clark Monroe was 16 when he and two high school friends, Pierre Murphy and Leroy Callier III, decided to take their families’ money troubles into their own hands. It was an average high school day for many in 1997 when three teenagers drove to Stafford, Texas after calling in a fake bomb threat to distract local police, and entered a Bank of America with an unloaded shotgun. Monroe, Murphy, and Callier left the bank…

'A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night' is a winning genre mash-up

Not since Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 vampire western, Near Dark, have the two genres met on screen — probably because no one quite got it in the first place. That is until a little known indie director decided she wanted to make a western about an Iranian vampire on a skateboard. It’s time to move over, Bram Stoker, there’s a new Dracula in town.
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Crime, oil and isolation in "The Overnighters"

By Curtis Robinson The lords of adage instruct us that no good deed goes unpunished, but it turns out that it’s those ethically ambiguous deeds that really catch holy hell. That’s a core lesson from the ruthless documentary “The Overnighters,” which rolls out like the early pages of a Stephen King novel, complete with small-town cultural tensions and the not-so-quiet desperation of nearly normal lives in a town like yours. Filmmaker Jesse Moss’ movie is…
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