Wacky Cannabis News From Afar

We found this red bud shot on Pinterest. We found this red bud shot on Pinterest.

This week, we’re taking a break from highlighting Maine-centric stories in the marijuana world, and expanding to see how our favorite plant is making headlines in other parts of the planet.


Are Those Epic Red Bud Shots Photoshopped?

Have you seen those photographs online of bright red cannabis flowers? They can’t be real right?

Well actually, some of them are.

Like most plants that change colors during certain months in their grow cycle, cannabis is no exception. The hairs, trichomes, leaves, and buds themselves can turn red if the plants produces large amounts of anthocyanins and carotenoids during the flowering stage. Growers can manipulate the amount of this red coloring by tweaking the pH levels, nutrients, and temperature.

However, marijuana photographers still sometimes photoshop their pics to make their buds look more colorful and intense, so seeing is not always believing. Some particularly crimson buds could also be a result of the lamp that they’re under.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little artistic license around a plant that’s sparked so much creativity in the world.


Did You Miss The Holiday Last Week?

Move over 4/20, there’s a new marijuana related holiday on the calendar. Corners of the Internet, spurred by initiatives from San Francisco dispensaries, have dubbed July 10th (710) as “Dab Day.”

Melting cannabis extracts and inhaling the tasty vapors is a wonderful thing, and we’re glad it gets its own day of recognition, despite some decrying it as an illegal and dangerous pastime. Science has proven that hash oil does not negatively affect brain and lung function, so long as it comes from a licensed and tested provider. It all comes down to if chemicals are used to extract the THC, and if those chemicals are retained in high amounts in the final product. Safe, quality dabs undergone lab analysis, so again, it matters where you’re getting it from.

First timers take notice: a single hit of dabs is about 4 times as intense as its flowery counterpart. Exhibit caution before you blast off.


The United Nations Finally Gets With The Times

Last week, the United Nations and the World Health Organization issued a statement regarding health care discrimination, in which they called for “reviewing and repealing punitive laws that have been proven to have negative health outcomes.” Many are interpreting this as a push toward cannabis decriminalization worldwide.

Several prominent organizations like the International Red Cross, the American Public Health Association, American Civil Liberties Union, and the NAACP have expressed support for decriminalization.

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, about two dozen countries, and dozens of U.S. cities and states, have taken steps toward decriminalization, meaning that otherwise law-abiding people are no longer arrested, let alone incarcerated, merely for possessing a drug.

A recent report in the ACLU found that of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 and 2010, 88% were for simply having marijuana, and states waste a whopping $3,500,000,000 enforcing marijuana laws every year.

Federally recognized decriminalization would be a huge step in the right direction, but hopefully there can also be a push to exonerate the thousands of people sitting in jail currently for nonviolent charges like cultivation and possession.


People Are Smoking Out Of Balloons Now

If you’re really looking to absorb every modicum of TCH from your hits, social media posts suggest smoking out of a balloon is highly efficient.

Just hit your bong or pipe like you’d normally do, and then slowly exhale into a balloon and squeeze the end. Once you’re ready for a second hit, just inhale from the balloon and enjoy the sweet taste of recycled smoke with a hint of plastic.


Public Use Is Still Very Much Frowned Upon

According to an article in the Washington Post, cops in D.C. arrested 400 people for public use of marijuana last year, nearly triple the amount from years prior. The numbers of arrests are on track to remain high in 2017.

Eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia have all legalized recreational marijuana, but it seems many people in those states don’t realize that it’s still illegal to puff outside. If you’re going to spark up on the street, do so stealthily.


Cheeky English Cops Leave Note After Destroying Cannabis Plants

Across the pond in the United Kingdom — where cannabis is still very much illegal, just possessing it can land you in jail for five years — cops busted a big grow operation in the woods outside Oxford, and destroyed every plant. But, according to the story in the Telegraph, the owner/grower wasn’t home.

So the cheeky coppers left a note outside the plantation that read: "Ooops! Sorry we missed each other but feel free to call me on 101 so we can discuss a deal. Lots of love, TVP xx."

At least they had a sense of humor?


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