Sexy Time (19)

The thrill of having an invisible boyfriend

Is it possible that fake love might finally rival the real thing?A new app has made me start to seriously question the possibility.There are a number of reasons to be in a real relationship. You have someone who listens to the ridiculous details of your day, someone to text you back when you’re feeling lonely and, of course, you have sex on tap.

Second base haste: Women seeking the upper treatment

When was the last time you got felt up? Or got to second base and stayed there for a hot minute?Second base gave us such a rush when we were (literally) groping our way through our sexual adolescence. We all have memories of awkwardly straddling the console of our Mom’s Subaru trying to get (or receive) a fistful of highly erotic, above-the-waist action.

Mixing business and pleasure

We walked out onto the sidewalk, laughing and sharing the inside jokes that had been formed over the last 90 minutes. We exchanged a long hug and phone numbers. He gave me another quick hug and disappeared into the Uber that was waiting for him.I stood there for another few minutes unpacking and analyzing the intentions, events and emotions of the evening.

Sorbet relationships can be sweet

There’s something magical about eating a sorbet in the middle of a rich complicated meal.It’s simple, refreshing, and there are no surprises. It’s a palate cleanser without the expectation of being anything more.Just a few bites of a cool sorbet lift the regret that you felt after the last over-indulgent course. Even after a bacon-wrapped, cheese-covered pasta dish, it makes you forget the increasing pain and tightness of your pants, and look forward hopefully to…

How to develop sexual confidence

Are you good in bed?Unless you answered with a “hell yeah!,” here are some ways to boost your sexual confidence.Our culture has become obsessed with “being good in bed,” and many people think that being a great lover means acrobatic positions and 20-minute orgasms. That’s simply not true. I talk to people about sex constantly — and there is one turn-on that will get almost all men and women in the mood for love. Sexual…

The dating mantra for people who deserve better

If you’re searching for “The One” – you’re screwed.Since long before Jerry McGuire uttered “you complete me,” we’ve been obsessed with the idea that there’s one person on earth who is capable of giving us everything we need.Our Soulmate.And it’s not simply that our Soulmate exists. That person needs to live in our city, speak our language and be tall dark and handsome. Obviously, the odds are not good.

Stop doing the bare minimum

How many times have you spent an evening out with friends, staring at your phone on the table amongst wine glasses. stifling your disappointment. waiting.“For the love of god. just text me back.”While conversations happen around you, all you want to do is dissect the excuses and replay every happening that got you to this place. Stuck in a quasi relationship with a partner who is amazing in theory but who has yet to put…

Nice guys make better doms

The problem with our social commentary of sexuality is that we often try to use logic to draw lines between what happens in the bedroom and our personalities in our day-today lives.We think that alpha men are obviously more dominant and powerful in the bedroom and nice guys who are soft spoken and more thoughtful must be romantic and boring in the bedroom. We see this constantly perpetuated by TV and movie characters.
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