The PSO Takes Kids Out of This World

The PSO Takes Kids Out of This World

Did your son or daughter hold their breath, perching on the edge of their seat, the first time they saw a Sith Lord stalk onto the silver screen, while that ominous music boomed throughout the auditorium? That music is John Williams’ Star Wars Imperial March, and it’s only one of the galactic-themed pieces that will be performed by the Portland Symphony Orchestra at their second Discovery Concert: Outer Space Symphony, at Merrill Auditorium on Sunday the 29th at 2:30 p.m.


The concert is meant for kids ages 5 to 12. Tickets, required for all audience members, are $10.00 at . In addition to the Star Wars Suite, the PSO (conducted by Andrew Crust) will play Williams’ “E.T. Adventures on Earth,” the 'Star Trek' theme, and familiar space-oriented pieces by composers Ferde Grofé and Gustav Holst. Youngsters will ‘go where no one has gone before,’ on an engaging and educational tour of the cosmos with stops around our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and beyond.


The PSO invites kids and caregivers to arrive an hour or so early for family fun before the concert. There will be an ‘Instrument Petting Zoo’ where young concertgoers can familiarize themselves with everything from French horns to timpanis, a game called ‘Podium Hero,’ and a slew of other fun things to do before everybody finds their seats.


Hey, we didn’t get our flying cars, and our kids probably won’t get their warp-speed spaceships, but we know they spend time thinking about what’s out there beyond our atmosphere, and the Outer Space Symphony is a good place to enrich their imaginations and sense of connectedness with the universe. And, in all likelihood, you yourself will be battling Darth Vader with a lightsaber in your imagination, just like you did years ago. Can’t go wrong.


For a supplemental ‘Online Insights’ video about the concert:

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