The Age-Old Aphorism

"Jarvis, set destination: Hadlock Field." "Jarvis, set destination: Hadlock Field."

Let’s talk about healthy kids. Assuming they’re generally happy internally (that is, emotionally) there still remains the issue of encouraging them to learn maintenance skills for the body. That means, as we’ve all heard millions of times, diet and exercise. Good food at a healthy level of intake, and plenty of all kinds of moving around, will build a strong young person. So, if we take nourishment and activity as separate points for the time being, the Phoenix has learned of the following two family events to address each area, while having an awesome time:


Diet: Your youngster(s) may already be cognizant of the quality and types of food they eat and how it affects them. Take those curious bottomless pits to the 13th Annual Veg Fest: Exploring Vegan Living, at the East End Community School (195 North St.) on Saturday, June 3 at 11 a.m. Admission and all events are free. Your family can sample vegan fare, enjoy displays and information from a scad of exhibitors, enter raffles, and have your questions about healthful, ethical food answered, when you hear the scheduled guest speakers. With titles like, ‘Food Choices and your Nitrogen Footprint,’ and, ‘Thriving on a Whole-Food, Plant- Based Diet,’ these speeches can’t steer you and your young ones wrong.


Now to get them outside and running around. For a few hours’ worth of fresh air that includes a dash around the bases for kids at Hadlock Field (271 Park Ave.), go to Superhero Day with our own Portland Sea Dogs. It’s on Sunday, May 28 at 1 p.m. The main draw is the appearance, including photo and autograph opportunities, of the official Marvel-sanctioned Iron Man character. For more participation, kids and adults are encouraged to wear crimefighting costumes of their own. Prizes for the best will be awarded. Costumed kids may even be chosen and brought onto the field during one of several between-innings promotions. And of course, you’ve got the game itself.


Now, all you have to do is things like those, all the time. No problem, right?


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