When the "What Ifs" Are Frightening

Maile Meloy, author of "Do Not Become Alarmed" Anita Affentranger Maile Meloy, author of "Do Not Become Alarmed"

Remember the last time you took your kids on vacation, out of state or out of the country? If your awareness of their proximity and your surroundings got jacked up to the level of a black ops reconnaissance expert, you’re not alone. We trust everyone got back safely — but what if they didn’t? Allow us to introduce novelist Maile Meloy. If you read for pleasure, you may already be aware of her 2009 collection, Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It, which was voted one of the ten best books of that year by both The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. It was even on O Magazine’s Summer Reading List, not to embarrass you if you missed it. The power of Oprah reaches far, but it is not infinite.


Meloy brings her new novel, Do Not Become Alarmed, to her premier Maine appearance at Longfellow Books (1 Monument Way) on Saturday, June 17 at 6 p.m. To not grab the book, read it, show up and get an autograph would be a shame for any parent who has ever gone crosshair-eyes when their child makes a trip a thousand miles from home.


Do Not Become Alarmed is an exciting read, in other words. Listen to Elle magazine: “Our advice: Don’t read [this] new adrenaline-driven thriller of class, race, and disappeared children after dark… Do Not Become Alarmed will keep you up all night, compelled by the book’s twisty plot and seductive, tightly wound suspense.” And that’s no lie. When you follow the main characters Liv and Nora off their cruise ship with their families in Central America and see the nerve-wracking chain of events that separates them from their adventurous children, you’ll be shouting out loud at every success that both the parents and the kids achieve under extreme duress and with any other alternative being unspeakable. This is a good one. Don’t let your kids read it.


Check it out at http://www.longfellowbooks.com/event/evening-maile-meloy .


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