The Other Conversation

It’s the other conversation every parent has to have with their teen, and it’s pretty close in importance to the one about the birds and the bees. That little plastic card that the state chooses to let a youngster carry around after they’ve taken the course and passed the test, that changes a youth’s life, and it certainly changes a parent’s. The first time a teenager asks for the car and doesn’t ask for a caretaker to ride along, horrible visions of accidents (and worse) can flood the adult mind, raising blood pressure and tempting a parent to say, “You can drive alone when you buy your own car,” or something equally emotional and senseless.


But you think: Will they remember to check the blind spot? Will they see every stop sign? Will I get a midnight call from a sheriff or a hospital?


To reduce the ability of such questions to plague you, tell your young permit or license holder about Ford Driving Skills for Life, to be held at the Brunswick Executive Airport (15 Terminal Rd.) with a total of four complete sessions over July 15 and 16. Register for the free, hands-on (vehicles provided) class at and go bolster your kid’s driving skills. Key areas to be covered include hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed, and space management, which together constitute critical factors in 60 percent of all vehicle accidents. A comprehensive section on "distracted and impaired driving" will also be taught.


Ford encourages parents/caregivers to attend with their kids, and even to ride along with them and the instructor. The idea is to increase every family’s collective knowledge of the road and their vehicle’s relation to it. Parents are reminded to always (without exception) set a good driving example, and to allow teens to actively participate in any discussion about driving rather than having them sit and listen to a lecture. At Driving Skills for Life, you’ll both learn something new. And hey, if your kid doesn’t come up with a plan with their crew for after the class, hang around in Brunswick a little longer and hit Frontier!

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