The Acro-Cats March into Town

Remember the Guinness Book of World Records? One guy ate a bicycle, piece by piece, made small enough to swallow with a hacksaw and some elbow grease, to get in the Book. Another lady had fingernails so long that they spiraled in on themselves so that she couldn’t do something as simple as pick up a fork to eat. And who could forget the 500-pound twins on those tiny dirt bikes?


We don’t know if a spot in the Book holds the same cachet since the internet changed everything, but the possibility of being the confirmed and documented best of something, anything, has been setting kids’ imaginations on fire since 1955. It was like going viral.


Well, one lady, Samantha Martin, self-appointed Chief Executive Human of her clicker-trained troupe of Acro-Cats, has already attained the distinction of having one of her performers, Alley, listed in the Guinness Book for Longest Cat Jump. And she didn’t stop there. With her positive reinforcement techniques and special connection with her chosen felines, she assembled her Acro-Cats on Steven Colbert’s stage, even appearing in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2017. Can you imagine your own cat running around on national television?

Get a taste of it as the Acro-Cats perform live at the St. Lawrence Arts Center (76 Congress St), stopping by on their famous Acro-Cat Bus for a slew of skateboarding, hoop-jumping, even a finale by the all-cat band, Tuna and the Rock Cats. Check out for showtimes through August 20. Tickets are $22 or $37 for VICP (Very Important Cat Person) with Meet & Greet. The kids will flip their lids at these ridiculously talented felines. Great family memory. And of course, proceeds go to benefit the rescue of cats and kittens.

The Amazing Acro-Cats | Through August 20 | St. Lawrence Arts Center, 76 Congress St., Portland | $22-37 | 

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