Can You Make it to the Olympics

Have the words “Don’t you want to grow up big and strong?” ever left your lips? Were you caught in a moment of shock sitting at your own dinner table immediately after, not believing your own parents had the magical ability to speak through you like that? The whole spiel, diet and exercise, has been ingrained in Americans’ heads for generations. It isn’t going away. Whether the old cliche inspires your kids to eat their vegetables or not, these are the things we all must do to stay fit. We’ll leave it to you to regulate your family’s menu. But if you need a couple of ideas for getting ‘em to run around, read on.

Plan a trip to Freeport on Saturday, August 19, where from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. our friends at L.L. Bean (95 Main St) are hosting a Kids’ Get Out & Play Day for the express purpose of getting children moving and breathing outdoor air. Bean staff, along with members of local Boy Scout troops, will facilitate a mountain-bike skills test course, slack-lining, and a host of other physical activities. Plus, exercise their young minds, as well, since the Happy Camper Book Fair with Scholastic will be there with tables full of books. Admission is free to all. Check out the website at .

Also, throughout the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) the 34th Annual Beach Olympics will take place at Palace Playland and the Town Square in downtown Old Orchard Beach. This event is also free, festivities to include games and fun, family-friendly competitions such as the opening ceremony, live music, a silent auction, and more. All activities and events benefit Special Olympics Maine. Bonus points for the one who spots the most Speedos on tourists on the beach on the way back to the car. Grab the rest of summer and wear out those rugrats.

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