Look alive: STRIVE for 5

It’s something every expecting mother and father ask themselves: What if our child is born with developmental disabilities? How will I feel? What will we do? And, should it eventually come to pass and be confirmed (usually before the age of 22), the parents, universally as far as we’ve heard, feel the same overwhelming and everlasting love for their child, teen, or young adult as they did the day the baby was born. And what do they do? Just what any parent would do: whatever is necessary. Luckily, there are organizations everywhere that exist only to help these families through difficult times. Not only that, but they work to maximize each youth’s potential, achievement, and enjoyment of life itself.


In South Portland (28 Foden Rd), that organization is STRIVE. Yes, it’s an acronym, for Socialization, Transition, Reflection, Innovation, and Education. They’re holding the Foden Road 5K Run/Walk and Block Party on the campus they share with Kaplan University, on Saturday, September 9, starting at 8 a.m. The fundraising run/walk courses over flat quiet streets and paved trails, since the emphasis is on community and support, rather than leaving everyone else in the dust with superior athletics. The cost is $25 for race entry, free for kids under 12. Try to raise extra donations after you register. This is important.


Your children will enjoy the free Kids’ Fun Run, also starting at 8 a.m. with no registration required. And you’ve already seen them running nearly wild and hiding under tables at other picnics like the Block Party. They don’t necessarily need to know that they’ll be helping disabled people their age with things like improving fundamental academic skills, developing leadership potential, improving economic opportunities through continuing education, and so much more, but they might be proud if you tell them. In any case, it’s a fun Saturday for a good cause. Let’s build this community.

Event website: https://www.pslstrive.org/STRIVEforFive

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