Better Safe than Sorry

You can see it in the fascination on their faces as an emergency vehicle wails by, and in their choices of toy cars, one of which almost always is an ambulance, police car, or fire engine, if not all three. They ask you what the people in the vehicles are doing and are satisfied that certain adults do heroic things for work. Kids love emergency vehicles.

The folks at Westbrook Public Safety well understand this, and it’s part of the reason that the Westbrook Kids’ Safety Day is going into its fifth year, this time at the Hannaford/SBSI parking lot at 2 Hannaford Drive, Westbrook, on Saturday, September 16 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free refreshments will be served.

We recommend showing up early to the Safety Day, since the first 200 attendees receive a free multi-sport helmet from Michael T. Goulet Traumatic Brain Injury and Epilepsy Foundation, with fitting and safety check included. Bring the kids’ bikes, too. They’ll want to participate in the Bike Rodeo, a clinic to teach them the skills and precautions to safely ride a bicycle. The Bicycle Coalition of Maine will do free basic bike tune-ups as well. Then let the youngsters loose to investigate the mock crime scene and climb around official vehicles up to and including a SWAT van. Westbrook officials will demonstrate a vehicle extrication and K-9 units.

Adults will not be excluded from the learning and conscientiousness. Have your blood pressure screened and, perish the thought that you should ever need it, see a CPR demonstration and consider getting certified this year. And learn about the Yellow Dot program, a safety system that involves putting the decal on your car to alert first responders that vital health information on your family is located in the glove box.

Outside, fun, and educational. That’s the trifecta. Don’t miss out.

Westbrook Kids' Safety Day | Saturday, September 16, 10 am | 2 Hannaford Dr, Westbrook |



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