Bouncers Welcome

Everybody remembers the excitement we felt as children when entry into the most fun place on earth was imminent. It could have been located within a state or county fair, or even in a well-off friend’s back yard. What is that place? The gravity-defying, backflip-trying bouncy house, of course. Parents watching their kids literally jump for joy in those inflatable fun zones have been known to shake their heads and chuckle, reminiscing on a time with little or no worry.


That’s the kind of family fun that can be had at Maine’s Great Inflatable Race, to be held at the Brunswick Landing (29 Burbank Ave) on Saturday, September 30 starting at 9 a.m. Imagine a timed fun run interspersed with gigantic inflatable obstacles akin to bouncy houses, and you have the idea. Tickets are $25 for general admittance and $40 for the VIP version, which grants access to a few extra inflatables at the end of the race and some extra swag. All runners do receive a T-shirt, a wristband, and more. Click or tap on to make your purchase.


Here’s a quick rundown: Adults and children of all sizes will be supporting Seeds of Independence, an organization that leads and mentors young people through the choppy waters of adolescence, equipping them to become responsible and productive young adults. All you have to do is run, bounce and laugh your way through the course, get your medal, take advantage of a great photo op, and go home with a dinner-table “Remember the time?” memory that will not fade for quite awhile. The course is billed as “The Bounciest Fun Run on Earth” and all indications are that there are few worthy competitors for the title. So go test out a regret-free, high-flying family adventure.

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