Who's the Best Kisser?

Shop-dog Jeb is ready to cure your woes. https://www.dogwashetc.com/ Shop-dog Jeb is ready to cure your woes.

Everyone has had the kind of day that feels like a Monday after a three-day weekend, though the calendar says it’s a run-of-the-mill weekday. The boss was all over you. You spilled coffee on your shirt, right before a Skype call with a new client. That clicking you’ve been hearing in third gear turned into a solid clunk-clunk-clunk, and you barely made it into the driveway. Then, your grocery bag ripped open, right in the doorway. As you fumble with your keys, you ask yourself if it could get any worse.


Well, as any dog owner could tell you, that’s about the time your furry best bud comes running from the other room, tail wagging with unbridled joy to see you, and makes you forget The Day To End All Days, with one simple formula: Doggie kisses. The only instant cure for a horrible mood.


To celebrate the power of those sloppy salves for sadness, and to get ready for Valentine’s Day, The Dog Wash, Etc. (1037 Forest Ave) is holding a Doggie Kissing Booth on Saturday the 4th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The event will feature donation-based photos by photographer Dana Berenson, exciting dog-themed raffles and giveaways, and the lively company of canines and canine lovers alike. The company Open Farm, makers of the world’s first and only Certified Humane dog food, will hold a demo and give away food and treats. All money raised will benefit Almost Home (where the shop owner got his dog Jeb), Buddy Up (started by the good folks at Happy Tails and where another coworker got her dog) and Maine Lab Rescue.


Last year’s Kissing Booth happened to be on the coldest day of 2016, but the turnout was still great and lots of money was raised for the ARLGP. This year, says Emma of Dog Wash Etc., “We're encouraging anyone to show up, whether or not they bring or even have a dog. Last year we had as many couples and families puckering up in the booth as we did pups. Plus we've always got handsome shop dog Jeb [pictured] for anyone who needs some puppy lovin'.”


You know you want your face licked. Head out there with your pup.


FMI: https://www.facebook.com/events/1243144892439673/ or 207-797-7082.

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