What To Do with Your Descendant-of-a-Wolf

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Everybody knows, especially this time of year, that dogs love to kick it up a notch and go forward with more speed than a leisurely walk. It keeps their bodies and temperaments healthy. But as dog people know, even if you jog with your pet, he or she still needs to get away from the leash and really tear around at top speed. The blood of ancient hunters really does flow through their shaggy bodies. The instincts may be mostly vestigial, but they're there.


But most Phoenix readers live in the city. So what are they to do? There’s no back field to release your hounds into, bounding and barking and forging into the woods. The answer: We have dog parks, and some of them allow off-leash play for pups. If anything, the canine socialization that results from several neighbors showing up at once can be highly amusing. You’ll remember why you got a dog in the first place.


So here are five locations where such fun times are encouraged:


  1. Jack School Dog Run

    1. Location: 195 North Street (behind the school), East End

    2. Fenced: No

  2. Eastern Promenade Park Off-Leash Area

    1. Location: Eastern Prom & Cutter Street, East End

    2. Fenced: No

  3. Capisic Pond Park

    1. Location: Lucas Street & Brighton Avenue, Deering Center

    2. Fenced: No

    3. Other: Dogs must remain under strict voice control on the trail.

  4. Valley Street Dog Park

    1. Location: Valley and D Streets, West End

    2. Fenced: Yes

    3. Other: Equipped with a water station and some shade.

  5. Quarry Run Dog Park

    1. Location: 1026 Ocean Avenue, East Deering

    2. Fenced: Yes, with smaller fenced area for small dogs as well.

    3. Other: Seven acres, open from dawn till dusk.


So get out there and make those dogs happy!

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