Dogs on the Catwalk?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For every person on earth, there is a unique idea of what is pleasing to the eye, and to the heart. In America, the producers of mass media have been telling us for a long time that there’s a consensus, an ideal that we should all match our preferences to, or have to worry about how strange and different we are. That is changing. The strict standards are slowly opening up to include a wider variety of body types and personal styles. American beauty is waking up and realizing that it doesn’t always have to have the appearance of a plastic doll from a factory. One day, if we continue to grow, there will be no shame or punishment (self-inflicted or otherwise) involved in choosing to look simply like one’s own beautiful self. A multitude of unique beauties, all together comprising a beautiful society.

All this is to say, for dog people, the same holds true. Your pup doesn’t have to have a pedigree to be the cutest, most adorable pooch you’ve ever seen. So if you want to show off your cunning canine, have no fear if they are a little bigger, or have a snaggletooth, or anything of the sort. Get your hands on a doggie costume, and bring them to the Animal Welfare Society’s Patriotic Pooch Pageant & Fashion Show, at Liquid Dreams (696 Main St, Ogunquit) on Sunday, April 23 at 12:20 p.m. That’s when the free entries and registrations take place, soon followed by showing and judging. There will be two categories for pet costumes: Favorite Americans (think old school, like Abe Lincoln, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, etc), and Stars and Stripes (the more red, white and blue, the better). The event will be outdoors, so if there’s inclement weather, contact the AWS at 207-985-3244 to ask about alternative plans. Members of their staff will also bring beautiful, adoptable dogs to the show.


And if that’s not enough poochie pulchritude for you, the AWS will feature even more dogs on the catwalk, this time at their Rescues on the Runway, at the Maine Mall (364 Maine Mall Rd, SoPo) on Saturday, April 29 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The best part? These four-legged models will be eagerly awaiting adoption, straight from the event. So get your favorite coffee drink, and prepare to feast your eyes on Southern Maine’s unique and lovely dogs. One of them may win your heart.

Last modified onMonday, 17 April 2017 13:22