A Mobile Meal for Mutts

One could say that the presence of regularly appearing food trucks in a city is an indication of its having arrived on the national scene in terms of culinary offerings. Our town, even setting aside Portland’s darling status as a foodie city for its traditional restaurants, has certainly met that mark. From Mami to El Corazon, even Love Kupcakes with their truck, if you’re walking near downtown, you can probably find something to eat without ever leaving the sidewalk.

But a food truck for dogs?

That’s right. The nationally touring Good Stuff Pet Truck will be making its Portland stop at the Quarry Run Dog Park (1026 Ocean Ave) on Thursday, May 11 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The attractions offered by Good Stuff are threefold: First and foremost, they will be offering free doggie treats to all who bring their canines to Quarry Run. Since the truck and the tour’s sponsor is American Pet Nutrition, the selection will no doubt include their Vita Bone® Artisan Inspired® Treats, Biscuits and Chewy Sticks, and their Beggar Dog™ Biscuits. Grab a handful for later.

Second, attached to the truck will be a backyard-like area with a picket fence and ‘grass,’ where dog owners will be invited for a photo opportunity with their pets in front of the admittedly very eye-catching vehicle. And who couldn’t use a few more pictures of their preferred pet? These will be good ones. The hashtag, in case you’re wondering, is #GoodStuffPetTruck.

Finally, attendees will be invited to participate in training demos and question-and-answer sessions with tour trainers, who use positive-reinforcement methods and have expertise in problem areas like chewing and soiling. A note for those who aren’t already aware: positive reinforcement involves rewarding good behavior to encourage its habitual repetition, as opposed to negative, or aversive, reinforcement, which professes to eliminate bad behavior by punishing it (think of the ancient method of ‘rubbing the dog’s nose in it’).

So reward yourself and your dog, and check out this funky truck.

FMI: http://www.goodstuffpettruck.com/events/portland-me/

Last modified onMonday, 08 May 2017 14:08