The Dock Dogs Are Back!

So you like your dog. You’re keen on him. If it came down to it, he could go all Chuck Norris on somebody that was bothering your family. And athletically? The canine is prime and on time. Runs like Bolt. Maybe faster. And don’t worry, nobody is alone in their parental belief that their child (read: dog) really is destined to be some kind of wunderkind. It’s a common syndrome.


Well, you can deny that diagnosis by entering your dog in what we like to call the canine Olympics, a furious carnival of leaping, diving and dashing called Dock Dogs, and proving it. The dog-and-family-friendly party takes place on June 23, 24 and 25 at the Pet Life in Scarborough (200 Expedition Dr). Get this: It’s free to attend, and there’s a free barbeque lunch for hungry souls.


Now, as to exactly what is going to be happening: The main event is called Big Air. Take the title, add a 40-foot, 27,000-gallon pool, throw in your flying dog, and you start to imagine what form the fun will take. There’s also Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve, in case one blue ribbon is insufficient.


To round up the picture, pet rescue groups will be there with information and demonstrations, and raffle baskets and carnival games are also on the menu. Pet Life President Pete Risano was quoted as saying, “... it’s all worth it when you see the look on the dogs’ faces when they’re jumping in the water. Everybody has fun, regardless of whether you’re an adult, a child, a man, a woman, or a dog.” Go for it!


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