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Microchipping basics: Clinic at Pet Life helps owners track their pets

There will be a dog and cat microchip clinic at Pet Life in Portland, 91 Auburn St., at noon on Sunday, Feb. 28. Microchips will cost $35 per pet. Dogs must be brought on leashes, and cats must be in carriers. The event is sponsored by and benefits the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. For those who are unsure whether they want their pet microchipped or not, holistic pet care expert Dr. Karen Becker…

The Dog Wash Etc. goes the extra mile with delivery service

Want convenience when it comes to getting pet supplies? The Dog Wash Etc., at 1037 Forest Ave., offers free delivery within Greater Portland with a minimum purchase of $30, less than the price of a large bag of dog food. Outside the immediate service area, the minimum increases to $50. Those who live on the islands in Casco Bay serviced by the ferry are not excluded, but they must pay a $3.15 freight charge or…

Tips for keeping pets safe during the dark days of winter

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, the nation’s leading legal advocacy organization, recently reminded people that pets need to kept safe through the winter — a point reinforced during the recent cold snap in Maine. “With temperatures dropping to sometimes below freezing, animals are put in danger during the colder season,” the group reported. ALDF put together a list of tips for pet winter safety, including: • First and foremost, bring your companion animals indoors,where it is warm.…
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