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Pets (105)

What to do if your pet gets skunked

One of the best ways to keep your pet clean after hikes and romps and trips to the beach this summer is the self-serve wash, Dog Wash, which has a grooming tub and assortment of Green Groom and Bio Groom brand shampoos, ear and eye wipes, scent bath colognes, super absorbent towels and an air dryer. Plus they will trim your pet’s nails for an additional $8.

What a circus! Acro-cats is coming to town

This Saturday the circus is coming to town — the cat circus, that is. Acro-cats is a Chicago-based troupe of 14 cats and three foster kittens, which travels the country in a bus whose hood is painted to resemble a large kitten, proving to sold-out crowds that, yes, cats can be trained. Sort of.

A wider work leash: Dogs in offices can boost productivity, longevity

What do Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon, ClifBar and the Portland Downtown District have in common? They all let employees bring dogs to work.(Full disclosure, the Phoenix is a dog-friendly office. How would we get a newspaper out without Ina's enthusiastic wagging while staring, encouraging us at every moment to produce a fantastic lead, multi-issue contract and/or biscuit?)

How to buy better pet food for the same price

In a buy-local farm-to-table foodie town like Portland, it’s only natural to question what is in those kibbles and cans we are feeding our pets.For the shop local crowd, stores like Fish & Bone and The Dog Wash sell a variety of high quality pet food. But what, really, is the difference?
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