It May Be a Stretch...

Kendra Varoskovic with Tara Leann Kendra Varoskovic with Tara Leann

If somebody said to you, “Abduct the arm while moving the hip medially,” would you know what to do? The instruction comes from a LinkedIn article about ridiculous things said by yoga teachers, and it didn't top the list. Unfortunately, many professionals in the field of yoga instruction lack the ability to create and maintain a human-level rapport with their students, and some of us who would have found a lifelong, fruitful pursuit of body/spirit balance are instead left with a bad taste in our mouths. Others may consider yoga to be too new-agey, suitable for those who have such a surplus of time and money that they commit to months of meaningless mat time.


But in southern Maine, the culture of true yoga is thriving, and we are lucky enough to have a healthy smattering of instructors who treat students as people first. These souls have found a solid connection with the energy within, and nobly endeavor to share the methods involved with average people. This week, there are three local yoga events that can open doors in Portlanders’ lives that they might not have even known were there:


Go to Strala Yoga at Bright Star World Dance (108 High St, 3rd floor) on Thursday the 19th at 8:00 p.m. to begin to let go of your daily stress and see how moving your body can ease your mind. Instructor Kendra Varoskovic says that Strala “is yoga that moves far beyond poses, helping you blow past your goals and get into your dreams.” Sounds good to us! Drop in tickets ($10.00) and five- and ten-class passes ($40.00 and $70.00, respectively) are available at or by calling (207) 370-5830.


Not quite ready to get that serious yet? Maybe Yoga and Beer! at Falmouthed Brewery (15 Ocean St, SoPo) on Friday the 20th at 5:30 p.m. would be more your speed. This is a safe and fun Vinyasa yoga community, open to all experience levels and body types. Be a part of it (and enjoy a delicious local brew) for $15.00 at the door. You may reach Abbie, the instructor, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or


Finally, and this is a big one, there is Community Yoga for World Peace, at East End Community School (195 North St) on Saturday the 21st at 10:00 a.m. This is a morning of gentle yoga and mindfulness to raise funds for Crutches 4 Africa, an organization that provides medical supplies to the underserved, in this case, in Uganda. The class will be led by two locally renowned instructors, Susannah Sanfilipo and Satoria Pelton-Angulo. Satoria teaches an inyengar-influenced style, and Susannah’s psychologically-informed teaching style enables students of all ages, experience and physical condition to discover the benefits of yoga. RSVP for $10.00 per individual, $30.00 per family (kids 14+) at (search events in 04101).

All events are BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat).

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