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How to react to Tinder rejection

Online dating is not reality. All rules and expectations that hold true in real life should be checked at the door when you open your Tinder profile.Only with that understanding can you be successful at finding love through the interwebs. Before online dating was so prevalent, we met our partners at school, at work; and even if we met them “randomly,” the situation that brings two like-minded people to the same place at the same…

Plan the best date In Portland

Finding a date is tough in Portland. Having to figure out where to go and what to do once you found someone seems impossible. For a town with so many restaurants, it should be easy to pick a great date spot, but the staggering number of options can be overwhelming.A well-planned date is like a great song, you’ve got to build up momentum and create an evening to remember. You can’t leave anything to chance.…

Sorbet relationships can be sweet

There’s something magical about eating a sorbet in the middle of a rich complicated meal.It’s simple, refreshing, and there are no surprises. It’s a palate cleanser without the expectation of being anything more.Just a few bites of a cool sorbet lift the regret that you felt after the last over-indulgent course. Even after a bacon-wrapped, cheese-covered pasta dish, it makes you forget the increasing pain and tightness of your pants, and look forward hopefully to…

The case for a Bayside strip mall

When it comes to prospective development in Portland, terms like "strip mall" and "fast food chain" do not go over well, and for good reason.Portland is renowned for its historic architecture and locally owned shops and restaurants, and its residents are certainly vocal about preserving its small city charm.

Nice guys make better doms

The problem with our social commentary of sexuality is that we often try to use logic to draw lines between what happens in the bedroom and our personalities in our day-today lives.We think that alpha men are obviously more dominant and powerful in the bedroom and nice guys who are soft spoken and more thoughtful must be romantic and boring in the bedroom. We see this constantly perpetuated by TV and movie characters.

How to develop sexual confidence

Are you good in bed?Unless you answered with a “hell yeah!,” here are some ways to boost your sexual confidence.Our culture has become obsessed with “being good in bed,” and many people think that being a great lover means acrobatic positions and 20-minute orgasms. That’s simply not true. I talk to people about sex constantly — and there is one turn-on that will get almost all men and women in the mood for love. Sexual…

How to compliment a man

Women exchange compliments almost constantly. They openly share niceties in line at Starbucks, waiting for the bus, walking down the street and everywhere in between. And it’s not just because we actually like a person’s jacket or purse or vintage bicycle. Often it’s because we’re extroverts or just bored and we want to start a conversation. It’s an easy opening line.
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