Andrew Zarro
City Councilor Andrew Zarro said his constituents are eager to discuss the impact of cruise ships on Portland's economy and environment.
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Portland City Councilor Andrew Zarro will run for mayor in November’s election.

Zarro, who is finishing his first term, planned to make his announcement Tuesday morning at the restaurant Woodford Food & Beverage. He joins what could be a crowded race to replace outgoing mayor Kate Snyder, who will not seek reelection.

“I believe that our city’s best days are ahead of us, and I look forward to sharing my vision in the months ahead on how we get there,” Zarro shared in a statement released to press on Monday.

Zarro has served on the council since 2020, representing Portland’s District 4. He currently chairs the sustainability and transportation committee. 

So far, the only candidate who has officially filed papers is Dylan Pugh, who works at the Gulf of Maine Research Industry. Pugh declared his candidacy at the end of April. 

Candidates for mayor turn in nomination papers to the city between August 14 and August 28. Nomination papers aren’t available until June 30. Pugh has filed candidate registration forms with the city. Zarro has not. 

Zarro was the owner of Little Woodfords, a small but popular Portland coffee shop that opened in the Woodfords neighborhood in 2017 and moved to Congress Street in 2020. The coffee shop closed in January.


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