More Maine Lagers to Beat the Summer Heat

'Tis the season when the sun rises early, and emboldens our neighbors to begin such silent, meditative tasks as lawn-mowing, scrap-metal tossing and competitive yelling, bright and early! Why not escape the stress of 5 a.m. yard maintenance with a trip to the beach? But first, perhaps a brisk, 15 MPH drive, amid hordes of reflex-impaired tourists, piloting whale-sized RV's. You know what? Let's turn on the A/C, pull a beach towel over our heads, and wait for the first frost. In the meantime, we'll continue tasting some lagers from Maine — ideal beers to beat the heat, humidity, and frustration of the summer.


Boothbay Craft Brewery 27 Lager

Format Sampled: 16 oz. can
Availability: Purchased at Old Port Spirits and Cigars

ABV: 5.7%

Tasting Notes: Pours a glowing reddish amber with a thin tan head. Aroma is sweet and coppery, with some apple-cider character. The first sip is nutty, with rich hazelnut, and savory, mealy chestnut. The nuttiness is cut with restrained hops, which provide a faint bitterness, and a similarly faint citrus/herbal flavor. The malty character, evident in the initial nutty flavors, continues, imparting flavors of fresh-baked bread and ground buckwheat. The aftertaste is spare and sweet. The body is rather thick overall, and the character a little sweet for my taste, but this is an excellent lager for those who don't like bitter, hop-forward beers.


Banded Horn Lumaire Lager

Format Sampled: 16 oz. can

Availability: Purchased at Bow Street Beverage

ABV: 5.5%

Tasting Notes: Pours a cloudy greenish-gold, with a huge, lofty head of white foam. Lemondrop and pine hop aromas boil from the glass. Initial flavor features the sharp, mouthwatering citrus flavors of the hops. It's just bitter enough to define its own sweetness in contrast — like those little gummy orange wedges dipped in a sour, sugary coating. The malt is lightly sweet, perfectly suspending the citrus swirl of bitter hops, that deepen and feature piney, dank, herbal notes. The body is quite light and the flavor, though distinctive, isn't overbearing. It's like the best parts of drinking an IPA and a lager, together!


Banded Horn Wicked Bueno

Format Sampled: 16 oz. can

Availability: Purchased at Bow Street Beverage

ABV: 4.3%

Tasting Notes: Pours a crystal clear pale gold with a thin white head. The aroma has a high, lonely note of faintly herbal hops, and a distant sourness. Initial flavor is super-duper clean! There's a hint of hop flavor, present mainly as a slight bitterness, and some subtle citrus character. That's it. No funk, no floral, and no "tropical hop aromatics," just a quick hit of bitter! The malt flavor unspools more slowly, showcasing a simple sweetness, and the smooth taste of cornmeal. Maybe it's tacky to praise an adjunct flavor that mars many a macro-brew, but the explicit call-out of this old-school macro-lager flavor reads more like a classy tip-of-the-hat in the bueno!


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