Northeastern Lagers

Featured Northeastern Lagers

This summer, we're exploring lagers – mellow, easy-drinking beers that are perfect for summer. We've tasted lagers from Maine, and  New England, and now we're broadening scope to lagers from the entire northeast. Lagers are ideal beers for summer for several reasons. First, they tend to be quite low in alcohol (5 percent seems to be the average). Second, through hopped lagers are becoming more common, the style as a whole is typically only moderately bitter. This moderate bitterness prevents palate fatigue, and ensures that lagers pair with a wide variety of different foods. Finally, lagers are light-bodied, with few residual sugars, so they are relatively “thin” and easy to drink.


Switchback Citra Pils Keller Bier

Format Sampled: Stubby 12oz. capped bottle
ABV: 5.1% ABV
Available: Purchased at Whole Foods
Tasting Notes: Pours a cloudy yellow with a nice white head. Aroma has citrus zest, clove, and the toasted smell of yeast. The initial flavor is like a hazy, grown-up orange soda! The orange-zest flavor of the citra hops plays amazingly well with the hints of clove, and nutty yeasty flavors. Over the sweetly simple malt base, the combination of flavors is so refreshing that it's hard to imagine it's beer at all. The aftertaste combines subtle piney bitterness with a lingering citrus hit, leading naturally to another sip. What a refreshing beer!


Von Trapp Pilsner

Format Sampled:12 oz. capped bottle
ABV: 5.4% ABV
Available: Purchased at Whole Foods
Tasting Notes: Pours a bright, clear yellow with a puffy white head. Aroma is clean and fresh, slightly sour and floral. The initial sip carries the brisk, spicy flavor of noble hops. It's the subdued, slightly skunked flavor that foretells a great lager experience! In this case, the hoppy foreshadowing does not lie. This pleasingly bitter note continues as the flavor profile develops, setting off the savory malt character and keeping things complex and refreshing. The body is quite light, and the aftertaste is simple, clipped and bitter. Overall, the flavor profile is remarkably simple, well-structured, and elegant. A true old-school lager!


Sixpoint Brewery The Crisp

Format Sampled: 12 oz. skinny can
ABV: 5.4% ABV
Available: Purchased at Whole Foods
Tasting Notes: Pours a glassy gold with a big stack of white foam. Aroma is fresh with apricot and spring flowers. The initial flavor is just as bright as the aroma. There's the subtle, citrus sweetness of dried apricot, offset by a slightly more bitter citrus flavor, perhaps grapefruit pith? The malt flavor is ephemeral and mild, a nice biscuit-like crunch to balance the fruity, floral character at the opening. The body is very light, slick and fluid. The supreme balance between floral, bitter and sweet, combined with the light body make this a supremely-slam-able beverage.


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